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The Armenian section of the Klagenfurt DP camp. My mother and father standing behind the group of Armenian men.

A Glimpse into the Life of the Armenian DPs in Europe

From the Armenian Weekly 2016 Magazine Dedicated to the 101st Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide This story—of Armenian Displaced Persons (DP) in Europe during and after World War II—began to take shape with an old photo I have of three men pictured in the Armenian section at the [more...]

June 17, 2016 // 14 Comments

Cover of the June 30, 2016 issue of 'Excelsior' carried an illustration of a Russian soldier on horseback with a refugee child in his arms. The picture was captioned, ‘The Symbol of Protection of the Armenians by Russians.’

Russia’s Humanitarian Response to the Armenian Genocide

Humanitarianism and the Refugee Crisis on the Caucasus Battlefront During World War I The Armenian Weekly Magazine April 2016 By Asya Darbinyan   Introduction Cover of the June 30, 2016 issue of ‘Excelsior’ carried an illustration of a Russian soldier on horseback with a refugee [more...]

May 20, 2016 // 7 Comments


Armenia’s Horse Whisperers: Healing at the Centaur Hippotherapy Center

Special for the Armenian Weekly While I had heard about the Centaur Hippotherapy Center in Armenia about two years ago, I only visited the location late last year, after a volunteer invited me to join him the next time he went. I knew that hippotherapy focused on the use of therapy with the aid of [more...]

May 18, 2016 // 7 Comments

School groups, primarily from the Armenian schools of Istanbul, attended the exhibition.

Bearing Witness in the Aftermath of the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Weekly Magazine April 2016 Scholars have long noted that genocide is not just the physical killing of human beings but encompasses the systematic destruction of the cultural artifacts of victim groups. Such destruction began in the early stages of the Armenian Genocide and has [more...]

May 6, 2016 // 7 Comments

'19-year-old Adam’s coffin was closed; it couldn’t be kept open—not this time.' (Photo: Ara Keuhnelian)

Adam’s Funeral: Loved Ones, Strangers Say Farewell to Fallen Soldier

Special for the Armenian Weekly 19-year-old Adam’s coffin was closed; it couldn’t be kept open—not this time… There is a tradition in Armenia of keeping the coffins of the deceased open—for loved ones to hold the dead one last time. “When Adam was buried, and the funeral service was [more...]

April 14, 2016 // 11 Comments

Wounded NKR servicemen recuperate at the military hospital in Stepanakert (Photo: Ani Avetyan/The Armenian Weekly)

Wounded NKR Serviceman to Friends on Front Line: I’m Coming Back

Wounded Soldiers Recuperate at Stepanakert’s Military Hospital STEPANAKERT, NKR (A.W.)—“I want to pass this message to the boys at my [military] post: ‘Guys, I’m with you. I won’t stay long at this hospital. I’m coming back,’” said Vahe Yeremyan, a Nagorno-Karabagh Republic [more...]

April 11, 2016 // 7 Comments

Guarding Talish (Photo: Ani Avetyan/The Armenian Weekly)

A Day in Talish

Witnessing Devastation, Loss, and Resolve in  NKR Village STEPANAKERT, NKR (A.W.)—Azerbaijan continues to break the ceasefire agreement in the direction of the village of Talish, which is located in the northeastern part of  the Nagorno-Karabagh Republic (NKR/Artsakh); the Armenian side has [more...]

April 7, 2016 // 1 Comment

The Meryem Ana Church, now the Kurtulus Mosque

On the Road to Exile: 100 Years Later in Ayntab

Hope amongst the Ruins: The People of Ayntab Special for the Armenian Weekly I have reached the final point of my journey on the road to exile: Antep. Or as we say in our Armenian language, Ayntab. I mentioned this before. As we advanced on our itinerary, my emotional burden became increasingly [more...]

February 26, 2016 // 13 Comments

After the liberation of Shushi  (Photo: Hakob Poghosyan)

The Artsakh Struggle and the ARF

The Armenian Weekly Magazine Dec. 2015: The ARF at 125 Special for the Armenian Weekly The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) has enjoyed a long and varied history, one filled with achievements as well as setbacks, joys as well as frustrations. Amidst this history, the party has played many [more...]

February 9, 2016 // 6 Comments

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