ARF Pulls Out of Ruling Coalition; Highlights the Need for Early Parliamentary Elections

YEREVAN (A.W.)—Moments ago, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) of Armenia announced that the party has pulled out of the ruling coalition with the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA).

Below is the Armenian Weekly’s English translation of the ARF’s statement.


A tense situation has emerged in Armenia—one that has been going on for a few days now—as a result of the popular movement in the country.

Fortunately, until now, the situation has not spun out of control. Over the past few days, through dialogue, the ARF has consistently tried to establish unity and to find acceptable and reasonable solutions, which are in the best interests of the country and its people.

This [situation], however, cannot continue as such. Many serious challenges may lie ahead. We are convinced that the current situation should be exclusively solved lawfully and within the framework of the constitution.

Taking into account the current situation, we declare our withdrawal from the [ruling] political coalition [with the Republican Party of Armenia].

Thus, Armenia’s National Assembly must elect a Prime Minister who has the trust of the people, and whose [newly formed] government’s program must include internal and external polices that work to:

  • Diffuse internal tensions;
  • Overcome the current political crisis;
  • Identify clear priorities to ensure the solution of the many problems, which have accumulated; and
  • Prepare for and conduct early [extraordinary] parliamentary elections in fully democratic conditions.


  1. Too bad ARF made this decision after the people had to take to the streets to protest a decision the ARF had supported for electing Serge as PM & being part of the govt coalition when Serge was the President for 10 years
    ARF is getting ready to start its campaign for any new elections for the National Assembly to be the “people”s party”. I do not think the people of Armenia will fall for this ploy by the ARF.
    The actions of the ARF for the last 10 years as part of the coalition govt with Serge will not escape the people of Armenia in any upcoming elections

    • Dear Sarkis,
      I am afraid you are wrong about the ARF being part of the coalition government for the past 10 years. The ARF joined the government once in 2010, then pulled out after a few months. They then joined again more recently, about 2-3 years ago.

  2. Events and developments are unfolding very fast and unexpectedly.
    Hope and pray that wisdom, good judgement and moral integrity governs all those in power and the challenges facing the country are resolved peacefully and lawfully.
    The interest of the country and its people should be at the top of the agenda.
    Vart Adjemian

  3. Diaspora here … tashnag since I can remember being little … all we know is tashnag here… what’s going on?

  4. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) of Armenia made a blatant and inexcusable mistake by throwing full support for the corrupt/kleptocratic and dictatorial regime of Serj Sargsyan. Unfortunately, against the advice of many seasoned and knowledgeable political scientists, these group of self-motivated individuals, collaborated with Sargsyan. This action that started by the three Armenia ARF leaders was short-sighted and was very damaging to Tashnagtsutian’s image. Most importantly, it created animosity and hate towards ARF in Armenia and within the diaspora. However, the resignation of these three ARF members from the Armenian parliament is the right move. In time and with patience, the international ARF body will select better quality leaders who would represent the true spirit of Tashnagsutiun. That may take many years.

  5. Better late than never. Despite the fact that they were with HHK for almost 10 years, I still want to see them in the next parliament. The worst thing is to get rid of one dictatorship and find yourself in another one. Armenia needs a real multiparty system where no political party can dominate and control everything.

  6. I fully agree with Sarkis Ghazarian. How could we the ARF the party for the people working against the people of Armenia knowing fully well that what they have done by joining the evil people. I mean what the hell is wrong with our leadership are they that blind that they can’t see what others can see. Where is this 127 year old Organization’s experience? It is a question most of us should ask. We have attracted so much enmity and have become the laughing stock of the people in Armenia. We can’t even say anything because you know what? They are right. The ARF should have been right in front of these demonstrations every day. Someone should also tell these leaders to loose weight it doesn’t look good.

  7. I know that you do have the right not publish any e-mail-reply in your paper. That is fine . I do respect that. But i can tell you that this will be my last e-mail writing to you. The ARF, not as a party, but as a leadership, have lost its way because they have lost the ability “to listen” to the people and above all, they stopped to listen to their own people. First, to their own party members and to our supporters who are our backbone. This is taking place nearly everywhere but especially so, in Armenia, Lebanon and other countries. The ARF stopped caring for what they were born to care. THE PEOPLE. This is not the party I came to respect and love. ARF is in my blood but not the leadership of TODAY. The ARF leadership “must” stop dealing with business and possible solution will be to get the ARF Bureau out of Armenia and away from “corruption” so they can concentrate on how to “reinvent and reshape” our Diaspora which is where our real strength is. They must get the hell out of that corrupt place because “it is killing us”. Since the middle of 70s, the ARF is going backward. There is more to say but I don’t see any point because “YOU STOPPED LISTENING”. Thank you.
    And take me out of your e-mail system.

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