ARF Youth Protesters Face Off with Armenian Police, 24 Arrested

Protester confronted by Armenian police, December 3, 2019 (Photo: Photolure)

YEREVAN (Asbarez/Weekly)—Two dozen protesters with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Youth Organization of Armenia were arrested this week for trying to enter the government building to meet with Armenia’s Education Minister Arayik Harutyunyan. Harutyunyan has been denying a meeting with the group, which has been protesting his proposed changes to the country’s education system and demanding his resignation for the past several weeks.

In what started as a peaceful sit-in on Tuesday, protesters were soon approached by police about scheduling procedures with the minister. “We were told that we have to apply and if the minister finds it appropriate, he will meet with us,” said ARF Youth member Argishti Gevorgyan. “However, our chosen method is accepted around the world, and there have been precedents in Armenia. We are still constructive and will organize meetings ourselves.” Frustrated, the protesters broke through the police barricade outside the Education, Science, Culture and Sports Ministry. Video footage from the incident shows police shoving the protesters and dragging them on the pavement. The ARF Youth protesters called the use of force by law enforcement, which had also deployed a convoy of armored vehicles, excessive and illegal.

Protesters linked during a sit-in rally outside the Education, Science, Culture and Sports Ministry, Yerevan, December 3, 2019 (Photo: Photolure)

In a statement released Wednesday, the ARF Bureau also condemned the Armenian police’s use of force. “Such anti-popular attitude and behavior by the authorities in the republic establish an atmosphere of impunity, fear and violence,” read the statement. “Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan must realize that violence generates violence.”

The youth wing of the ARF has been calling for Harutyunyan’s resignation since his proposal to turn Armenian language and history courses from requirements to electives at the university level. “It is the sacred duty of all Armenians to protect the history, language and Christian faith of the Armenian people,” say party leaders. Harutyunyan has since marked the ARF as “undisciplined” and called for a change in the party’s leadership.

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All 24 protesters were released by day’s end. The ARF’s Youth Organization has vowed to continue its campaign.


  1. Uhhh so the protestors broke through the barricades to storm a government building and are crying foul when police stop them? This whole thing is such a farce.

  2. If Education Minister Arayik Harutyunyan is going to continue to propose that Armenian language and Armenian history be an elective vs a requirement at the university level or at any level, then he needs to be removed from office. For an official to make a proposal of this kind tells me that his heart and soal is not geared to the protection of Armenia’s future. What kind of message does this send to students and the future generation of Armenians? The universities that I attended in the USA and Canada both required the history of their county and one year of English.

    For the protestors, it must always be peaceful and in return, the police must never raise a hand on a fellow Armenian.

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