Syrian-Armenian Serviceman Killed in Aleppo Clashes

Panos Aghzarian
Panos Aghazarian (Photo: Kantsasar)

ALEPPO, Syria (A.W.)—Panos Aghazarian (b. 1994), an ethnic Armenian member of the Syrian Armed Forces, was killed in military clashes in Aleppo on July 10, according to a report by Aleppo-based Kantsasar news.

Fighting between the Syrian Army and rebel forces in Aleppo has intensified in recent days, with some reports claiming as many as 40 dead and nearly 300 wounded, including two ethnic Armenians—Hripsimeh Chazarian and Sosi Ghazarian-Hekimian—who were injured on July 9, according to Kantsasar.

Aghazarian’s death comes a little more than a month after five ethnic Armenians were killed in a week. Aleppo’s Armenian-populated Nor Kyugh and Zvartnots districts were attacked by more than 30 missiles on June 2, killing several civilians—including 4 ethnic Armenians. The attack, which reportedly came from militant opposition groups, also destroyed many buildings, including homes and stores. Vazken Jabaghchourian, Levon Kelkhacherian, Hovsep Janessian, and Khatchig Aboulaboutian were among those killed in the June 2 attack.

Less than a week earlier, on May 26-27, the Vergine Gulbenkian Birthing Center-Hospital, which had served as a senior citizen’s home during the war, was extensively damaged in another rocket attack that killed Maral Guligian, a center employee. Der Zareh Shakarian, Jack Hadad, and one other employee suffered minor injuries in the attack. As a result of the attack, the senior citizens of the center were relocated for the third time since 2012.


  1. I wish the fighting would stop! Too many lives needlessly lost. Such a shame to lose this handsome young Armenian serviceman. Der Voghormia.

    I tried to post this story to Facebook, but it wouldn’t accept it. Why?

  2. I feel very bad for the whole situation in Syria, what about an agreement between the Armenian and Syrian government to have an extra Armenian forces to defend the different communities living in Aleppo, because there are foreign nationalities in those rebels. Therefore we have to be united.

    • I agree. Assad, if possible should arm the Armenian community as extra defense for all involved, It seems we do better with him then any opposition that are usually Sunny, pro Turkish, and sometimes pro West..If Armenians choose to stay then it makes sense to protect yourselves, arm if possible, better then just neutral: sitting ducks….

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