The Armenian Relief Society courageously continues helping the people of Artsakh

ARS members and volunteers preparing packages of essential goods for the forcibly displaced Armenians of Artsakh

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) has consistently taken a lead role in supporting our brothers and sisters in Artsakh since the early days of the Liberation War. The organization’s commitment is evident through various humanitarian programs, the establishment of kindergartens and ongoing assistance efforts. Demonstrating unwavering dedication to the wellbeing of the Armenians of Artsakh, the ARS remains steadfast in addressing the current adversities faced by our Artsakh brethren.

Following the cruel attack on Artsakh on September 19, 2023, the Armenian Relief Society, alongside its global entities, swiftly responded to the critical situation by providing essential financial and moral support. This includes the distribution of over 1,500 boxes of food and essential needs.

In the initial aid phase:

  • 440 boxes were distributed to Artsakh compatriots from funds provided by ARS Australia.
  • Over 100 boxes were dispatched to Goris for distribution to the displaced people of Artsakh seeking refuge across the Armenian border.
  • In collaboration with sister organizations (Homenetmen, Hamazkayin, ARF and AYF) and aided by volunteers from various countries, ARS packaged and distributed 1,000 boxes to Artsakh compatriots settling in different regions of Armenia, including Yerevan, Aragatsotn, Armavir, Ararat, Shirak, Lori, Gegharkunik, Tavush, Syunik, Kotayk and Vayots Dzor.
Some of the items gathered for the displaced people of Artsakh

The ARS Armenia office received generous donations of food, clothing, bedding and kitchen utensils from kindhearted donors to benefit Artsakh compatriots.

Initiating the second phase on November 18, 2023, the ARS continued distributing additional boxes of food and essential needs to the displaced people of Artsakh, with the support of dedicated ARS and AYF members. The “We Are Our Mountains” Foundation contributed significantly to this phase by providing 20,000 tons of pasta.

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To date, the ARS has successfully distributed more than 7,000 boxes (each containing $100 worth of food and essential needs), aiding over 30,000 people of Artsakh. The commitment persists as the Armenian Relief Society plans to adopt new long-term and permanent projects in support of our brothers and sisters in Artsakh.

Armenian Relief Society International Inc.

Armenian Relief Society International Inc.

Armenian Relief Society, Inc. (ARS) is an independent, non-governmental and non-sectarian organization which serves the humanitarian needs of the Armenian people and seeks to preserve the cultural identity of the Armenian nation. It mobilizes communities to advance the goals of all sectors of humanity. For well over a century, it has pioneered solutions to address the challenges that impact our society.

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