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“This photo of Mt. Ararat captured by photographer Vardan Petrosyan always serves as a reminder to my purpose as an Armenian. In its majesty, I’m reminded of our past but as it evolves, I’m reminded of our coming growth as a nation.”

For any organization, lasting impact and success can be accredited to a continued dedication to a unifying purpose, what I’d like to call the “why.” Very few organizations truly know their purpose and know why they do what they do, which ultimately leads to internal/external doubt and low morale/confidence, resulting in their inevitable dissolution. Successfully articulating your “why” is an impactful way to inspire people, as stating your motivation will create trust and loyalty in your organizational brand. While knowing the answers to “what” and “how” are important and need to be answered, these questions are ultimately secondary to the “why.”

The historic achievement of 89 years of existence for the Armenian Youth Federation –  Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (AYF-YOARF) is an affirmation that the AYF-YOARF has been leading with their “why” for so long. People do not buy into what you do, but rather they buy into why you do it. For almost nine decades, the AYF-YOARF has inspired so many believers to help it achieve its impact on the Armenian youth.

Inspiring Armenian youth to believe in a free, united and independent Armenia has motivated people for generations, and will only continue to motivate. I would also like to highlight another dimension to this belief. A free, united, and independent Armenia is not only representative of physical freedom, unity and independence but also the mental facets of these three concepts. The psychological aspect of this belief has always been to uplift our people from the mindset of restraint, division and subservience. More than ever, the “why” needs to be remembered and believed in today. The goal for any organization should be to motivate people to believe in what you believe, rather than in what you have.

Continuing to ask yourself “why” will always steer you back to the true values of any organization and hopefully bring motivation to begin or continue answering “how” and “what.” Understand the purpose, believe in the purpose, and your work will make it a reality. The AYF-YOARF was founded 89 years ago on the principle of “why,” enabling the organization to impact the lives of thousands of Armenian youth across the world and will continue to do so.

Harout Tashian

Harout Tashian

Harout Tashian is an active AYF-YOARF Providence “Varantian” memberd. He was recently appointed to serve on its Central Executive. He is also an active Homenetmen Providence member, where he serves the Homenetmen Eastern Region as the regional co-scouting master.
Harout Tashian
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Harout Tashian

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