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Ellina Abovian is a highly respected and distinguished journalist and news anchor for KTLA Channel 5 news in Los Angeles, California. She has been recognized for her contributions, most recently with the 2023 Excellence in Media award from the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). She also hosted the groundbreaking ceremony of the Armenian American Museum in Glendale. Abovian is a proud mom to two boys, Nicky (4) and Christopher (7).

Abovian was born in Armenia, and her family immigrated to Los Angeles when she was a baby. She remembers Armenia through stories from her family. Her parents, who both have graduate degrees, came to America for opportunities they could not receive in the Soviet Union. The family first moved to Hollywood and then to Glendale, and her father became an entrepreneur. 

Ellina Abovian

Abovian attended Horace Mann Elementary, Roosevelt Middle School and Glendale High School. She continued her education at California State University, Los Angeles in broadcast journalism. She preferred to perform in plays instead of do book reports, and she would combine her love for storytelling, theater, writing, television and movies in journalism. TV news was in its heyday in the 90s, and Abovian would watch the news and feel enthralled by how the anchors spoke so eloquently.

“Your best schooling comes from experience. If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish everything you want,” Abovian said. 

She was an intern at CBS, then moved to San Luis Obispo and did the work of three people, exposing herself to all aspects of news reporting. Her drive to excel and succeed landed her in Fresno, where she was a photographer and reporter. She then had a position in San Diego for two years. Yet she always hoped to return to Los Angeles. The head of KTLA 5 wanted someone to represent the diverse culture of Los Angeles and offered Abovian a position, and she has been a staff reporter there for 14 years.

“My job isn’t just a job. It’s fulfilling. I had to put in a lot of hard work, discipline and being away from family and home. My love for performance, storytelling and connecting with people became an integral part of my job. It was so important to get the trust of my audience and the industry,” Abovian said. 

Ellina Abovian and her sons Nicky and Christopher

When asked what kind of advice she would give to someone wanting to enter the world of journalism, Abovian said, “Never judge a book by its cover. Figure out what kind of journalism you want, whether print, online, news. It’s not about the job title but what it truly entails. Make sure you’re organized since it’s a deadline oriented industry. The news waits for no one. Hone your skills, whether it’s interviewing, writing, reporting, and do everything with humility.”

In five years, Abovian sees herself continuing to work as an anchor in Los Angeles while always remaining open to possibilities. 

Abovian is a proud Armenian woman and goes out of her way to raise awareness about Armenian culture and heritage. She connects the people of Los Angeles through her stories. Through her reporting, Abovian focuses on staying true and genuine to herself and her ideals.

“My job carries a lot of responsibility. It showcases character, opens people’s eyes, creates a better understanding with more compassion and empathy,” Abovian said.

Talar Keoseyan

Talar Keoseyan

Talar Keoseyan is a mother, educator and writer. Talar’s books "Mom and Dad, Why Do I Need to Know My Armenian Heritage?", "Tigran’s Song and "Our Tigran" are available on Amazon. She has been an educator for 26 years and resides in Los Angeles, CA. She can be reached at talar725@gmail.com.
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  1. Can always appreciate an Armenian that uses her or his platform to bring awareness nicely written. Thank you.

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