ARF Calls on Authorities to Bring Markarian’s Attackers to Justice

Emphasizes need to end sowing discord in Armenian society

Hrant Markarian (Photo: Wikimedia Commons, 517design)

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau has condemned the recent attack on the long-serving former ARF Bureau chairperson Hrant Markarian. The ARF says Markarian, an organizer of Artsakh’s struggle for freedom, was physically and verbally assaulted by a mob while walking with his grandchildren in Yerevan’s Freedom Square on Saturday.

“We consider the unethical declarations, threats and the mob attack against Hrant Markarian and the ARF to be a coordinated effort and lowly acts against the ARF’s entire, Pan-Armenian family,” said the Bureau in a statement Sunday. “We have remained silent on numerous occasions for the sake of avoiding public discord, but it seems like our silence has led some to think they can act with impunity. We shall no longer tolerate such behavior.”

Markarian and his grandchildren are said to be doing well considering the circumstances. Party leaders say the mob was yelling and exerting force upon them, but no significant harm was inflicted.  

The Central Executive Committee of the ARF Eastern United States is also condemning Saturday’s assault. “The brazen expressions and threats made against the Dashnaktsyutyun bear witness to the vile character of its instigators and justifies once again the warnings we have repeatedly conveyed regarding the consequences of fostering hatred and animosity in our homeland,” said the Central Committee in a statement.

The ARF Bureau says Saturday’s attack exemplifies Armenia’s political intolerance against party members. “The authorities’ policy of putting different segments of the people against each other and dividing society into supporters and enemies is now manifesting itself in actions,” explained the Bureau.

“For the sake of Armenia’s internal solidarity, the Dashnaktsyutyun has often tempered its responses to immoral rhetoric and depraved expressions,” said the Central Committee. “However, these deliberate and directed hostilities, attacks and the mob mentality behind these actions are testing the limits of our patience.”

The Central Committee stands united with the ARF Bureau in demanding a thorough investigation out of authorities, one that would identify the culprits and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. They are also directing authorities to dispel the rhetoric of hatred and division in the country.


  1. What a noble call that you make.
    There is not a single person who will disagree with your noble call
    There is not single person who will not condemn what happened to Mr. Markarian ( fortunately looking at all available video recording there were not any physical attack on Mr. Markarian )

    But wait a minuet, where were you hiding ,when the supporter of Kocharian ( who has been championed by ARF openly ) attacked and physically hurt Mr. Vartkez Gaspari the day before

    Where were you when ARF senior political coalition partner’s machinery was brutally attacking your colleagues, Armenian news reporters, left and right, day in day out.

  2. Dear Central Committee,
    Pashinyan has already sown the seeds of hatred and has divided the nation in two, a civil war is on the horizon and it is imminent. Today, he appealed to his followers to block the entrances and exits of all courts throughout Armenia starting tomorrow May 20th,@ 08:30 am. A violation of Armenia’s Constitution. If this RAT is not removed,along with LTP, Armenia will plunge further into chaos.

  3. Our dear PM just ordered his facebook warriors supporters to block the entrance of all justice courts in Armenia. This is the new Armenia, more sectarist and more authoritarian as ever. LTP regime, part two.
    Turks must be laughing out loud, in their dreams they couldnt expect such a good job from our insiders. Next step from my step will be to get the head of Bako sahakian, few months after firing Mnatsakanian. Sweet days in Baku….
    One step (their step) before civil war.

  4. I don’t know about this ” dear PM ” baloney, but this guy Pashinyan wrote the book on ,”How To Start A Deadly Riot And Blame It On Kocharyan”. Only in due time this socially misfit menace will be removed. Hopefully, Kocharyan is not in Armenia as we speak.

  5. It’s so strange how the ARF in North America was so happy with Nikol’s foreign funded regime change. I guess yo get what you deserve.

  6. The article leads to a touch of confusion.
    1. “…acts against the ARF’s pan Armenian organization…”
    This is a local matter having nothing to do with North America, France, etc.
    2. A later comment states “..being physically and verbally assaulted…” followed by “…party leaders say the mob was yelling and exerting force …but no significant harm was inflicted…”
    Sounds like loud harassment. Does anyone wonder why ?
    I guess for some minds contrived exposure is good.

  7. Yesterday, Armenia may have been in the hands of Robber Barons. Today, Armenia is in the hands of Western funded anti-nationalist, anti-Artsakh, anti-Church and anti-Russian mercenaries. The country today is on a very dangerous road and we Armenians, with our political literacy, tribalism, materialism, jealousy and arrogance, are the ones that put it there…

    • Yes, we Armenians with 15 years of relentless western and soros funded social engineering programs are destroying our statehood.

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