Armenian Community of Eastern US Condemns Azerbaijan’s Attacks on Armenia

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Eastern Region (ARF), Armenian Youth Federation Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Eastern Region (AYF-YOARF), Armenian Relief Society Eastern Region (ARS), Homenetmen Eastern Region and Hamazkayin Eastern Region strongly condemn the blatant attacks on the Republic of Armenia, a violation of international law, by Azerbaijan, and express our sincere condolences to the families of the Armenian heroes killed by Azeri fire. We will continue to stand with our brave soldiers, who protect our homeland and its people.

We emphatically stand in solidarity with the people of Armenia and unequivocally support Armenia’s right to self-defense against wanton violence and aggression.

We express in the strongest of terms our outrage at the violent, unprovoked actions of the Azerbaijani government and military in attacking the Republic of Armenia’s Tavush region. These attacks once again demonstrate Baku’s willingness to forgo any semblance of lasting peace in the region. It is clear these attacks only serve the Aliyev regime’s dictatorial ambitions by inflaming tensions while also fostering a state-sanctioned policy of hate and fear throughout Azerbaijan towards Armenians—hate reminiscent of the ethnic hatred utilized by the Young Turks in 1915 as justification for the Armenian Genocide.

The Azeri attacks against the Tavush Region of the Republic of Armenia, and elsewhere, remind us the importance of implementing the Royce-Engel peace proposals. The Aliyev regime will continue its aggression against the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh with impunity, and we demand the OSCE Minsk Group condemn the blatant attacks from Azerbaijan and deploy advanced gunfire-locator systems and sound-ranging equipment along the border to determine the source of attacks along the line-of-contact. We also call for the introduction of additional OSCE observers along the line-of-contact to better monitor any and all cease-fire violations and their origin.

The safety and security of the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh remain a priority for us. We call on the international community to stand up against Baku and the Aliyev dictatorship and impose sanctions on the government of Azerbaijan. Furthermore, we call on the US government to block any and all defense transfers or aid to Azerbaijan. 

We call on the international community to act, and we call on all Armenian Americans to join us now in the defense of the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh. 

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Eastern Region (ARF) Central Committee
Armenian Youth Federation Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Eastern Region (AYF-YOARF) Central Executive
Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA Board of Regional Directors
Homenetmen Armenian General Athletic Union Eastern Region Executive
Hamazkayin Armenian Educational & Cultural Association Eastern Region Executive

July 19, 2020

ARF Eastern US Central Committee

ARF Eastern US Central Committee

The ARF Eastern Region Central Committee’s headquarters is the Hairenik Building in Watertown, Mass. The ARF Eastern Region’s media and bookstore are also housed in this building, as are various other important Armenian community organizations. The ARF Eastern Region holds a convention annually and calls various consultative meetings and conferences throughout the year.

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  1. Armenia can only truly rely on Armenians to help them. As we can see, Western Europe and Russia can’t effectively deal with their own internal problems. Here are a few examples:

    France: Regular church burnings and over 1 million Turks

    Germany: 5 million Turks and growing

    Netherlands: 500,000 Turks

    Denmark: 70,000 Turks (Denmark’s largest immigrant group)

    Sweden: 150,000 Turks

    Italy: can’t control its borders and has 40,000 Turks living there

    Greece: 50,000 Turks and can’t control its borders with Turkey

    Switzerland: 120,000 Turks

    Austria: 500,000 Turks

    Russia: Handed over Nakhichevan and Artsakh to Azerbaijan and they still worship Stalin

    As the ancient saying goes “physician, heal yourself”

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