Celebrating 35 Years with the ARS Florida “Sosseh” Chapter, 110 Years of the ARS

ARS Florida “Sosseh” chapter members pose for a celebratory photo

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla.—During their Valentine’s Day Dance, Chairperson Mary Andonian of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Florida “Sosseh” Chapter with the help of second generation ARS members honored their founding members—Ungerouhi Amiarian, Ungerouhi Danielian, Ungerouhi Khatchikian, Ungerouhi Kochkerian and Ungerouhi Tokatlian.

The Sosseh Chapter was founded in 1985 with the goal of preserving Armenian culture and bringing Armenian women together to serve a greater good through social, educational and humanitarian efforts. 

The chapter celebrated the 110th anniversary of the ARS as well as its own. The ARS “Sosseh” Chapter has turned 35 years old. In this celebration, the ARS “Sosseh” chapter extends its appreciation to all its members for their years of hard work and dedication.

Happy 35th anniversary to our southernmost chapter.

Armenian Relief Society Eastern U.S.
The ARS Eastern USA has 32 chapters located throughout the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern and Southeastern regions of the United States.

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