In Memory of Sarhad Karageuzian

Sarhad Karageuzian

Sarhad Karageuzian of Waltham, September 19, 2021. Beloved son of Mayda (Mouradian) and Harout Karageuzian. Devoted uncle of Natalia and Nadia Noseworthy. Cherished brother of Alik (Karageuzian) Noseworthy. Loved nephew and cousin to the late Hagop and Siran Karageuzian and family, Peter and Kohar Karageuzian and family, Giragos and Nora Karageuzian and family, Krikor and Nora Mouradian and family, Harout and Suzi Mouradian and family. Also survived by many loving friends.

Sarhad is remembered for his kindness, his ability to make all those around him laugh, his commitment to his nieces, his passion for the Armenian cause, his love for rock music, dogs, soccer, his drumset and the great outdoors.

Memorial gifts may be made to St. Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church or the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).


The Armenian Weekly Editorial Board extends its sincerest condolences to the Karageuzian family and his loved ones.

On September 25, ARF Eastern Region Central Committee member Khajag Mgrdichian offered the following heartfelt remarks at unger Sarhad’s funeral at St. Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church in Watertown, Massachusetts. The eulogy has been translated by the Weekly’s Lillian Avedian.

My Sarhad has passed, but his eternal memory remains.

I say “my Sarhad,” because he was our Sarhad. Humble, noble, hardworking and friendly in temperament, he was the role model of the ideal child for all of us.

Every parent would wish to earn the respect of such a child, to enjoy the humility and gentleness of such a child.

One of his most notable characteristics was sociability. Sarhad viewed the most fleeting acquaintance or intimacy as a trustworthy friendship. His love of friends had a beginning but did not have an end. The degree of Sarhad’s friendliness did not lessen with time or geographic distance. He maintained friendships he formed during his teenage years in Lebanon at the same level, regardless of the geographic distance and the passing years. With unwavering loyalty, he suffered the difficulties endured by his friends in Lebanon and rejoiced in their successes.

In his sociability, he was faithful to the moral values of the Dashnaktsutyun. Moreover, his sociability was not confined to his love toward his Dashnak comrades, but extended to any Armenian or non-Armenian who was fortunate enough to be worthy of his friendship. Sarhad turned the Homenetmen “Rise and Raise” motto into a lifestyle. He was always ready to offer unconditional help wherever he felt it was needed without hesitation. Wrongdoing never crossed his mind, since for him life was simply a chain of good wishes.

Sarhad’s father unger Harut told me the story of how newborn Sarhad attended Beirut’s clubs with his parents. This one fact is sufficient for discovering the secret of Sarhad’s human and Dashnaktsakan merits. How could a child who has breathed the air of the warm atmosphere of the distinctly Armenian club of Beirut’s Armenian community not grow up to be full of love for his friends, nation and the Armenian people, like Sarhad?

Sarhad spoke little and hated loquaciousness. Yet during our multiple conversations, I saw clearly how attached he was to the roots of his birthplace, suffering the problems and difficulties of its Armenian community. The topic of one of our latest conversations was the recent events in Armenia and Artsakh, and I saw how our reticent comrade Sarhad not only had a command of the details of the developments, but also possessed a clear, correct, plain and principled position on each issue. Here the humility of our young comrade was once again highlighted. He expressed his plain and clear positions, yet phrased them as questions, so as not to create the impression of careless arrogance. He remained true to his fedayi namesake—patriotic without ostentation, principled without arrogance, giving and charitable without expectation, friendly and noble without exception. 

Today, we are gathered to bid farewell to the physical presence of our young unger, but with his short life, unger Sarhad was and remains a living example of the sociability, humility and charitability that are the historical morals of the Dashnaktsutyun and a symbol of love toward parents, friends, family, nation and the Armenian people.

This is the legacy left by Sarhad Karageuzian, the memory he has passed on to us. This is why I said: my Sarhad has passed, but his eternal memory remains.

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