The Armenian Relief Society stands by Lebanon

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) continues to show its support for the Armenian community in Lebanon, which, day by day, seems to sink to the lowest levels of economic and social degradation. The devaluation of the Lebanese national currency, the ever climbing inflation, the scarcity of daily necessities, food and medicine have pushed the Lebanese citizens to a helpless deadlock.

In view of the country’s unsustainable condition, the ARS, once again, calls upon all Armenians to stand by the Lebanese Armenian community. The heart of the Armenian Diaspora is today caught in the mire of the country’s chaotic decline, unable to guarantee its daily bread. Since the beginning of Lebanon’s socio-political turmoil which began in 2019, the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon (ARCL), in coordination with the ARS Central Executive Board, has spared no effort to guarantee the daily needs of the stricken community by providing weekly warm dishes, securing free socio-medical treatments, supplying basic home supplies and all other daily necessity items to maintain standards of normal existence. The implementation of the emergency humanitarian assistance projects would be impossible without the generous donations  of ARS supporters. To date, the ARS has raised a total of $600,400 USD to aid Lebanese-Armenians.

Today, more than ever, the Lebanese people need our financial assistance. Therefore, as a starting phase, the ARS extends a helping hand by providing a $100 contribution to families who are living in dire situations, facing a terrifying slide into chaos. By bringing your contribution to the Stand With Lebanon initiative, you can actually guarantee the survival of a Lebanese-Armenian family’s physical and spiritual integrity.

Armenian Relief Society International Inc.

Armenian Relief Society International Inc.

Armenian Relief Society, Inc. (ARS) is an independent, non-governmental and non-sectarian organization which serves the humanitarian needs of the Armenian people and seeks to preserve the cultural identity of the Armenian nation. It mobilizes communities to advance the goals of all sectors of humanity. For well over a century, it has pioneered solutions to address the challenges that impact our society.

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