Are you the kind of person who grabs a newspaper and flips straight to the funnies section? Or maybe you’re too young to know what the funnies section is (*sigh*), but you absolutely love drawing, sketching and bringing ideas into the visual realm? Either way, you should consider submitting your work to the Armenian Weekly.

We are always on the hunt for a good laugh, and in doing so, we’re looking to bring back the magical tradition of newspaper cartooning into the pages of the Weekly. As a cartoonist with the Weekly, you have free range to explore new ideas, get credit and even a little spare change for your work—the sky is the limit. Maybe you’re trying to build a portfolio to boost your next step in your career. Or maybe you’re a skilled illustrator looking for a low-maintenance outlet. Whatever your situation, we need you! Please reach out with a few samples of past work, and let us know you’re interested at