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Criminal proceedings have been initiated after three individuals broke into the Nor Nork Police Department in Yerevan, as announced by Armenia’s Investigative Committee. The incident escalated with threats and an explosion, after they detonated a hand grenade. Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Armen Pambukhchyan labeled the event as “behavior characteristic of a terrorist act.” Police and National Security Service (NSS) officers “neutralized” two armed individuals “without resorting to firearms,” according to police spokesperson Narek Sargsyan. The three individuals are linked to the National Democratic Alliance, a nationalist fringe group that has criticized Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan’s announcement that he will cede border areas of the Tavush province to Azerbaijan.


Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan hosted Georgian PM Irakli Kobakhidze, who was on an official visit to Armenia, on March 25. During their meeting, they discussed various aspects of Armenia-Georgia cooperation, reaffirming their commitment to strengthening ties under a strategic partnership. Both leaders emphasized the need to expand collaboration across political, economic and humanitarian spheres, while also addressing regional matters, including recent developments in Armenia-Azerbaijan negotiations. They stressed the importance of protecting the territorial integrity of their respective states, highlighting the mutual desire to deepen bilateral relations and reinforce regional stability.


In a recent statement, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali highlighted the efficacy of the “3+3” platform in addressing South Caucasus issues. Jalali hinted at the possibility of a forthcoming meeting within this regional cooperation framework later this year. Expressing optimism towards Georgia’s potential inclusion in the format, Jalali highlighted the significance of last year’s meeting hosted by Tehran within the same framework. He cautioned against the interference of external actors, alluding to unnamed “superpowers,” likely in reference to the United States and EU. The “3+3” initiative was first introduced by the presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan in 2020, following the 44-day war in Artsakh. Notably, Georgia previously declined participation in these discussions, citing Russia’s involvement.


Fear of terrorist threats in the Russian Federation remains following a deadly attack on Moscow’s Crocus City concert hall on March 22, resulting in 139 confirmed deaths. Armed assailants stormed the venue, sparking panic among attendees before setting it ablaze. Four suspects, identified as Tajikistani citizens, have pleaded guilty. IS has claimed responsibility for the attack, boasting of “killing Christians.” There are reports of brutal treatment of the suspects by Russian police. Despite IS’s claim, Russian President Vladimir Putin has linked the attack to Ukraine, claiming that the suspects attempted to flee to Ukraine, where they had allegedly prepared an escape route. 

Hoory Minoyan

Hoory Minoyan

Hoory Minoyan was an active member of the Armenian community in Los Angeles until she moved to Armenia prior to the 44-day war. She graduated with a master's in International Affairs from Boston University, where she was also the recipient of the William R. Keylor Travel Grant. The research and interviews she conducted while in Armenia later became the foundation of her Master’s thesis, “Shaping Identity Through Conflict: The Armenian Experience.” Hoory continues to follow her passion for research and writing by contributing to the Armenian Weekly.
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