Letter: AK Party Founding Member’s Statement Hypocritical

Dear Editor,

Regarding your article, “AK Party Founding Member Apologizes for Deportations” (Armenian Weekly, April 28, 2012): It was unbelievable that such a hypocritical statement was made. The hypocrisy stems from Ysmet Uema’s comment that if Turkey wanted to commit genocide against the Armenians, they would have employed methods that the Americans used against Native Americans. He is accusing the United States of genocide against Native Americans. Why should our politicians, including the president, accept this from a leading Turkish leader but not accept the overwhelming evidence that Turkey committed genocide against the Armenians? A founding member of Turkey’s ruling party may use the word “genocide” regarding the United States, but our government can’t use it regarding Turkey?

Also, when will Armenians in the United States wake up to the fact that no matter who runs for president and promises to recognize the Armenian Genocide, that once elected, that promise will be broken. The promises are all Machiavellian. Say whatever you want in order to be elected. The reality of politics negates any promises made prior to being elected. It is better to alienate the small Armenian population in the United States and the little Republic of Armenia than to alienate 70 million Turks who are the number one military force in the Middle East. There is only one main country that has to recognize the Armenian Genocide and that is Turkey. “Realpolitik” will always trump morality on the stage of world politics. We Armenians have experienced this for the past 100 years and should know better than to put our hopes on empty words and promises.

Ezan Bagdasarian
Gainesville, Va.

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  1. avatar richard samoorian // May 9, 2012 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    The United States, Great Britain and Israel have consistently denied the genocide.
    Who needs their “recognition”? Who recognizes them? Who are they…God?
    The whole world knows that the anglo-Americans and AIPAC think the Armenians are a “diminishing” and “dying” race. The anglo-saxons subscribe to the old adage: “survival of the fittest”. The Turks survived and the Armenians are anything but the “fittest”. We missed the boat. Here it is, the 100th Anniversary is almost upon us….and we’ve done nothing. I, among others, have been hollering out that the Turks have allotted millions of dollars toward films, books, pamph-lets, programs, campaigns, demonstrations, “gentle Turk” agents…etc. The Armenians are counting nickels and dimes…and expect that corrupt, money grubbing politicians are going to “recognize” a Genocide? “RECOGNIZE”???….what on earth does that mean?????

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