‘Return to Asbury’ Weekend Reflects on the Past, Embraces the Future

Hundreds of Armenians will gather on the New Jersey shore for the annual “Return to Asbury” weekend, which will be held from Aug. 8-10 in an effort to usher in a new generation of Armenians to Asbury Park, N.J.

In its third year, “Return to Asbury” continues to expand its scope and will feature exciting activities including a social at the Watermark Lounge on the boardwalk, a tavloo tournament, and a day at the beach with games and giveaways, and will culminate in a “Kef Party” at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, featuring live Armenian music by Kevork Artinian and the Michael Gostanian Ensemble. The weekend wraps up with a poolside brunch featuring New Jersey’s own DJ Shant.

“Asbury is lightning in a bottle,” said Arsine Kaloustian, an event planner from Florida who holds positions in several Armenian organizations and is spearheading this year’s weekend in an attempt to encourage Armenians to be active in their culture. “The same excitement our parents and grandparents felt still exists there.”

In its heyday, Asbury Park attracted thousands of Armenians from the 1930’s-1970’s who stayed at one of the many Armenian-run hotels by the boardwalk, including the Van Hotel, Hye Hotel, Lincoln Hotel, and Roosevelt Hye Hotel, among others. Participants spent their days on the beach and their evenings at the dances and “hookups” listening to traditional live Armenian folk music and spending time with one another.

Kaloustian, whose grandparents and father traveled to these events every summer from Manhattan, was motivated to continue the “Return to Asbury” tradition when she saw other Armenian weekends on the East Coast fade away, including “Kef Time Hartford” and “Cape Cod Kef.” She has taken the reigns from Robin Barone, who initially re-launched the event with the sponsorship of the New York Armenian Students Association.

“When I first pitched the idea, I never imagined that it would have developed such a following as it did,” said Barone, a Philadelphia native who vacations in Asbury Park. “I was not alone in wanting to connect back to the atmosphere and camaraderie of Armenian events from the past, which were warm, welcoming, and full of joy.”

One of the highlights of “Return to Asbury” will be the performance of traditional live Armenian music, which will be featured heavily during the weekend, from a jam session by the Berkeley pool to the more formal “Kef Party” on Saturday evening.

“Armenian music is a key element of our heritage and culture,” said Philadelphia-based singer Kevork Artinian, who will perform at the “Kef Party,” combining modern beats with the melodies and songs of Armenian musical history. “Every opportunity to hear and enjoy our music helps to keep the Armenian spirit alive.”

Participating musicians include those with memories of the original weekends as well as a new generation that is keeping traditional Armenian music alive by learning to play the music of our ancestors.

“It will be inspiring to see Armenians of all ages coming together to celebrate our music and culture,” said Sage Kevorkian McBride, a classical violinist and concertmaster of the Miami Music Project and the Florida Youth Orchestra. “Nothing makes me happier than being able to create and share music with others, especially fellow Armenians.”

New Jersey-based musician Chris Marashlian, who will be joining the Michael Gostanian Ensemble, was an avid participant in the original Asbury Park weekends and reflects fondly on the influential historic event.

“I grew up and lived through this era, which has since vanished over time, yet which is something that continues to motivate me to this day,” said Marashlian. “The most recent ‘Return to Asbury’ events have been inspirational, as both a remembrance of days gone by, as well as of many more great memories yet to come, where our great music and heritage all comes together each summer at the Jersey shore.”

“This is a legacy, and we all have a responsibility to preserve it and pass it on,” said Kaloustian. “Come be a part of the past, revel in the present, and hand it down to the future.”

“Return to Asbury” will take place from Fri., Aug. 8 to Sun., Aug. 10 in Asbury Park, N.J. The event is sponsored by the New York Armenian Students Association. All event proceeds will benefit Camp Haiastan, Camp Nubar, and St. Vartan Camp. For more information and to order tickets, click here.


Taleen Babayan

Taleen Babayan

Taleen Babayan earned her masters in journalism from Columbia University in 2008 and her bachelors degree in history and international relations from Tufts University in 2006. Her work has been published widely in both Armenian and non-Armenian media. She can be contacted at babayant@gmail.com

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