ARF Central Committee of Lebanon Meets with President Aoun


BEIRUT, Lebanon (A.W.)—Representatives from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Central Committee of Lebanon met with Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Dec. 5. The delegation included Member of Parliament Hagop Pakradouni, and ARF Central Committee members Avedis Gidanian, and Raffi Ashkarian, reported Lebanon’s Aztag daily newspaper.

President Aoun (L) with members of the ARF delegation

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the steps necessary in promoting unity and the development of the country during President Aoun’s term. Other subject matters that were discussed included the formation of the government and its challenges, as well as the significance of establishing a new electoral law.

The delegation stressed the importance of forming government in a timely manner and the Armenian communities role in the process.

The Turkish Foreign Minister’s recent visit to Beirut was also discussed.

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