New Jersey’s ARS “Shakeh” and AYF “Arsen” Chapters to host Karnig Sarkissian concert

NEW MILFORD, NJ — On Saturday, December 3, New Jersey’s Armenian Relief Society (ARS) “Shakeh” and AYF-YOARF “Arsen” Chapters will be hosting a concert event of patriotic songs featuring Karnig Sarkissian and his band at Hovnanian School.  

The evening will be held in remembrance of those who have made sacrifices for Armenia and will serve to inspire the community for the collective work that lies ahead in assuring the wellbeing of the Armenian nation.

All donations will benefit ARS Camp Javakhk—a free program for local children in Georgia’s Armenian populated province. Camp Javakhk is primarily run by Armenian youth counselors from North America, fostering a connection between the youth in Javakhk and the diaspora. Thanks to the dedication of many Armenian youth across the Eastern Region, Camp Javakhk just marked its 10th anniversary this past summer. The evening will feature a presentation from Camp Javakhk alumni. 

General admission is $125. Tickets for AYF members and children under 16 are $75.

Tickets can be reserved prior to November 20th by contacting one of the committee members listed on the flyer.

Doors will open at 7:30 PM.

AYF New Jersey "Arsen" Chapter

AYF New Jersey "Arsen" Chapter

Founded in 1934, the AYF-YOARF New Jersey “Arsen” Chapter continues to work to unite Armenian youth and organize activities in the New Jersey area. The New Jersey “Arsen” Chapter has Senior and Junior groups. The chapter sets out to achieve its goals and objectives throughout the year, through events such as the annual flag raising ceremony at Fort Lee commemorating the Armenian Genocide, fundraisers for Artsakh and Camp Javakhk, a Junior Seminar send off dance and an annual Junior Christmas social. The AYF-YOARF's five pillars (athletic, cultural, educational, political, social) guide this chapter and help keep its membership active and at the forefront of the Armenian cause at all times.

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