ARF Bureau underscores demands for Pashinyan’s resignation, condemns anti-democratic actions

Almost four months have passed since the latest Artsakh War. During this time, many of the critical problems emanating from the war and its aftermath not only have not dissipated, but rather have deepened, adding new challenges to the existing ones. Four months later, the issues related to prisoners of war and the martyred soldiers remain unresolved. Azerbaijan continues its unilateral drawing of borders as the Armenian government remains indifferent, while at the same time an inexplicable retreat is taking place in Artsakh-Armenia relations and on the issue of Artsakh self-governance. Furthermore, negotiations are taking place without the peoples’ knowledge, the secrecy of which raises serious concerns. Reports are circulating about the defeated Armenian authorities making possible economic and other dangerous deals with Turkey and Azerbaijan, both of which not long ago launched aggressive military attacks on Artsakh.

The government, which has proven its ineffectiveness over the past almost three years, also has not provided any remedies for overcoming the deepening economic and other crises in the country. The current situation, which threatens the present and the future of the Armenian nation and its statehood has led to a public outcry, which is being led by the National Salvation Movement.

The authorities are responding to the demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister with anti-democratic actions that suppress the free expression of the public will. Initiating criminal cases against opposition activists, short-term mass arrests and the use of force have become the official modus operandi for authorities.

It is of grave concern that the authorities, who have come to power under slogans for democracy, restoring civic order and protecting the rule of law in the country, are actually forming an authoritarian and police state. These concerns become even more alarming given the aforementioned realities and when the Armenian people and state are confronting serious challenges. 

The Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation condemns the authorities for creating the current situation and calls on them to stop further aggravating the situation, to take steps only within the parameters of the law and democracy, to listen to the public and opposition forces who have taken to the streets, as well as similar calls thus far from the President, the two Catholicoi, a significant portion of the Diaspora, intellectuals, cultural, educational and other public figures, and resign from their positions. This leadership, which was defeated by the enemy, rejected by the people, and has lost the moral authority is no longer capable of leading the damaged Armenian ship through the currents to the peaceful and prosperous shores. Only by resigning will there be an opportunity to achieve national solidarity, to restore order in state institutions and the army, to start with new vigor to overcome the military, political and other consequences of the war, and to enter a new stage of strengthening and securing the Armenian state and Artsakh.

Armenian Revolutionary Bureau
February 25, 2021

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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