Armenian women took up arms in the the Armenian national liberation struggle of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Photographed on the right is fedayi Eghisapet Sultanian. The other woman is unidentified.


  1. This photograph is from DEC 1895, Zeytoun. These 2 brave Zeytountsi women participated in the battles against Feriq Remzi Pasha on the southern hill across Zeytoun under the command of Huntchakian leader Baron Karabet Aghassi (Karabet Tour-Sarkissian) who was the main organizer of the Grand Zeytoun Uprising against Turkish oppression in Zeytoun OCT 1895 – JAN 1896.

    • Hi Vahé, I am sorry to contact you this way but I did not find any other way to do so. You posted one photo of a woman, from sason, Areguine Aslanian, i was hoping you might have more information about her.


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