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Isabel Hagobian logging in on her first day as a data science intern in Armenia

Participating in the AYF Internship has always been an aspiration for me. My friends in the AYF who had completed the internship spoke highly of the program and repeatedly told me it was the best summer of their lives. I now share this opportunity to spend my summer in my homeland.  

I had previously interned with a telecommunications consulting company, where I remotely worked as a data science intern. This company recently opened an office in Armenia as a result of Armenia’s rising tech industry. This was my chance to work with my co-workers in-person. During my remote internship, I had great flexibility to decide what skills I would like to improve and master. Similarly, in-person, I am able to gain a multitude of skills and expand upon my knowledge. In the office, I have learned how to utilize several computer software platforms and have obtained a better understanding of data analysis. I have been assigned more in-depth projects and contributed to essential tasks as if I were a full-time employee. My experience with this company has been rewarding since I have worked with many local Armenian tech professionals and have had the opportunity to share my growing expertise in the tech industry. 

Meeting new people and acquiring more knowledge have inspired me to continue my path in the IT field. As a long-term goal, I intend to return to my homeland and continue working in tech. When considering the growth in tech, it is crucial for diasporans working in IT related fields to take part in this technological advancement and contribute to it. 

As a result of the current situation in Armenia and Artsakh, it may be difficult for us, Diasporan Armenians, to dedicate our entire summer to our homeland. However, Armenia’s prevailing existential crisis is the exact reason why we diasporans should be investing our time in Armenia. I believe it is vital for Armenians to focus their contributions on achieving a free, independent and united Armenia. I am thankful for my role as an AYF intern because it has helped me realize how much our homeland needs us now more than ever.

Isabel Hagobian

Isabel Hagobian

Isabel Hagobian is an IT analyst and a recent graduate of Villanova University, where she majored in mathematics and minored in computer science. Isabel is a member of the AYF New York “Hyortik” Chapter and is currently the chapter treasurer. She has served on the AYF Eastern Region Central Educational Council and Central Camp Javakhk Council.
Isabel Hagobian

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