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Garo Tashian serves on the AYF-YOARF Eastern Region Central Executive. He is also an active member of Homenetmen. Tashian is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a degree in biomedical engineering and currently works in his field.

Why Did Armenia Not Feel Like Armenia?

  Why did Armenia not feel like Armenia to me this time? That is the question I have been trying to answer for the past few days… Could it be because I did not go sightseeing? Could it be because I did not meet many new Armenians from other regions? Could it be because most our time there [more...]

August 11, 2017 // 21 Comments

The Power of Purpose

It is truly amazing being Armenian… Not a day goes by without either thinking of the event that just passed or about the next event coming up. Whether it is your next chapter meeting, dance, social or even going to Armenian school this weekend, there is always something. Asbarez news English [more...]

May 30, 2017 // 1 Comment

Meet the South Florida AYF Chapter

  On March 18, I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Southern Florida for work. Though my trip was only planned for work-related items, I could not pass the opportunity to visit the Florida Armenian community, especially the reemerging South Florida AYF chapter. The Florida community has [more...]

March 31, 2016 // 0 Comments

The Eternal Flame

With the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on the horizon, the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Eastern USA started a project to bring awareness to those atrocities. The plan involves passing an “eternal flame” torch from Armenia through the U.S. and Canada and then Western Armenia. The [more...]

July 14, 2014 // 0 Comments