Meet Us in the Middle

During the course of the season, the Chicago “Ararat” Chapter’s favorite uncle, Amo, will be roving and reporting on exciting new happenings and developments that lead to one thing – Chicago!

I am excited – as is the entire clan of Ararats – to host the 2019 Olympics as we expect 3,000 visitors from the US and Canada to come through the Windy City. Our theme is “Meet Us In The Middle,” since Chicago is central to California, Canada, East Coast, South, North! We are the perfect “center” zone for parties, athletics and the best in fraternalism!

Since 2018, we’ve been working hard for one thing – that this weekend gives you the best experience in Olympics history. Chicago wants to be the continuation of the Philadelphia Olympics, which was amazing! As many who have visited can confirm, Chi-town boasts a great city, an amazing hotel, prime and very local athletic facilities, a first-ever comedy show with Vahe Berberian, the Three Armigos MCs at the track, a “Little Armenia” at one of the dances, and an unsurpassable entertainment lineup!  

Chi-town is an easy flight or drive from every corner of the Eastern Region. We suggest you drive or hop on a flight on Thursday to explore the city. Experience fine dining and “me” time. Then see Vahe at a huge comedy club a few blocks from the hotel.

Athleticism and fraternalism are two very important pillars of our organization. So seniors, aim for the gold! But most importantly, enjoy participating in the games as this is your time to shine & truly experience the spirit of the Olympics!

You might even recognize some of us. We are a tight-knit group of friends who grew up together in Chicago. We are current members or alumni, and we have a deep and meaningful love of AYF and what it stands for. As Amo, I have given them each a nickname. Meet our 2019 Steering Committee:

Ari Killian (Co-Chair) “Godfather”
Garin Bedian (Co-Chair) “Connector”
Hagop Soulakian (Athletics) “Abowww”
Hovig Vartanian (Treasurer/Hye Pass) “Cash King”
Lena Surenian (Administration) “Still The Boss”
Renee Devedjian (Ad Book) “Ad-venturer”
Ardem Hardy (Marketing/Sponsorship) “Amo Ink”
The Chicago Ararat AYF Chapter
And myself, Amo  (….Just Amo)

As for me, I’ll be your lively animated representative who will guide you through a year of promotions, progress and even a little bit of crazy. I’m like your Uncle Kev or Arsen and everyone’s favorite Minas Amo or Hovig Keri. With a huge heart and a ton of Armenian spirit, I’ll be welcoming you with the greatest hospitality and helping you navigate your way through the music, the hotel, the dances, and the games for this year’s Sr. Olympics.

I may even be onsite in the hotel or on the fields; who knows where I may pop up. Book your flight and see for yourself all the new and epic things me and my team have been brewing.

Be right in the center of it. Put your finger on the pulse of everything Armenian, everything athletic, everything fraternal, everything worth celebrating in our culture. Come to Chicago – and meet us in the middle!

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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