Marking 90 years of The Armenian Weekly

March 1, 2024 is the 90th anniversary of The Armenian Weekly—a milestone made possible by the visionary work of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, the Hairenik newspaper editors of 1934 and a community dedicated to the Weekly’s mission of informing, connecting and inspiring Armenians around the world.

The Armenian Weekly team stands on the shoulders of the giants who paved the way, our insightful guides to the Weekly of today. In an era of instant news and social media, we carry forth the legacy of print journalism while adapting to the needs of an evolving community, just like our founders did in 1934.

While the purpose of the original Armenian language Hairenik Weekly, as stated in the very first editorial in its English language counterpart, “was to serve as an organic link between the Armenians of the Homeland and those who were forced by political or economic reasons to emigrate to the United States, and thus keep the love for Armenia alive in their hearts and concentrate their thoughts and efforts upon the liberation of Armenia and the Armenians suffering for six centuries under the unspeakable rule of the Turks,” this paper would serve a new generation.

Once The Armenian Weekly (at that time named the Hairenik Weekly) became a reality following overwhelming responses to an English language column, the community embraced the paper and its mission, creating columns of interest to its young readers. As written in that first editorial, “We believe that our young generation is destined to play a great role, serving as a bridge between American and Armenian civilizations if they are properly educated by the older generation in the history, literature, politics and social behavior of our people.”

And so it began, this small but mighty ethnic community newspaper dedicated to serving the Armenian people in the United States and beyond. In honor of this auspicious and historic anniversary, the Armenian Weekly team created a special logo and has reprinted the first edition of the newspaper in the center spread of this issue. We think you will find the news of that time interesting and some of the columns and entries in the paper entertaining.

When you peruse the Hairenik Digital Archives, you will encounter great tragedies and challenges, significant milestones and cultural achievements: 90 years of Armenian history documented in 4,500 issues of the newspaper.

The current news is laser focused on Azerbaijan’s brutal ethnic cleansing of Artsakh, the challenges facing those forcibly displaced and the existential threat facing today’s Armenia, a free and independent republic only dreamed of in 1934. The news also features the heroic struggle, both in the homeland and the Diaspora, to maintain the integrity and security of the homeland.

The Armenian Weekly team is committed to continuing to uplift the voices of all Armenians around the world and their cares, concerns and triumphs. This includes columns and stories devoted to the homeland, geopolitical analysis, grassroots lobbying efforts, opinions, community and organizational news, sports, culture, the youth and more. We invite our readers to join our mission and submit items of interest to   

As this 90th year progresses, we hope to continue to reprint first editions of the newspaper on select dates. To contribute to these efforts or simply to uphold our work, visit Please indicate if you prefer to support a first edition reprint.

The Armenian Weekly team is deeply grateful for the support of our readers and community. We look toward a day when the headline news proclaims a free, independent and united Armenia, when Armenians return to our indigenous lands in Artsakh and Western Armenia. 

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  1. Dear Editor, assistants, Writers and contributors,
    The above commemorative note of the inspirations of those who had the vision and insight to create such a beautiful vehicle of sharing information to the Armenian public was simply simple, yet eloquent. We have to thank those strong leaders, who shared the dream, and carried forward that hope to future generations.
    I am so very thankful for the Weekly, and wish the paper/ and online version to continue be the voice for All Armenians, yet let’s keep in mind that we are proud it is under the ARF Umbrella.
    Greg Minasian
    Andover, Ma

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