Glenview Grandmother Making Masks for Illinois Hospital in Pandemic

Hermineh Kholamian sewing masks for healthcare workers, patients

‘I don’t have time to be bored. I don’t have time to worry. What I do have is time to make masks.’

These are the words of 88 year-old Hermineh Kholamian, an admired and respected member of the Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church community of Glenview, Illinois. Hermineh lives in a senior care center in Barrington, Illinois. Her granddaughter Jessica Kholamian is a nurse in the cardiac care unit of Advocate Good Shepard Hospital in Barrington. Every day, Jessica and all the other nurses, doctors and care workers at Good Shepard put aside their own personal safety and courageously report to work to care for the many victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, there has been a shortage of masks at the hospital.

When Hermineh learned of this problem, she immediately put her sewing skills into action. “I will make masks. Just bring me the material,” she said to her granddaughter. “I won’t stop making masks until everyone in the hospital who needs a mask, has one, and that includes all the patients! And when that’s done, I will sew a mask for every homeless person in Barrington!”

Hermineh has made over 100 masks, and she is determined to make hundreds more. She tells me that she gets her strength and resolve from her belief in God and prayer. She gets her inspiration from her decades long membership in the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) whose members have tirelessly worked to serve the Armenian community whenever and wherever there has been a need.

Thank you, and God bless you Hermineh Kholamian. You are among the many unsung heroes who make America great!

Hazel Barsamian

Hazel Barsamian


  1. Hii Hermineh
    This time all Ameriica and the world are in a very big unexpected health problem. Inocent people ( specially ) elderly people are losing their lives. It is very big shame. However Doctors, Nurses including my son who is Emergency doctot, your
    granddaugher who is a Nurse and others. Digine Hermineh you are born to do help needy human beings and be example for other people. Almighty God sees what are doing He is going to reward each person following what good things they have done to needy people, when time are Super Hero.
    God Bless you, give you Good Health, continue to live good life until God needs us and takes us for rewarding.

  2. Bravo Ungherouhi Hermine! Your courage and creativity in the face of adversity is exemplary! Your energy and desire to help others and rise to the occasion is what keeps you young! Keep up the good work! I miss our Sunday drives together!

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