AMAA Shares the Joy of Christmas with over 11,000 Children Throughout Armenia, Artsakh

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YEREVAN—On January 14 and 15, the AMAA Center on Baghramyan Street was crowded with children and their parents who gathered for special New Year’s and Christmas programs. These programs, which took place four times each day, were not just visits from Santa Claus, cheerful songs, dances and Christmas presents. They also included the Christmas message, which was conveyed from the stage: share God’s love with one another and give unselfish joy to others.

Through this year’s Christmas play “Three Baskets,” presented by AMAA-Armenia’s “Hayasa” theatrical group, the young actors successfully brought Divine Love to the audience. In the play, written by director/screenwriter Nune Abrahamyan, schoolchildren talked about their cherished dreams on Christmas Eve and realized that even material dreams can come true if there is a desire and willingness to help others with an endless compassion. At the conclusion, the children hugged each other and the most important Christmas message echoed: “Because I came that they might have life and have more.” (John 10:10)

Before each presentation, the Evangelical Church of Armenia’s Christian education director Rev. Avetik Khachatryan and AMAA Armenia representative Harout Nercessian greeted the audience and welcomed them to the Program.

AMAA Armenia and the Evangelical Church of Armenia jointly organized these festive Christmas and New Year’s events in 45 towns and villages in Armenia and Artsakh. Over 11,000 children received not only Christmas joy packages and visits from Santa but heard about God’s Divine Love to give unselfish joy to others. 

We thank all our donors who supported our children in Armenia and Artsakh by donating to our Christmas Joy Program.

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