Dark Eyes

Dark eyes,

you will see somewhere

in every distant land

        so distinct

and always the same.

Dark eyes

with the glow of laughter and joy

– evil can veil,

but will never fade.

Dark eyes

with warm rays of love

of a friend

– you just met,

but always knew.

Dark eyes

moist with compassion

for every stranger’s

aching heart,

but lonely in sorrow.

Dark eyes

with quiet wisdom

of old soul wounds

– still healing,

but resolve is unyielding.

Dark eyes

with reflections

of old mountain and churches

– never approached,

but always cherished.

Dark eyes

with reflections

of old cities and homes,

never entered,

but always missed.

Dark eyes

with a song full of tears

of a loss

– sunk in time,

but never forgotten.

Dark eyes

and justice

– shattered

in the silence of oblivion.

Dark eyes of exiles.

Dark Armenian eyes!


Hachik Chilingirian

Hachik Chilingirian is a chemical engineer, who emigrated to the US from Bulgaria in 1988.

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  1. Though my grandparents escaped the Genocide to restart lives in a new country, they forever remained Armenian in their hearts. Though only 1/2 Armenian myself, I identify w/ the sad, collective history we share. My adult sons (1/4 Armenian) are proud to claim their heritage. I am sharing the poem w/ them. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful Poem …
    Yes, we Armenians have dark eyes …
    Filled with pains…
    Yes we have Dark eyes
    But honest look …
    Serving everyone from our hearts …

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