Homenetmen Central Committee Visits Officials in Armenia

YEREVAN—On the occasion of the 9th Pan-Homenetmen Games in Armenia, taking place from July 27 to Aug. 3, members of Homenetmen’s Central Committee meet with Armenia’s Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan.

The logo of the games
The logo of the games

Greeting the guests and stressing the important role that Homenetmen plays in preserving the Armenian national identity, the Prime Minister noted that it is always a pleasure to meet with the governing body of Homenetmen. “We are certain that you are the ones who are doing the best work in preserving the patriotic sole found in the upbringing process of our youth. I assure you that the government will do everything to duly fulfill your mission,” said the Prime Minister.

The head of Homenetmen’s Central Committee Karnig Megherditchian introduced the members of Homenetmen present at the meeting and highlighted that one of Homenetmen’s primary goals is to urge the Diaspora youth to visit Armenia. He also notified the Prime Minister that on July 27, the 9th Pan-Homenetmen Games Opening Ceremony will take place at Freedom Square. Megherditchian also related that 651 athletes from Armenia and the Diaspora will take part in the Games.

The members of Homenetmen’s Central Committee also expressed their gratitude to the Prime Minister for his readiness to facilitate the organization of the Pan Homenetmen Games. They then asked for the Prime Minister’s support to improve and extend the territory allocated for Homenetmen/HASK’s local campground in compliance with a recent decision by the government. In this respect, Homenetmen’s Central Committee greatly appreciated the work done by the intergovernmental committee assigned to this task, which was created according to an order initially issued by the Prime Minister.

At the end of the meeting, Megherditchian presented a special souvenir to the Prime Minister.

During the meeting with the Minister of Diaspora, issues related to the organization of the 9th Pan-Homenetmen Games were discussed. Minister Hakobyan noted that a special committee was created to assist the over 2,500 athletes and guests arriving in Armenia.

The head of Homenetmen’s Central Committee Karnig Megherditchian expressed his gratitude to Minister Hakobyan for her ongoing support. He noted that the inseparable relation of Armenia and the Diaspora has always been a key factor for Homenetmen’s success.

Afterwards Megherditchian presented to the Minister a souvenir on the behalf of Homenetmen. He then expressed hope that through such initiatives along with other Pan-Homenetmen programs, that Homenetmen’s games would be productive, and that the relationship between the government and Homenetmen will be enduring and long-lasting.

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Guest Contributor

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  1. I don’t see any pride in meeting such corrupt officials,it sends the wrong message all round.

    What a shame.

  2. Really? There are still such meetings taking place when Armenia is hemorrhaging, its people are leaving in droves, protesters are on the streets on a daily basis, Armenians in Syria are under siege, Armenians in Russia are humiliated and stripped of their human rights, Armenia’s leaders are cleaning out the country of its wealth?

    Shouldn’t these Diasporan leaders have a discussion about why official Yerevan is not taking serious steps to tackle these issues?

    Does the Diaspora care? Or is it just about spectacles, photo and PR opp’s, and self-serving “feeling good” motives?

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