2017 Camp Javakhk Counselor Applications Now Available


Apply to Camp Javakhk 2017 Today

WATERTOWN, Mass.— The counselor application for the 2017 Camp Javakhk organized by the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Eastern United States is now available.

Camp Javakhk campers (Photo: Camp Javakhk)

Camp Javakhk, founded in 2012, consists of multiple summer day camps in the Armenian populated Javakhk region of Georgia.  It is a two-week program that includes excursions to various sites in Georgia and circumstances allowing, Western Armenia.

The camp organizing committee is looking for young Armenian diasporans, at least 18 years of age, who are interested in participating as counselors for this truly memorable and incredible program. The tentative dates for this year’s sessions are July 30-Aug. 11, with participants expected to be present prior to the first day of camp. Dates are subject to change.

The camp program allows campers to learn Armenian history, songs, music, arts and crafts, hygiene, English, and other important topics. Campers also get the chance to participate in sports and other team building activities.

Camp Javakhk counselors at the Armenian Pantheon in Tbilisi, 2016 (Photo: Camp Javakhk)

Camp Javakhk allows counselors from the diaspora to develop bonds and lasting friendships with the locals Armenians of Javakhk while teaching them various skillsets. Although counselors are sent to teach the children of Javakhk, most come back from the experience learning more about Javakhk, its people, and its current conditions.

To date, Camp Javakhk has held camps in towns including Akhalkalak, Akhaltskha, Ninotsminda, and Dzalka with over 500 campers each year. Year after year, the program continues to develop and expand with an increased number of campers at every location.

Camp Javakhk campers (Photo: Camp Javakhk)

Submit your application at https://goo.gl/FbdExR.  For any questions and concerns, email campjavakhk@gmail.com.

The deadline to apply is March 19.

Follow the camp’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CampJavakhk/ and Instagram (@campjavakhk) for the latest updates.


Note: The organizing committee would like to note that the Homenetmen World Games will be taking place from July 20-29, and will not interfere with the camp program.


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