Turkey and Azerbaijan announce plans to complete “Zangezur Corridor”

YEREVAN—Just when the discourse surrounding the so-called “Zangezur Corridor” seemed to have subsided or retreated from the forefront of discussions, Abdulkadir Uraloglu, Turkey’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, unveiled plans to finalize the “Zangezur Corridor” project by 2029, during a January 7 announcement.

Highlighting progress on the “Zangezur Corridor” undertaken by Azerbaijan and Turkey, Uraloglu revealed that the Azerbaijani segment of the “Zangezur Corridor,” stretching from Baku to Horadiz, is nearing completion. The Turkish section of the route spans a length of 224 kilometers. Uraloglu estimated that the entire process required for constructing the route would last five years, expressing confidence that all necessary work will be concluded by 2028. 

Uraloglu highlighted ongoing construction between Horadiz and Ordubad in Azerbaijan’s Nakhichevan exclave, excluding the section traversing Armenian territory.

Since signing the November 9, 2020 trilateral ceasefire agreement, which calls for the construction of transport links between Azerbaijan and its exclave Nakhichevan through southern Armenia, Azerbaijan has insisted on the creation of the “Zangezur Corridor.” The agreement states that control over transport communication will be carried out by Russian border guards. Armenian officials have repeatedly rejected Azerbaijan’s demand that the route be free from customs and passport controls and asserted that the route must respect territorial integrity and sovereignty. 

Azerbaijan’s construction of the “Zangezur Corridor” (screen grab)

Uraloglu addressed the opposition to the “Zangezur Corridor” from the Armenian side, claiming that the project holds potential benefits for Armenia. He also highlighted recent positive signals from Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding the initiative.

“The Armenian side initially responded negatively to this proposal, despite its potential advantages for Armenia, but we’ve observed recent positive messages from Prime Minister Pashinyan,” stated the Turkish official, emphasizing Turkey’s commitment to the establishment of the corridor.

In an interview with Armenian media, Turkic scholar Gevorg Galtakyan highlighted that in the conversation with Uraloglu, the interviewer asked about the potential for mutual agreement by both parties to opening the “Zangezur Corridor.” Galtakyan emphasized that if Armenia does not consent to this ultimatum, the Turkish side may resort to the use of force to achieve its objectives.

In response to the announcement by the Turkish minister, spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Nasser Kanani insisted that trade and transit cooperation should not serve as a catalyst for geopolitical shifts in the South Caucasus.

“We consistently stress the significance of expanding regional cooperation to foster peace, stability and economic partnerships, including communication and transit. It’s imperative to underscore that the development of transit cooperation in the South Caucasus should not prompt geopolitical alterations or undermine the territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations,” Kanani highlighted, as reported by Mehr news agency.

Iran has repeatedly expressed its commitment to upholding the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty regarding Armenia. Iran boasts longstanding historical ties with its neighboring nation Armenia, a relationship that continues to deepen over time.

The “Zangezur Corridor” project has sparked controversy, with differing reactions from involved parties.

In an interview with Sputnik Armenia, political analyst Suren Surenyants underscored Azerbaijan’s strategic advancements and their significant implications for Armenia. Surenyants indicated that Azerbaijan has effectively removed international guarantors from the equation and secured an international consensus regarding the contentious “Zangezur Corridor.” He cautioned that the signing of a peace treaty depends on resolving contentious issues for Baku, stressing President Ilham Aliyev’s persistent disregard for the red lines outlined by Armenia’s government.

Surenyants observed that Baku has strategically dismantled the role of international guarantors in Armenia-Azerbaijan negotiations and introduced a framework of bilateral talks without mediators. He highlighted the recent prisoner exchange, which was seen to be a result of direct talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan, as pivotal in securing support for the bilateral negotiation platform.

Expressing skepticism, Surenyants remarked that any meaningful peace agreement must incorporate border demarcation principles and territorial maps, elements presently opposed by Azerbaijan. He cautioned that the absence of demarcation principles in a peace agreement could effectively endorse the assimilation of Artsakh into Azerbaijan and legitimize the occupation of 200 square kilometers of sovereign Armenian territory by Azeri troops.

Surenyants suggested that the Armenian government’s approach to “sacrifice” Artsakh in order to persuade Azerbaijan to drop its claim to  the “Zangezur Corridor” has failed. He said that Armenia’s southernmost province Syunik became entangled in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict after Armenia’s defeat in the 44-day war, underlining Azerbaijan’s persistent aspirations toward Syunik.

Surenyants highlighted the escalating challenges facing the Armenian government, warning that 2024 may be a more strenuous year than the previous one.

Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloglu (Twitter)

Amidst these concerns, Secretary of Armenia’s Security Council Armen Grigoryan disclosed plans for a forthcoming meeting between Armenia and Azerbaijan’s border demarcation commissions, which Azerbaijan has stated is not a necessity for signing a peace agreement. “There is a scheduled meeting for the delimitation commissions towards the end of January. We are hopeful that the meeting will indeed take place,” Grigoryan said.

The forthcoming meeting follows the most recent session held between the border delimitation commissions of Armenia and Azerbaijan on November 30, 2023, along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. During this session, both parties agreed on the procedural framework for organizing and conducting commission sessions and joint working gatherings. They also agreed to initiate efforts towards coordinating a draft regulation on the activities of the border demarcation commissions.

On January 6, the Armenian Foreign Ministry reiterated its support for a treaty based on the mirrored withdrawal of troops from the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. “Throughout the negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Armenian side has consistently advocated for a mirrored withdrawal of troops from the interstate border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, a stance that remains unchanged,” the Foreign Ministry stated.

Emphasizing its readiness to engage in discussions to implement a treaty, the MoFA said that troop withdrawal should align with the latest maps from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

On January 10, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan suggested that progress on a treaty is stalled, because Azerbaijan refuses to recognize Armenia’s territorial integrity. He previously announced that Baku and Yerevan will hold discussions regarding Armenia’s proposal for troop withdrawal from the border. However, Baku rejected this initiative, leading to unresolved discussions between the two nations.

“I want to emphasize that these two issues—territorial integrity and inviolability of borders and border delimitation—are the issues where the Republic of Armenia cannot see and cannot allow any ambiguity, because any ambiguity is a basis and fertile ground for further aggressions and further escalations,” Mirzoyan said on January 10.

Hoory Minoyan

Hoory Minoyan

Hoory Minoyan was an active member of the Armenian community in Los Angeles until she moved to Armenia prior to the 44-day war. She graduated with a master's in International Affairs from Boston University, where she was also the recipient of the William R. Keylor Travel Grant. The research and interviews she conducted while in Armenia later became the foundation of her Master’s thesis, “Shaping Identity Through Conflict: The Armenian Experience.” Hoory continues to follow her passion for research and writing by contributing to the Armenian Weekly.
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  1. What if Armenia acquired nuclear weapons and threatened terrorist Turkey to drop nuclear bombs on Ankara and obliterate it if terrorist Turkey failed to allow and open Armenia a corridor or a passage to the Black Sea port and demanded the evacuation and the return of the occupied Western Armenian provinces confiscated from their indigenous Armenian populations by means of mass deportation, ethnic-cleansing, mass extermination and genocide? How would terrorist Turkey feel about and react to that? Besides, this conflict is not about terrorist Turkey at all and Armenia has never made any provocations against Turkey so why is Turkey making such demands with threats? And why isn’t this pathetic and dysfunctional Armenian government of unpatriotic and treasonous Pashinyan take terrorist Turkey to court for such threats about something that has absolutely nothing to do with terrorist Turkey? It seems that these Central Asian Turkish terrorists have not changed in a thousand years and still conduct themselves by the laws of the jungle like they did in centuries past. These Central Asian criminals need to be taught a lesson they will never forget and that Islamo-fascist Turkish terrorist-in-chief Er-dog-an who is behind all this should be given a big dose and a bitter taste of his own medicine for bullying just because he thinks he can. He is really a despicable insignificant little man with Napoleon Complex who thinks he can do anything he wants with impunity because he never faces punishment for his actions.

  2. There is nothing wrong with having direct discussions as eventually Armenia and Azerbaijan will have some form of formalised relationship along with Turkey. However this doesn’t mean that Armenia should accept encroachment from Azerbaijan nor a passage of which it has no control of. Arktash is now to all intents a lost cause, failure to achieve a settlement when in an ascendant position and lack of international support along with the economic and military balance having shifted to Azerbaijan. The dilemma is about any transit being owned and controlled by Armenia and not any other country if such extraterritoriality is allowed then this marks the end of Armenian authority indefinitely and the end of the ancient continuity with fraternal neighbour Iran. With Armenia in a fragile position the need for a reliable partner to ensure national security and integrity against irredentist actions from Turkey and Azerbaijan. Alignment with Russia will antagonise the USA and forbid sympathetic friends such as France and Greece. Alignment with Iran will antagonise the USA although unlike Russia, Iran doesn’t support the prospect of a transit between Turkey and Azerbaijan not under Armenian control, and opposition to pan Turanisim. Georgia doesn’t want to loose its own go between position but won’t actively side with Armenia although in turn doesn’t want Armenia to fall to Turkey and Azerbaijan as this would pressure them. For Russia to control such routes would empower them for no gain for Armenia and help affirm it’s neo colonial influence on Armenia, along with playing broker role with two discontinuous parts of Azerbaijan. As Azerbaijan contrary to the tripartite agreement has asserted full control of what remained of Armenian controlled Soviet era N-K , Armenia has less mutual reasons to support a corridor now there is no Armenian entity of Arktash, although from a position of strength with little to restrain them there is little international pressure to stop them from their extraterritorial corridor demands from a position of hegemony, the west is ambiguous on such a matter only it’s opposition to Russian presence is clear.

  3. Azerbadjan and Turkey must respect international borders. Otherwise turkey must leave NATO and become dismandled by NATO

    • @ Robert Whig, I am well aware of how Russia is in cahoots with Azerbaijan and Turkey and how it doesn’t adjoin Armenia and that Russia is seen as a pariah in the west hence any nation aligned to it will be seen as a friend of the enemy and how it’s struggling in Ukraine and thus even it was on better terms with Armenia is limited in what it can do. Granted it’s not a part of the world where the west has much strength either. Remember no Berlin airlift for Arktash during the blockade…
      Russia hasn’t been to Armenia what the USA is to Israel and the Kosovo Albanian cause yet due to insularity and desperation many Armenians revere it as though it is and Moscow has taken this for granted in turn many Armenians thought as the Russia ally locally that they could always count on them if Azerbaijan was to attack. Also Perhaps a factor in why negotiations over N-K 1994-2020 were farcical although there had been nominal agreements in principle. Remember the Arktash government unlike Armenia was very pro Russian the posters of Putin yet most of the top officials are now in jail in Baku and Azerbaijan can now pull down the Armenian posters to Putin. I fear you have an infatuation with Russia. Infatuation is a akin to flattery a bad situation to be in. For the record i don’t consider the USA to be a munificent benefactor and saviour either it stands for its own interests. All that I’m saying is that this Russia is our munificent benefactor and saviour who understands and loves cares for us more than Armenians do for themselves is risible and nonsensical. Be friendly with Russia but no hallelujahs

  4. the Armenian government’s DID NOT “sacrifice” Artsakh in order to persuade Azerbaijan to drop its claim to the “Zangezur Corridor”.

    The corrupt and foolish soviet remnants who ruled Armenia since 1994 until 2018 placed the security of the country in the hands of Russia, the same country that gifted Artsakh, Nakhichevan and Western Armenia to the Turks. When will Armenians learn from their own history and stop allowing to repeat itself?

    • Too many Armenians have been too enamoured and beholden to Russia refusing to see that Russia has only been half a friend to Armenia and played fast and loose in the confidence that Armenia was helpless and nowhere else to go such a conceited attitude was an error on their part aswell. Armenia needs to go through a post Soviet process sadly it’s stuck with the truncated Soviet boundaries now sanctified by international protocols but an honest reflection of the realities not fatuous make believe is needed. No need to be an anti Russia like Ukraine but plenty of reasons to move on to a more formal and sober relationship with Russia.

  5. What horrible news. The illegal “corridor” has multiple purposes and one of them is to isolate Armenia completely. Pashinyan is a clear and present danger to ALL ARMENIANS. That is clear. HE dismantled the Armenian militarily structure as his first order. HE lost the war and is responsible for the deaths of thousands. He weakened Armenia’s security structure. HE declared Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan. He abandoned the people there forcing them to flee. Nobody else did these treasonous things. He is unqualified and unfit to take care of Armenia’s affairs. He needs to be removed at all cost. And instead a patriot intelligent unifying leader needs to be installed. Its that simple.


  6. Pashinyan had previously agreed to an extraterritorial corridor for Azerbaijan through Armenia and is now backtracking on his promise. He gave up all the strategic heights in Syunic and sacrificed Artsakh not to mention hundreds of lives to get out of his promise.
    No doubt he will finally agree or has already secretly agreed to the corridor despite Iran’s objections and all the sacrifices Armenia has made. Congratulations to Armenians for voting this traitor in TWICE. You’ve just destroyed Artsakh’s and soon Armenia’s future. God bless democracy when you have an uneducated population and no national institutions to protect the country against your own people.
    This traitor must be removed immediately if there is to be any hope and stop blaming other countries for not helping when the root cause is your own government, especially when you have a powerful southern neighbour that’s trying its best to help but being spat at by your pro western government.

  7. This article should remind everyone that Armenia is in a very precarious state, following the military defeat of 2020-2023. The Zangezur “corridor” could be under Armenia’s control if Armenia was prepared to arm and prepare its people for the coming war. Alas, the Pashinyan government wants to exude an appearance of “normalcy” touting economic growth , tourism, peace etc instead of preparing Armenia and the Diaspora for war on its own territory. Unfortunately, the future of Syunik may not be entirely in Armenia’s hands but may be determined in far off capitals Moscow, Ankara, Teheran, Washington and Brussels. Baku may be waiting for the “stars to align” to attack. This could be diverse events such as the election of President Trump, an attack on Iran by US/Israel, a Russian win in Ukraine. I continue to be surprised by the Armenian government’s lack of engagement with the Diaspora in its time of existential need.

    • @raffi
      Armenia is indeed in jeopardy!The future of Syunik may well be determined in foreign capitals. It’s doubtful that Donald Trump will be re-elected equally there is much doubt that Joe Biden will stand for re-election due to concerns about his mental health although he has from an Armenian perspective been historically sceptical of Turkey and recognised the killings by the ottoman empire as a genocide. Part of the issue with a diaspora especially a long standing one is that their idea of the homeland is often out of step with their kin in the homeland and tendancy to view matters from a perspective from when their ancestors emigrated which over time distances. With the proxy war with Iran becoming less shadowy and more blatant the prospect of a direct attack on Iran by US/Israel is becoming more plausible something that Azerbaijan and Turkey would be more use of to US/Israel than. Armenia. The war in Ukraine has a stalemate quality beginning to favour Russia but unlikely to achieve a victory. A Russian win in Ukraine would make it easier for Russia to oust Pashinyan and draw Armenia closer once again and in that situation deter aggression from Turkey and Azerbaijan but with the cost of tie in having to follow Moscows sentiments to Ankara and Baku and animosity from the west which combined with the USA and French diaspora not having much fondness for Russia would isolate Armenia from brethren.

  8. @Charles

    You are obsessed with Russia.

    One look at a map is enough to show everyone that Armenia must stay close to Russia.

    Without Russia, the Turks will march straight in.

  9. @Ari

    The Armenians lost Western Armenia by themselves, the Russians had nothing to do with it.

    The Eastern Armenians welcomed the Bolsheviks with open arms as they knew that the Bolsheviks were the only ones who could keep the Turks out.

    Artsakh was lost when Pashinyan declared that the Armenian Army would not fight for Artsakh.

    When Armenians refuse to die for Artsakh, why should any Russian?

    • @ Robert Whig the Bolsheviks helped to arm and finance Kemsalist Turkey and it was was agreed between them that the boundaries would be along the pre 1878 boundary between ottoman Turkey and czarist Russia it was a stitch up. Nevertheless it served well to appear to the Bolsheviks to pretend to be saviours since they didn’t have the murderous designs on Armenians the Turks had so could appear to be saviours and manipulate the Armenians and to a lesser extent other peoples of the south caucuses when they asserted authority. Arktash was doomed after being surrounded in 2020 with no secure link to Armenia. Since it was technically separate Armenia only provided support to Arktash and it’s defence was officially the matter for Stepnakeret not Yerevan. Remember on 22 February Russia and Azerbaijan signed a friendship pact where Russia affirmed it’s support for Azeri boundaries as internationally recognised, it’s inconceivable that Baku wasn’t aware of what Russia was poised to do a couple of days later, this friendship pact with Azerbaijan hasn’t been unoticed in the west something that Netanyahu and BP won’t be able to save Azerbaijan from annoyance from the west as a result. Azeri military did cause some Russian military to die when it stormed Arktash in breach of the tripartite agreement but Putin did nothing as he likes Azerbaijan a lot and knows that many Armenians are to gullible to realise Moscow double talk.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself, Whig.
      I see Sir Charlie is back to spew his Chatham House derived drivel.
      I am suspecting they have unfinished business to take care of.
      They managed to Turkify Artsakh, I guess now they will try the same with Syunik…
      All “patriotic” Armenians should look up the Treaty of Alexandropol signed between the ARF led government of Armenia and Turkey in 1921. That treaty is what Bolsheviks and Russians saved us from…

  10. Thank you Robert Whig,
    The Armenian army did not mobilise and was ordered to stand down during the 44 day war in 2020 and also during the invasion of Artsak in September 2023, leaving tiny Artsakh on its own.

    Both instances Pashinyan prevented the Armenian army from entering combat or using sophisticated weaponry that Russia had provided to Armenia over the last 30 years, including the Iskander M2 ballistic missiles that would have levelled half of Azerbaijan to the ground. It is obvious to those that are familiar with realities that there was collusion between Pashinyan and Aliyev since 2018 and likely long before on the outcomes we now see playing out. The rest has been smoke and mirrors for the ignorant masses.

    Simultaneously pashinyan has done everything possible to deliberately destroy strategic relations with Russia and Iran thus isolating Armenia diplomatically and turning a long strategic partner into an enemy.

    If Armenia won’t send its boys to fight for Artsakh why should Russian mothers send their sons to die for pashinyan and the pathetic population that keeps voting him in.

    Ignore the idiots that keep complaining about corrupt ex-soviet leaders since 1994 and Russia before pashinyan. That smokescreen put forth by the pashinyan team to divert attention away from themselves has lost its steam as people are waking up albeit too late.

    • @ Gurgen2,

      I agree Pashinyan is a traitor, a loser and grossly incompetent. His first order was to dismantle Armenia’s once capable military by ridding seasoned generals one by one. He then installed the most useless incompetent military personnel and its in disarray as we speak. Zaven Sinayan, Armenia’s minister of diaspora claimed that everyone knew the war was lost early on because of Pashinyans gross incompetents and lack of supplying the front lines. This is totally unacceptable. Pashinyan hated Artsakh and thought, as was told by his Western, Zionist and Turkish masters, that once he appeased Azerbaijan and gave up Artsakh then all would be prosperous and peaceful. He is THAT STUPID. He doesn’t understand that when Artsakh goes so does Armenia. He is a danger to all Armenians.

      As for Russia lets be clear: Russia is Armenia screw light. Yes it might be Armenia’s only possible “ally” in the region but it screws Armenia when it feels it needs to and does so often. It was the Soviets that gave away Nakichivan to the Turks in the first place under the treaty of friendship. Yet they never make any mention of that ever. Why is that? It was Russia that stood for 2 weeks and watched as Armenians were being burned, raped and thrown out windows in major Azeri cities. It was Russia that thwarted a larger diameter gas pipeline from Iran which would have made Armenia a rich gas hub. It was Russia that stood by and watch Artsakh starve. It was Russia’s useless CSTO that did nothing to thwart Azerbaijan from squatting on Armenia’s soil as they do today. Only Iran stood with Armenia against any border changes. Russia is no real ally. Can we at least agree on that?

      As for the last 2 Artsakh president they were ultra thieves that stole from Armenia and its future just to line their own pockets. They watched and were all too glad as 1/3 of the population left the country because it was intolerable. Yes the people voted for the current useless traitor, but Armenia was ripe for change because of the 2 past thieves. And in my opinion, need to pay for their crimes against the people.

      What Armenia needs is an intelligent, patriotic unifying leader that understands the concept of “united we stand” and divided and isolated we fall. One that puts their fellow Armenian above all others, including Russia, the USA and Europe. A leader that includes all diaspora to come and partake and contribute to Armenia’s security, welfare and prosperity. Why not Diaspora Army unit? THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN MISSING FOR CENTURIES. Its not that Armenia voted for the traitor loser but rather Armenia’s tribal mentality is our real enemy. Its time to be united as ONE! That is the answer.

  11. I expect all of you enthusiastic commentators have donated to the Armenian self-defense fundraisers: VOMA, POGA, Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund, or Mets Tigran.

    If you want, you can donate $2,400 to VOMA to sponsor the construction of one GMBET-2 bunker.

  12. For God’s sake, am I the only one who realizes that Azer has long had TWO ways to get to Nakh?

    1. Iran
    2. Georgia/Turkey

    Hence, no other route is needed, especially across Armenia. We owe azer ZERO.

    Plus, the Nov. 9, 2020 pact is DEAD. Russia and azer blatantly violated it.

    What, may I ask, is the problem with some of us that we’re still talking not just a “corridor” but also a route?

    Something is very, very wrong with the thinking of some of us.

    What, Armenia has to take every demand of the Aliyev regime seriously?

    I find this all very disturbing.

    • Let’s be very clear here. Giving that artificially invented pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijani terrorist cesspool a passage to Nakhijevan, the name in Armenian meaning the Original Resting Place of Noah, through sovereign Armenian territory amounts to facilitating one enemy-occupied Armenian territory to connect with another enemy-occupied Armenian territory. This would be a treasonous act if it ever comes into fruition pure and simple. It is so because for genocidal Turkey Armenia is an obstacle which stands in the way of uniting the so-called Turkic world from terrorist Turkey to China. Call it what you want, to the Turks this is “Turanic Corridor” to not only materialize this Turkish dream they could not in a century but it is also a premeditated scheme to isolate Armenia from the rest of the world altogether turning it into a landlocked island. Make no mistake about it; this is the TRUE intention of these cunning Tricky Turkish leaders who are nothing but a bunch of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their ultimate goal has always been to marginalize and eventually to put an end to the Armenian statehood.

      Artificial terrorist gas station of 106-year old Azerbaijan already does have a passage through Islamic republic of Iran to occupied Armenian Nakhijevan province and it does not need yet another one through sovereign Armenian territory. The occupied Armenian province of Nakhijevan from where several hundred thousand indigenous Armenians were uprooted at the turn of the 17th century and settled in ancient Persian capital of Isfahan and remaining Armenians were forced out by racist Azerbaijan-SSR policies, long before the Artsakh Liberation Movement began, today is a Turkish-Azerbaijani terroristic military base from where they conducted their many joint military mercerizes leading up to their invasion of Armenian liberated territories. Giving genocidal Turkey access to Nakhijevan post WWI was the first treasonous act and giving terrorist Azerbaijan access to occupied Nakhijevan through Armenian territory, hence connecting and uniting our two traditional Turkic and pseudo-Turkic enemies, will be the next treasonous act. Having absolutely nothing in common, other than linguistically somewhat, do you really think their fabricated “two states, one nation” coinage which they advocate to their politically gullible and racist populations is what it really means? It is not! It is euphemism for the destruction of the Armenian statehood!

  13. @David Boyajian
    The Lachin corridor is defined as a 5km route which the Russians were supposed to safeguard according to Nov 9 agreement. Recall that pashinyan gave up that route along with the villages Berdzor, Aghavni and Sos. It was a forced evacuation of Armenians from those villages ordered by pashinyan and his mini-me in Artsakh at the time. The route was moves to an alternative newly built road which was fully under Azeri control which is why they were able to blockade it. This was not supposed to happen for another 3 years. Why did pashinyan expedite this in secret agreement with the azeris? Furthermore the forced evacuation date was made as a gift on Aliyev’s wife’s birthday- no coincidence there.
    Therefore no Lachin corridor means no safeguarding of travel for Armenians. Blame the Russians if it makes you feel better about yourself but ultimately it’s the Armenian people who have twice voted for this treacherous prime minister that are to blame.

    • Serbs used to believe that the USA taught them otherwise. I see you are desperate decending into accusations. Russia takes Armenia for granted has good relationship with Turkey and Azerbaijan but is confident of Armenian insularity and desperation that they don’t realise this. Turkey and Azerbaijan are more important to Russia than Armenia about time one faced this reality. As for Russophobe claims I’m not in the orcs and slava Ukraini band. I noticed that Armenia doesn’t adjoin Russia which complicates how they can support Armenia. Russia hasn’t been the friend to Armenia that the USA is to Israel and the Kosovo Albanian cause yet delusional people revere it as though it is! Nothing forever just like Europe is finding out about the “peace dividend” post WW2 which is fading. Until the early 19th century Russia was of little relevance to Armenia.

  14. @Charles

    I don’t know if you’re being paid to spew out anti-Russian propaganda online or if you’re a Russophobic racist, either way, you have been sussed out and your comments and opinions can be disregarded as you have no concept of common sense.

    Armenia’s allegiance and loyalty to Russia is based on geography. It really is remarkable that you can look at a map and still not understand why Armenia must always remain with Russia.

    There are 85 million Turks in Turkey and 10 million in Azerbaijan, 95 million in total, what chance do the 3 million Armenians stand against them?

    Only Russia guarantees Armenia’s survival

  15. @reader

    Is that so! “readder”, eh:) Where do you live, Istanbul? Baku? Can you hear the muezzin wailing?

    I show my real name, why don’t you?

  16. @Gurgen and Whig,

    Just to put things in context, Robert Boyajian is one of our many professional Russophobes. He is the Armenian diaspora’s version of Sir Charlie. Read their work to understand how Armenian society allowed this tragedy to come to both Armenia and Artsakh.

  17. @ concerned , Russia hasn’t been to Armenia what the USA is to Israel and to the Kosovo Albanian cause. Hence why should you and any other Armenian revere it as though it is! Such sentiments are fatous adoration rather than genuine respect.
    And no I’m not Sir Charlie that is being snark and petulant

    • You are being silly again, charlie. Israel and AIPAC owns the Washington. Kosovo will sooner or later be abandoned by the US. Albanians are already talking about it.

  18. @Gurgen – what do you gain / think you’re accomplishing by constantly insulting / belittling Charles? This is not a rhetorical question; I’m genuinely curious. He’s a rare non-Armenian (perhaps he is Armenian, dunno!) who actually takes an interest in Armenian topics, which seems like something you should be happy about / encouraging. Why can’t you show basic civility to someone you happen to disagree with?

    • Who are you, his mother? Show civility to who, an internet activist peddling Western talking points?

  19. It seems that facts elude you, yes we all know that Israel and AIPAC owns Washington especially since 1967 however this doesn’t detract from the fact that the USA has been most helpful to Israel, of course this won’t last forever but for the time being is very much a fact. As for Kosovo, Serbia even recognise it’s government and symbols and no longer obstructs it’s membership of various international bodies although doesn’t recognise it formally in time when there is no US base there if there’s a Serbian nation they may well seek to review arrangements but again for the time being no particular sign of such a prospect. By the same measure the Russian Federation a transcontinental diverse nation may struggle to maintain unity over such a vast realm and such a prospect will impact Armenia if there is a nation state of. Also the UK which increasingly is growing apart and harks back to a past and major demographic changes mean it’s stability such a byword may not last a great deal longer but once again not for the time being. Also I should mention that Armenia supported Kosovo on the grounds of self determination vis a vis Arktash although didn’t actually recognise it as a nation, although given the failure of Arktash it’s not clear what it’s current policy is. With recent changes does Armenia still support or sympathetic to the Russian supported South Ossetia and Abkhazia in neighbouring Georgia something which fooled many Armenians who thought that Russia with its own supported breakaways in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia would be sympathetic or indeed empathetic to Arktash but no Russia was all about internationally recognised and territorial integrity with regard to this becoming overt from 2018.

  20. @Gurgen – no, I am not a mother. To answer your second question: YES. Yes, to show civility to another human being who is being civil with you.

  21. @Not Armenian I have found @Gurgen prone to snark when taken up over strident support for Russia and strong criticism of Armenian policy going into self pity claiming Armenia is even deserving of independence and needs Russia to save it from seemingly it’s own ineptitude. When i highlighted that Kremlin viewpoint journalist Andrew Korybko had been calling for Armenia to withdraw from internationally recognised Azerbaijan prior to 2020 repeatedly on global research and other websites and when the conflict began he mocked Armenia for not even recognising Arktash as independent, using artillery and unguided rockets on Azerbaijan not mentioning their largely soviet and russian origins and yet when little over a year later Russia was to invade Ukraine and would use such weapons on an exponentially greater scale on civilian areas and absurd declaring annexations on land Russia didn’t even control said nothing of the destruction and the annexations were “reintegration” . His response was to say he is an American like you . Andrew Korybko is an American national of Polish and Belarusian ancestry living in Moscow parroting Kremlin viewpoints. I responded that I’m actually a British citizen and resident which instead of an apology for making a mistaken accusative statement then mentioned about various indifferent to unfriendly actions by the UK with regard to Armenia as though I was personally responsible for British government policies in the area over the decades. @Concerned is similar in being touchy about criticism of Russia but is somewhat more civil in tone. @ Gurgen also scathes “toxic westernisation” but acknowledges living in the”belly of the beast” which I suspect implies the USA. Also relevant is the insinuation that was popular among the pro Russian Armenians was the reason for the 2020 defeat was due alienation from Pashinyan Russia wasn’t placed to intervene to protect with its apparently second to none modern weapons and practices this seemed plausible until the Russian columns towards Kiev were savaged by the same type of TB2 drones in Ukrainian service that had devastated Armenian positions a little over a year before this put paid to a myth which myself had some belief in and showed the shortcomings of the Russian military equipment admireres being a victim of their own propaganda and as such Armenia had actually been outmatched by Azerbaijan and the Russian military wasn’t such a wonderforce after all. This has led to churlish claims that the TB2 drones were beloved to me. When all i was actually stating was the subsequent events in Ukraine might help Armenians better understand why they lost in 2020 , that Russia couldn’t have simply batted away Azeri attacks with its apparently second to none weapons and losses were actually due to battlefield circumstances. I haven’t urged Armenia to do a Ukraine and turn into an anti Russia just there has to be a sober reassessment and questioning of Russia intentions and abilities in a way that could be avoided pre 2020 and it’s own travails in Ukraine should be borne in mind aswell. I also haven’t praised Pashinyan he seems an inept leader although it should be better acknowledged as to how he was able to take office in 2018 was from the sclerotic previous government. Also as @ Monte stated about Russia forcing the gas pipeline from Iran to be 700mm bore rather than 1450 as it is in Iran this neo colonial action was to stymie non Russian piped gas entering the European market whilst there are issues between Iran and Europe which Armenia has no influence over it could have allowed Armenia to be more dynamic and have a stronger voice in Tibilsi and Tehran, Moscow of course would have none of this. The deep irony is the gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to Turkey via Georgia was built to full size without Russian interference and earns Azerbaijan vast amounts of money which helped to transform its military by 2020 also ironic is that Russia uses the route to export gas disguised as Azeri to evade sanctions something which hasn’t been unoticed by the west either.

  22. @Gurgen – I’ve been stewing on this for years. (not exaggerating). I am not religious (though I think it would be an enormous comfort if I could be) but I was raised evangelical (WELS Lutheran) and have found many teaching, regardless of religion/ origin, quite valuable. How to treat others, how to approach life / forgiveness, etc. Jesus says we should love each other; do you also believe this? I hear so much about Armenian hospitality / grace, but have never received it. I do not want to make any assumptions about you / past / family, so I won’t. Mr. Piligian exemplifies what I perceive as Armenian greatness: passion and love tempered by harsh real world realities. As I read each article he produces, I feel the love and heartfelted-ness (don’t know a better term) and genuine concern for Armenian causes. Mr. Sassounian? His anger and rage BOIL below the surface? Wrong? Who knows. But I rarely finish one of his impassioned/ANGRY articles. As a very rare American who actually follows this topic? GREATLY OFFPUTTING. Want to blame me? Want to pretend am I am thin-skinned? Sure, try, okay. I don’t know Charles, and will not pretend to know/care. What I do know, after high school and national debate competitions, is that insults solve nothing. I have been HOA president of my association for 10 years. Unintentionally brutal, but informative. Coming at any problem as “YOU SUCK!!” never leads to actual resolutions/outcomes. Over and over, I’ve tried to caution about labeling anyone not 100% on your side as counter-productive, but hey… you seem to have all the answers. Are you getting what you want?

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