The point of this poem…

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The point of this poem is to remind you of the little things that need more of your attention
The point of this poem is to help you learn and relearn
The point of this poem is to bring you back to the present moment
The point of this poem is to contemplate everything
The point of this poem is to re categorize priorities
The point of this poem is to overflow with emotions (Wordsworth)
The point of this poem is merely to help you, based off of conceptual knowledge, to not lose what a child beings with: the imagination (William Blake)
The point of this poem is to find time/dedicate time to be in a meditative state of mind without distracting thoughts from the outside world in order to focus inwards
The point of this poem is to recognize that “distracting thoughts: is the separation of the soul from the body, as if they’re contrasting

What if you are able to experience nature for the first time? That is what the child never loses, the value of seeing something for the first time, that feeling is a feeling experienced all the time.

The imagination, our care for the world, it’s something we are losing as adults. Nature contains fundamental truths, truths that we can’t see as adults because of our distractions that are “mental traps.”

Look up to the same sky, what do you notice?
Look at your phone’s weather application, notice the repetition in numbers
Numbers are arbitrary
One is able to detect the fluctuation of seasons
by noticing which flowers survive and which flowers don’t [survive]
Which part of the mountains patches are alive and dying, which parts are already dead
that is where you learn seasonal changes, seasonal lengths, the cycle of live, and how to survive

Nature does not know societal norms, bigotry, hierarchy, sexism, racism, arbitrary power, laissez faire, communism, hate speech, discrimination
It, [nature], knows the little things, the unappreciated, sensibility, equality, peace.

The point of this poem is to remember to listen to each other (do not be a “captive listener,” a listener out of obligation).
The point of this poem is to visit places you don’t regularly visit
The point of this poem is to recognize the layering issues of the world
The point of this poem is to feel overwhelmed
The point of this poem is to want to feel less overwhelmed
The point of this poem is to help you leave your house and visit a part of the world that is 10 mins away from you, merely to ease the war of the mind

if you garden as an activity, if you take care of a garden, if you have a garden, if you visit gardens, my respect for you is out of this world because you have not forgotten the full worth of reciprocation between a human and nature, and a human and a human.

Nature has that power.
Become in tune with nature as opposed to reason,
Reason is only a distraction from the present moment of a second that doesn’t return.


Lori Sinanian

Lori Sinanian

Lori Sinanian graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. in English Literature. She has received awards for her writing, such as the UCI Black Lives Matter Writing Contest and “Be Heard” Calouste Gulbenkian Prize. As a community advocate, journalist and literature scholar, she has come to appreciate the versatility of language in its many genres and modes. Lori has been featured in publications including Wall Street Journal, The Armenian Weekly, and Insight Magazine for her journalism and creative work.
Lori Sinanian

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