Mayfair’s first Armenian restaurant opens in London

A common issue with any Armenian living or visiting London is the lack of Armenian restaurants in the city. When homesickness or cravings set in, you can now make your way to the first authentic Armenian restaurant in Mayfair. 

Located in one of the city’s most extravagant and sophisticated neighborhoods lies Lusin, Mayfaira restaurant at the forefront of providing Armenian food, drink and culture and giving the cuisine the representation and exposure it deserves. 

Head of Operations for Lusin, Mohammad Rashwani, assures that opening an Armenian restaurant in London comes with its challenges, but the mission is worth it. “Even though Armenian food is currently not common in London, this would create curiosity for people to discover this centuries-old culture and cuisine. Lusin will evoke the beauty of the Armenian cuisine in London through its inspired rich atmosphere that takes guests on a gastronomic journey celebrating old traditions.”

The Lusin Kibbeh made from bulgar with meat, nuts, and pomegranate

Curated by French 2 Michelin-star chef Marcel Ravin, Lusin’s menu is both innovative and flavorful, influenced by the enigmatic cultures of Eastern Europe and the Levant. 

Lusin’s Signature Eggplant Rolls

To start, try the Lusin Salad; the focal ingredient is the Armenian tressed cheese, that sits in a smoky-baked Aubergine with vegetables and coulis herbs. The fresh diced vegetables alongside the herb pesto and fresh salad leave you wanting more. 

Grilled kebab served with cherry sauce and pine nuts (Photo: Lara Bazzoui)

Perhaps follow this with the signature Lusin Kibbeh, renowned for its Armenian gastronomy. It is an amalgamation of Armenian spices, mixed daily-fresh meat, bulger and nuts, complete with pomegranate molasses. Be prepared for your taste buds to explode from the succulent, juicy and fruity cherry kebabs. Sourced in Armenia during picking season, the cherries turn into a sweet, sour and salty sauce of perfection that compliments the spiced charcoaled kebab skewers. 

The heavenly Honey Cake

A love for honey cake will either be re-awakened or born with just one bite from Lusin’s genuinely incomparable iteration. And yes, if you are longing to taste Armenian wine, your wish is Lusin’s demand; choose from a selection of Armenia’s finest, and you will feel transported.

A bottle of Areni wine to pair with the meal (Photo: Lara Bazzoui)

The delicious food and ravishing interior will definitely send you to the heart of Armenia. “The design aim for Lusin was to create an Armenian restaurant that is unique, inspirational and has a rich ambience – an atmosphere that would portray the true traditional experience of Armenian culture in a modern way that would make each guest’s visit memorable,” describes Rashwani. Influenced by Armenian architecture and core traditions, the restaurant embraces materials and colors in its design that embrace and emit Armenian culture. “The most prominent feature includes the tuff stone, exclusively transported from Armenia, whether as carved pillars resembling the Armenian khachkar or as wall cladding. The finely chosen lights, fixtures and furniture aim to illustrate and emphasize the warmth of Armenian culture. The design is very authentic, yet modern, setting a welcoming and fine first impression,” elaborates Rashwani.

The interior is both glamorous and relaxing

This new addition to London’s iconic food scene goes beyond delicious food and memorable vibes. This marks an important and pivotal step into integrating Armenian culture in London and educating non-Armenians about the country and its many wonders. It has created a space for the Armenian community in London, something Rashwani says they hoped to achieve. “The Armenian community now has a place in London to make them feel back home. With the experience and feel we convey in Lusin, reflected not only in the authentic and homestyle cooked specialties but also in the warm and modern interiors, and mainly with the tuff stone that comes from Armenian mountains, Lusin truly takes them back home to relish the culture and traditions of proud people.”

Editor’s Note, February 21, 2023: The article was modified from its original publication as it incorrectly described Lusin as the first Armenian restaurant in London. 

Lara Bazzoui

Lara Bazzoui

Lara Bazzoui is studying fashion journalism at the University Arts London: London College of Fashion. She runs her own upcycling business called Bibi Bazz, where she regenerates damaged and deadstock sneakers into bags. Lara is also the public relations director for ACYO London.


    • I have to agree with you, Sirvart. Of course, I’ve never been to Armenia, but from what I’ve heard, their food is not fancy and more potatoes are served, rather than rice, as we do here, in the USA and always thought that kibbe was Lebanese/Syrian.

  1. I disagree partially.
    The eggplant rolls and honey cake are Armenian. The others are Middle Eastern, which are included ALSO in the Armenian cuisine, as they are in the Lebanese, Syrian, Greek and Turkish cuisines etc.

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