ANC of Illinois begins series of meetings with local elected officials

Pictured clockwise from top left: ANC of Illinois member Kenneth Hachikian, Anoush Bargamian, Marshele Bryant, Thomas Buechele

CHICAGO, Ill.—The Chicago Christapor Gomideh of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) wishes all of you a very safe, healthy and Merry Christmas and New Year. During this festive time, please do not forget about what is happening in our homeland.

  • Over 200 POWs continue to be tortured and abused by Azeri authorities
  • Azerbaijan is setting up custom checkpoints on the Goris/Kapan road in Armenia
  • Meetings are being held at the highest levels with our enemies without knowing what is being discussed or negotiated
  • Armenia’s government consistently overlooks the constitution when making decisions within parliament
  • Opposition parties continue to be oppressed

The ARF, alongside the Armenian National Committee (ANC) of Illinois, has begun organizing meetings with elected officials to discuss many topics that affect our homeland. 

On December 17, 2021, the ANC of Illinois began its series of meetings and met with Congressman Mike Quigley’s staffer Marshele Bryant. ANC of Illinois member Kenneth Hachikian led the meeting along with constituents of the 5th District in attendance, Thomas Buechele and Anoush Bargamian. 

Discussions included the history and geography of Armenia and Artsakh; the Armenian Genocide; the 2020 imposed 44-day war on Artsakh by Azerbaijan with the full aid of Turkey and their mercenaries; the continued war crimes by Azerbaijan against Armenian civilians/POWs; the destruction of hospitals and kindergartens; the use of chemical weapons, etc.  

The ANC of Illinois stressed the importance of Congressman Quigley’s support on holding Azerbaijan and Turkey accountable by supporting the ANCA backed pro-accountability measures in both the FY22 Defense and Foreign Aid bills.  

These measures include:

-Stop US military aid to Azerbaijan
-Investigate Azerbaijani war crimes
-Report on Turkey’s killer drone
-Outlaw Turkey’s Grey Wolves

The response from Bryant was positive. She expressed full understanding about the history of the Armenian Genocide, and she was empathetic about current Armenian concerns. Bryant shared Congressman Quigley’s close ties with other representatives, including Congressman Adam Schiff (CA) and Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ)—both supportive of Armenian issues. The ANC of Illinois is planning for another meeting with Congressman Quigley’s office in January 2022.

In the coming weeks, the ANC of Illinois has scheduled meetings with the following Representatives:

  • Rep. Marie Newman of the 3rd District
  • Rep. Sean Casten of the 6th District
  • Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi of the 8th District
  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky of the 9th District
  • Rep. Brad Schneider of the 10th District

We hope these meetings are as beneficial to our cause as this one. We must continue to be vigilant and do what we can to support our brothers and sisters in our homeland by attempting to protect our sovereignty and working for justice.

Please fill out this form to inform the ANC of Illinois of your willingness to participate in these meetings depending on time/date.

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