Pashinyan: ‘I appreciate the ARF’s activity and role in our modern political life’

PM Nikol Pashinyan shakes hands with ARF parliamentary faction head, Armen Rustamyan

On October 16, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with ARF parliamentary faction head Armen Rustamyan, faction member Spartak Seyranyan and ARF Armenia Supreme Council’s representative Arsen Hambardzumyan.

During their talk, PM Pashinyan stated, “Our discussions have already reached a new stage, and I am happy for this occasion. I attach great significance to this dialogue and want to say that I hold in high esteem the ARF’s activity and role in our contemporary political life. I hope that our talks, political processes and the political situation will follow the logic of ongoing cooperation, and of course, we are ready to do everything for that. I am sure that we share the same perspective on this. In this political situation we must always be in dialogue, and discuss issues. I do not want to say we hope that we’ll never have problems—that is not a good plan for any democratic country. The best we can hope for is all issues are discussed from the perspective of facts, dialogue and consideration of the political situation, the logic of the country’s state and national interests, and the interests of the people. I’m pleased about this meeting and thank you for your readiness.”

In his turn, Rustamyan noted, “Mr. Prime Minister, we also want to thank you, of course, as the ARF is the kind of party that no matter what developments take place in domestic politics, we have clear ideas and political positions that remain unchanged. We are confident that we should continue cooperating with each other for the benefit of our country, our state, for the solution of both domestic and foreign challenges facing our country. In this sense, the ARF has always been in full support and will always be. It’s really important at this stage for us to be able to solve all problems with mutual respect, by listening to each other’s views, combining them since healthy cooperation also supposes discussions over certain issues, and, why not, even debates. I’m certain that in the end, we can come to a consensus, because our goal really is the same. From the very outset we highly valued these new events, the revolution that took place in Armenia, and we really believe that the revolution has stages to pass. For us, the stage of rejection was important as a rejection of all shortcomings, the mistakes of the past. It’s necessary to reorganize and start rapid building, and here you can always depend on our full support.”

During the meeting, issues relating to the current political situation in the country were also discussed.


Translated by Weekly staff from an article originally published to the publication Yerkir.

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  1. My Pashinyan claims to be the Nelson MANDELA of Armenia. Yes, it may be true but there have been at least one million MANDELA’s before him in Armenia’s long history past and present. Gevorg Chaush, Andranik Zoravar, Kerry, etc…….

    Mr Pashinyan is a very LOW RANKING Mandela and must respect others who have sacrificed much more (Unsung Heroes)….

    Mr Armen Syarkissin also must respect past and present Mandela’s and not get sidetracked by a quick fame.

    During Pashinyan and Sarkissian times Arayik Khandoyan (Արայիկ Խանդոյան) was ASSULTED an Armenian prison and was TORTURED by at least 10 prison guards. Mr Pashinyan and Mr Sarkissin have completely overlooked this fact.

    Mr Arayik Khandoyan (Արայիկ Խանդոյան) was released from prison without any Medical Checkup or help and he died soon after form his injuries sustain in an Armenian Prison..

    Mr Arayik Khandoyan (Արայիկ Խանդոյան)was a HIGH RANKING Mandela and he was neglected by low ranking Mandela’s like Pashinyan and Sarkissin… He was a National Hero and War hero.

    Mr Arayik Khandoyan (Արայիկ Խանդոյան) was awarded Artsakh and Armenia’s “Bravery” medals, “Military Service”, “Zoravar Andranik”, “Marshal Baghramyan” medals but returned them in 2015 as a sign of protest against policy carried out by authorities.

    Shame on you…..

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