Suciyan: The Elections in Turkey: An Assessment

With a total voter turnout of 86.7 percent, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) won 49.9 percent of all votes in Turkey’s parliamentary elections on June 12, securing 326 seats in the parliament. The Republican People’s Party (CHP), the founding party of Turkey, received 25.91 percent of the votes. In 31 cities, CHP was unable to secure the necessary votes to send representatives to the parliament. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) remained the third most popular party with 12.99 percent of the votes and 53 seats.

The prime minister’s victory speech was the most 'imperialist' speech he could have delivered. Almost imitating Suleiman the Magnificent, Erdoğan was 'embracing' the whole world from one end to the other.

The surprise was elsewhere, however. Despite all impediments and pressures, 36 independent candidates of the Labour, Democracy and Freedom Block, affiliated with the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), made it to the parliament. Leyla Zana’s reelection, in particular, is of historical importance for the Kurdish political movement as well as for Turkish history. Alongside Kurdish and Turkish candidates, the block nominated a Syriac candidate from Mardin, Erol Dora, who was also elected. Dora called his election a “revolutionary step.” Indeed, it was significant to have a representative in the parliament from an ethnic group that is legally not even recognized as a minority.

On the other hand, for the next elections, the 10 percent election threshold continues to threaten the representation of the BDP, which gathered 6.65 percent of the votes (I only mention BDP because the other parties could not even win 2 percent of the votes).

I was not in Turkey on June 12, so I followed the elections by zapping from one TV channel to the other. A prominent columnist, Nuray Mert, was interpreting the election results on IMC TV (a newly established opposition TV channel) by saying that the AKP has not only become the mainstream party in Turkey but has also become the establishment itself—and not a victim of the establishment as it claims to be.

The AKP needed 367 seats to change the constitution. Since they fell short, they will need the support of at least one of the other parties in the parliament to rewrite the constitution. Political scientist Prof. Büşra Ersanlı said the AKP will most likely continue to require smaller parties to approach it. Ersanlı noted how AKP kept marginalizing the independent candidates supported by the Peace and Democracy Party throughout its election campaign.

At this point I should perhaps comment on the election coverage of Turkish TV stations, and specifically of NTV. Unfortunately, watching election results on NTV—the leading news channel in Turkey, which has fundamentally improved news reporting in the country—was an excruciating task. NTV insisted on ignoring the rising number of successful independent candidates and kept reporting the results of the ruling party and the opposition parties. Eventually, viewers got to know the number of elected independent candidates from another TV channel. However, the censorship mechanism of NTV has been crystallized especially after the live TV show with prominent Turkish novelist, moviemaker, poet, and political activist Vedat Türkali on June 2. Türkali sent his greetings to the imprisoned leader of the PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, and said he was going to vote for the guerrilla fighters. A senior TV reporter, who was once an anchorwoman of NTV, Banu Güven, was immediately sent to vacation as of June 3, and the link to that program on the internet disappeared.

Yet, it was not over… While watching on IMC TV the enthusiastic celebrations in Diyarbekir on the occasion of the victory of the independent candidates, we realized that something had gone wrong: Within minutes, IMC was reporting that the police had attempted to put an end to the celebrations by using tear gas. At that moment, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan started his victory speech in Ankara, most probably so that no one would pay attention to Diyarbekir while he spoke. Once again, the people of Diyarbekir understood what the victory of the AKP had meant for them. The police’s violent crackdown on the celebrations in Diyarbekir was, quite predictably, reported in passing and without any footage by NTV, although they had a live broadcast team stationed in Diyarbekir.

Erdogan’s speech

The prime minister’s victory speech was the most “imperialist” speech he could have delivered. Almost imitating Suleiman the Magnificent, Erdoğan was “embracing” the whole world from one end to the other. He claimed that Turkey had achieved democratic freedom, setting an example for the region and the entire world. “Damascus won as much as Ankara did, Ramallah won as much as Diyarbekir did,” he said. “The Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Europe won as much as Turkey did.” With these statements, he sounded like a 16th-century “Golden Age” Ottoman emperor.

Ever since the popular uprisings in neighboring Arab countries, Turkey has been marketing itself as an oasis of stability and development, the “one and only good example of a functioning democracy in the Middle East.” Yet, one has to keep in mind that this discourse is a consequence of rising imperialist desires on the one hand; on the other, it very easily sweeps the country’s 30-year war under the rug.

When the power holders in Turkey talk about the “brotherhood” of “Turks, Kurds, Circasians, Abkhazians, Georgians,” one should be reminded that this exact discourse was employed in the 19th-century Ottoman Empire, and it was maintained until its collapse, even while genocides were being committed and ethnic cleansing was taking place. I do not mean here that whoever uses the discourse of brotherhood—which I find problematic in the first place—has criminal intentions. What I am saying is that power holders should think twice before uttering such words. Moreover, is it not obvious how the Ottoman claims of “bringing civilization to the Arabs” and Erdoğan’s pretension of Turkey’s becoming a democratic, stable model for the Middle East constitute a similar discourse? Is it not stemming from the same imperial desires? Moreover, while the prime minister was saying that “Ramallah won as much as Diyarbekir did,” could it not be argued that he had forgotten what these cities mean for Palestinians and Kurds, respectively?

Mihail Vasiliadis, the editor-in-chief of the Greek daily Apoyevmatini, was among the guests of IMC TV on election day. Commenting on Erdoğan’s speech, he reminded viewers of the popular saying, “My Lord God is still above you.” He expressed his satisfaction with being invited to a TV show for the first time in his 52-year career, to talk about the elections. Vasiliadis said that in the past he was only invited to TV programs and panels if they were in some way related to the topic of Greeks in Turkey.

Last but not least, in Erdoğan’s speech, there was no direct or even indirect reference to ending the war. He asked for the blessing of those he might have hurt during his election campaign. These words were most probably addressed to the CHP and MHP, which means that the ruling party will first approach these two for the long-awaited constitution change. Police interference in the celebrations in Diyarbekir and the closing of the Kurdish newspaper Azadiya Welat for 15 days as of June 13 indicate that there is no change in the position of the AKP regarding the Kurds.

The election results revealed once again that voters are not organized on the basis of their class. In other words, the struggle, mainly led by Kurds, to get political, cultural, and social rights has way more power to organize people than class consciousness. One of the most important reasons for this is the evaporation of differences among the AKP, CHP, and MHP when it comes to nationalism, authoritarianism, and conservatism. Therefore, let us conclude that Turkish society continues to be by and large nationalist and conservative. Of course, this is no surprise. Yet, this poses the biggest challenge to the BDP since in the coming four years, it will be their mission to explain what it means to be a meaningful opposition and convince the broader segments of society of the need for such opposition. In order to find the most appropriate way, one has to first understand the reason  impoverished people continue to vote for conservative parties. The BDP’s success will depend on its ability to create tangible alternatives as an opposition, meeting the needs of the Kurds and all other vulnerable groups.

Talin Suciyan

Talin Suciyan

Talin Suciyan is a Teaching Fellow and a PhD candidate at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Chair of Turkish Studies. She has worked for over a decade as a journalist both in Turkey and Armenia.
Talin Suciyan

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  1. it is no secret that turks want to dominate the region and effect the world.but that doesn’t include invasion, occupation.that will be done via tecnology, commerce, cultural activities etc. We already see this is happening

  2. Thank you Talin for a wonderful article. It gives us a lot of understanding and information. You have brilliant journalistic talent.Keep up the good job.

  3. Really Monastras?????…. Turks wishes is not to dominate the region and effect the world by invasion?? LOL that was the funniest comment I have heard from a TUrk…. TUrkey WAS CREATED by not only an invasion but by TRYING and failing to brutally annihiliating an entire gene pool…and destroying everything that will show the world otherwise.. but too bad for you people, the world knows who the real Turkey is no matter how colorful Turkish govt tries to presents herself…just so you know.. Turkish govt and  commence, cultural activities and technology is like water and oil… lol you should have been a comedian my Turkish commentator..

    Berch jan– good one…apres..


  4. Turks are the greatest people in the entire Milky Way Galaxy and Erdogan is the captain of the spaceship Enterpriseoglu. Turkey is the best country not only on planet Earthoglu but in the entire known universe.  Turks are the progenitors of life as we know it and Erdogan is the very essence of that life.  Zero problems with other planets.  That is Turkey’s policy.

    cultural activities” ?: Really. That’s a good one monastras. Does that include the Turkish SOP of stealing Armenian (and Greek, and Assyrian) culture and calling it Turkish ? Here:
    This depraved Turk woman insulting the memory of 30,000 Armenian victims ? Can Turks sink any lower then this ?
    Are you guys ever going to stop stealing everything Armenian and calling it Turkish ?

    “technology” ?: What have the Turks  invented or developed all by themselves ? Anything original ? All your technology is copied or licensed from Europe (mainly Germany), US, or Israel. All your factories producing consumer and industrial goods were designed in Europe (mainly Germany)
    Every piece of your military hardware is a copy of or being produced under license from US, German, French, British, Italian, Israeli (originally US), Russian designs.
    What have Turks actually contributed to Humanity, other than:
    [1] The invention of State Organized Genocide.
    [2] Invention of the first primitive Gas Chamber [”Turks even invented the world’s first gas chamber – an underground cave containing thousands of prisoners into which smoke was funnelled by Turkish policemen – to complete their genocide.” January 17, 1998].
    [3] Destruction of far more advanced civilizations and extermination of indigenous populations.

  6. Well said Avery jan…excellent post… apres…

    Berch jan– I concur what you said cause obviously Kemal is smoking Turkish govt’s opium… no wonder they are all in their own world and have no connection whatsoever to the outside world and history…

    Kemal–  you people are seriously hillarious… lol thanks for the laugh Kemal…you took the trophy of being the comedian on these pages from Monastras.. i thought Monastras was funny.l you are hillarious… 


  7. “Zero problems with other planets.  That is Turkey’s policy.”
    hahahaha. Love it! Great satirical humor.

  8. Dear Camel,
     re.  Turks are the greatest people in the entire Milky Way Galaxy

    Does this mean you have been to every habitable planet in the entire Milky Way Galaxy and compared yourself to them???  With your speed I highly doubt it.

    As for Erdogan,— I think he is doing a perfect job.  Except— who’s interests he serves for, very soon you will find out!!! 

  9. I am guessing ‘kemal‘ (in quotes) is Armenian and is poking fun at Turks’ well known national character of exaggerated boasting.

  10. Avery jan…. you think Kemal is Armenian? Oh boy.. if he is .. then I for one totally missed his intentions and poking fun at Turks …if he is, then why use a Turkish name? hmmmmmm…

  11. “captain of the spaceship Enterpriseoglu.”
    That’s just too silly for a nationalist to say.
    Now if “kemal” had instead said all languages came from ancient Turkic language from central Asia (the silly Sun Language “Theory”), then I think it might have been possible to consider him to be a Turkish nationalist.
    Gave me a laugh and I thank the author.

  12. Nice article.
    “Therefore, let us conclude that Turkish society continues to be by and large nationalist and conservative. Of course this is no surprise.”

    Of course.  This is at the core a conservative society, even Turkish left does not escape this.  What the author has missed is that Kurds also follow a very nationalistic policy, at least those who claim to speak for them.  These pro-Kurdish politicians portray the violent terrorism of PKK as a “nationalist” movement for example.  It seems any kind of nationalism is ok, as long as it is not Turkish.

    It is even more noteworthy that though supposedly 20-25% of the Turkish citizens are of Kurdish origin or Kurdish, pro-Kurdish party still fails to clear 10%.

  13. Avery, The comment you made doesn’t make sense in the eyes of the turks.You Armenians always semm to goo back to the square 1 If you want to know more what they think about the armenian issue  just google it. I also do not understand what exactly are you asking turkey to do. Bear in mind they will never accept the responsibility of the armenian tragedy. The only way you can the result is to take the issue a court of law. But my guess is armenians haven’t take a legal action for a century therefore the armenian case is a weak one even though they seem to believe wholeheartedly. Could you please explain me why Armenians haven’t take the issue to a court of law but instead ask for turkey’s acknowledgement. This looks like you are asking a killer to accept his/her responsibility in the death of somebody but in the real world, the evidences are crucial not what the killer says. If this is done in the future we will not talk about this and move on to a different subject.

    You are right . The tecnology came from the western countries but now most products are manufactured in turkey even though they still import knowhow at some level. One example, I am from the southern turkey, a  forgotton town with a 50-60k population. You wouldn’t find any industriel activities 20 years ago but now, there are at least 20-30 small manufactures have factories with a several hundred local workers. This is the difference I am trying to emphasize.

  14. Avery, you Armenians are so self-absorbed, you always think all other nations are innocent but only Turks are bad. Before the events of 1915, Christian Europeans had already finished their massive genocide of Native Indians. But I guess you see Indians as “lower race” so maybe it doesn’t count for you.

    Seriously, what are the contributions of Armenians to the humanity? What makes you “advanced”? A third-rate Turkish singer nobody cares even in Turkey doesn’t prove anything but I agree that what she did was wrong and disrespectful.

    While I always first we Turks should take the responsibility on this issue but your attitude doesn’t help anything, this attitude makes everything more difficult.

  15. I am guessing gayane: can’t be certain. It is just too ridiculous and bombastic to be real.
    And of course an Armenian poster would use a (temporary) Turkish name for that kind of a post.

  16. Given that no Armenian killed my current relatives and none of my Turkish relatives of mine have killed any Armenians, what would it take for the nonsensical brainswashing on all sides, the West included, to instead encourage a united Armenia and Turkey?  I don’t know the answer to this question but I thought I would do well to come to this fine example of a balanced new website to get the answer.
    I don’t know about you guys but which one of you has actually has any sincere intent to perpetuate peace, cause the only fuel for your fire seems to be a shared hatred for the Turks.  Very intense and unbalanced report in this article is followed by of course a barrage of anti-Turkish sentiment.
    I live in Australia, and your hatred goes to the other end of the earth.  What kind of people are you?
    make friends… it will release you.
    Come to me, I will offer you a coffee.  and I am a mere Turk.

  17. Monstras:
    The reason I post here @ AW and elsewhere in response to Turk posters is to counter their Anti-Armenian propaganda and dissemination of disinformation.
    Whether what I say makes sense in the eye of Turks or not makes absolutely no difference to me: I am not trying to convert anyone.
    And yes, we Armenians will keep going back to square 1, until we reach our goal: doesn’t matter if it’s 100 years, or 200, or 300.
    And I don’t need  Google to know what Turks think and have thought of Armenians for centuries. Here are two recent examples:
    [1] May 16, 2011: Midterm tests administered by Prof. Yilmas Polat at Dicle University had Anti-Armenian multiple choice questions.
    [2] May 29, 2011: Tuncer Sümer running for office has this as his official slogan
    “Bear in mind they will never accept the responsibility of the armenian tragedy.”
    I agree with you – Turkey never will. It makes no difference. The idea for us is to get most of the world powers to officially recognize the AG.
    Then we move to the next stages. Turkey cannot fight the whole world. When there is enough weight, Turkey will buckle. Recognition is only one of the steps and one of the wedges. There is more.
    On technology: there is no dispute that Turkey has made great strides in the technology sector. However, my post was in response to this:
    [“…. dominate the region …. but that doesn’t include invasion, occupation.that will be done via tecnology, commerce, cultural activities etc”]
    What is it that Turkey offers technologically that target countries cannot get from the original sources ? that’s the question.
    [“is armenians haven’t take a legal action for a century therefore the armenian case is a weak”]
    We have had other pressing matters to attend to. Not because the case is weak.
    Question: if the case is weak, why does Turkey spend US$ 10s of millions annually trying to prevent recognition of AG if it’s so weak ?
    And finally: it is interesting that you commented on my technology opinion, but chose to ignore the one about culture: again, are Turks going to ‘dominate the region’ by stealing (culture) ?
    Particularly from Armenians whom Turks hate and despise ? What happened to the alleged Turkish pride ? not too proud to steal from people you Turks consider inferior, do you ?

  18. Deniz:

    No American denies what White European invaders/settlers did to Native Americans.
    US does not attempt to erase their existence out of our History.
    Native American religious/cultural sites are protected by law.
    Native Americans are considered honored part of America that White Europeans created.
    And no, we don’t see Native Americans as, quote,  “lower race” .
    You are confusing Armenians with Turks: Non-Moslems were considered lower races in Ottoman Turkey.
    Gul sued someone for ‘alleging’ that Gul’s mother was Armenian: I guess because Armenians are “lower race” ?
    Turkish opposition politician, Canan Aritman, has “accused” Gul of having Armenian blood, and demanded that he undergo a genomic tests: I guess because Armenians are “lower race” ?


    I don’t have the concise list handy of what Armenians have contributed to the humanity.
    But Armenians (and Greeks, and Assyrians) have contributed pretty much everything that you Turks considers Turkish: song, dance, cuisine, ancient architecture, and – refined, cultured genes. Although despite outwards changes, the Seljuk Turk core has remained unchanged.
    And since you  did not counter the 3 evils Turks have ‘contributed’ to Humanity I listed in my post above, you fully agree with me – yes ?

  19. Throughout their 4,000+ year history, Armenians have made lasting contributions to world civilization. With innovations in science, technology and industry, business and trade, military art, and powerful works of art and literature, Armenians have made a significant difference for all of humanity. Below are some of the contributions. I deliberately omitted arts and literature, business and trade, and military art, but if a Turk asks what further contributions the Armenians made to world civilization, ready to provide even longer lists.

    Read these contributions and pass them around to those Turks who despise Armenians for being far more civilizationally advanced:

    Invention of the color television — Hovhannes Adamian
    In mathematics — Sergei Adian
    In stellar dynamics research — astrophysicist Tateos Agekian
    In economics – founder of “law and economics” school Armen Alchian and winner of the 2005 John Bates Clark Medal Daron Acemoğlu
    In experimental nuclear and cosmic-ray physics — Artem Alikhanian
    In nuclear physics and creation of the first nuclear reactor of USSR — Abraham Alikhanov
    In school of genetics and selection of microorganisms — Sos Alikhanian
    In asthma research — Roger Altounyan
    In theoretical astrophysics — Viktor Hambartsumian
    In anthropological psychology — Boris Ananyev
    In magnetic resonance spectroscopy research of the brain — Apkar Apkarian
    In reconstructive surgery and research on the pectoralis major flap (which has become the most commonly used flap for head and neck reconstruction worldwide) – Stephan Ariyan
    In geochemistry — Andreas Artsruni
    In theory of creep and mechanics of accumulating deforming bodies — Nagush Arutyunyan
    In the physics of light self-focusing — Gurgen Askaryan
    In molecular biology of plant’s viruses — Iosif Atabekov
    In neuropharmacology — George Aghajanian
    In research on temperament and bipolar disorder and bipolar subtyping — Hagop S. Akiskal
    In supercomputing, second European to hold the Intel Fellow title — Boris Babaian
    In research on radical polymerization, photochemistry, and two-quantum photochemistry of organic compounds — Khristofor Bagdasaryan
    In rehabilitation medicine and electromyography — John Basmajian
    In research on bone and bone disorders — John P. Bilezikian
    In physiology and the world’s first successfully cloned mammal — Levon Chailakhyan
    In hormonal theory of plant development — Mikhail Chailakhyan
    Inventor of MRI — Raymond Damadian
    In minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery — Ara Darzi (Dersian)
    In the field of commodity money management — Richard Donchian
    In microsensorics — Eduard Yegiazaryan
    In psychological understanding of addictions and self-medication hypothesis — Edward Khantzian
    In chemistry and polymer science — Nikolay Yenikolopov
    In physiology and concepts of the hierarchy of the nervous processes affording
    the regulation of movements — Viktor Fanardjyan
    In theory of X-ray transition radiation — Grigoriy Garibyan
    In theory of dynamics of mining minerals and soils — Samvel Grigoryan
    In space astronomy — Grigor Gurzadyan
    In the most celebrated problem of dynamics: the n-body problem — Spiru Haret (Romanian astronomer of Armenian descent)
    In building of the world’s first radio-optical telescope: Boris Herouni
    In construction of astronomical instruments and the largest telescope in the world — Bagrat Ioannisian
    In electromechanics — Andranik Iosifyan
    In human gastroenteritis virus research — Albert Kapikian
    In aerospace engineering — Anna Kazanjian Longobardo
    In modern practice of plastic surgery — Varaztad Kazanjian
    In dopamine receptor research — John Kebabian
    In space transport engineering — Alexander Kemurdzhian
    In orthopedic surgery — Hampar Kelikian
    In microelectronics and design of the world’s first solar-powered, pocket-sized radio transmitter — Edward Keonjian
    In photography and living matter’s energy emitting — Semyon Kirlian
    In research on Alzheimer’s disease and neurobiology of aging — Zaven Khachaturian
    In molecular biology — Levon Khachigian
    In computer science and linear programming — Leonid Khachiyan
    In X-ray operating — Mihran Kassabian
    In fluorocarbon’s chemistry — Ivan Knuniants
    In distilling kerosene from seep oil — Ignacy Łukasiewicz (Polish pharmacist of Armenian descent)
    In mathematics and research in Approximation theory — Sergey Mergelian
    In the field of combustion and explosion and self-propagating high temperature synthesis — Alexander Merzhanov
    In design and construction of world-renowned MiG fighter aircraft — Artem Mikoyan
    In organ transplant — John Najarian
    In discoverery of photosynthetic protein plantacyanin — Robert Nalbandyan
    In artificial intelligence and the conception of sub-defined models — Alexander Narinyan
    In heavy ion physics and discoveries of heaviest elements — Yuri Oganessian
    In evolutionary physiology — Leon Orbeli
    In physics of movements in solid bodies and photoplastic effect — Yuri Osipian
    In numerical modelling of ocean circulation — Artem Sarkisyan
    In microsurgical techniques of the brain — Hrayr Shahinian
    In space biology, biochemistry of sub-cell structures and technical biochemistry — Norair Sisakian
    In botanics and plant evolution — Armen Takhtajian
    In high-energy physics phenomena, quantum mechanics and quantum field theory — Karen Ter-Martirosian
    In creation of cross-platform development environments, architect of Apple’s OS X — Avadis Tevanian
    Invention of PET scan, which has revolutionized the understanding of how the brain functions — Michel Ter-Pogossian

    And this one is special “bonus” for the Turks:

    In Islamic architecture – Mimar Sinan (Suleymaniye mosque, etc) and the Balian family (Dolmabahçe Palace, etc) in Turkey

  20. Kurds follow a nationalistic policy because the Turkish state does not acknowledge the national, historical, cultural, religious, and civilizational uniqueness of all other peoples inhabiting Asia Minor, but Turks. Not only do the Turks refuse to acknowledge uniqueness of non-Turks, but, as internationally well-known, they for centuries colonize, oppress, steal their culture, religiously convert, and ultimately physically exterminate all indigenous inhabitants of Asia Minor: Greeks, Assyrians. Armenians, Alewis, Syriacs, etc. Kurds in the modern times suffer the consequences of the same Turkish Seljuk/Ottoman mentality of oppressing and Turkifying them. And the commentator by the name Murat expresses disdain for the Kurds nationalistic policy aimed at preserving their ethnic and historical uniqueness in Asia Minor. If this distinct ancient nation is called “Mountain Turks” instead of Kurd, how else would they react if not nationalistically? How would Murat react if he was called and treated as a Kurd of Plains on the territory that he considers his own?

  21. Berch jan- I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART… your list was like a God’s send weapon to bring down the DUMB TUrks who have BIGGER MOUTHS than BRAINS.. BRAVO… and your list is just one part of and like you said not counting everything else that I can list specially in US where Armenians have contributed and fameous than any Turk in theworld… and they have the balls to come here and ask what Armenians have contributed to the world.. well hopefully this list IRANTS ACHQA TOGH HANI.. Taxem yes irants gluxnera….

    Avery jan– yes qo gratsnera shat shat shat shat shat shat em sirum.. BRAVO…apres… indz enqan lav em zgum when you stick it to them with your excellent and firm examples….against their general, NON existance opinions and dumb reasonings…    


  22. Mehmet:

    “I live in Australia, and your hatred goes to the other end of the earth.  What kind of people are you? make friends… it will release you”

    Since you live in Australia, perhaps you can comment on what kind of people are you that would do this:
    [Assyrian Genocide Monument in Australia Vandalized – Monday, August 30, 2010 at 05:41 PM CT]
    See the expressions of peace and friendship your Turk buddies left on the monument:
    Maybe you can offer coffee to your own Turk buddies down under: give’em something to do, instead of engaging in vandalism.

  23. TO the TUrkish pretends and “in my brainless head thinking I am a smart commentator” on this pages:

    Murat: You know the answer to your own question: It is even more noteworthy that though supposedly 20-25% of the Turkish citizens are of Kurdish origin or Kurdish, pro-Kurdish party still fails to clear 10%. Why don’t you look inside of you and TRY to find a shred of humanity and you can figure out why Kurds have no power against Erdodog and his hoard…. so you asking that question makes you dumb….

    Monastras– you know the answer to your own question:    But my guess is armenians haven’t take a legal action for a century therefore the armenian case is a weak one even though they seem to believe wholeheartedly. First off: when you refer to a race, you capitalize the name: Armenians and not armenians... So get that right first and formost….Second,  If you think we have not taken this matter to courts cause it is a weak case, you are smoking Turkish dirty opium.. So in the short brain of yours, you think after losing almost an entire race under your barbaric ancestors, trying to make sense of what happened, trying to reunite family members that your ancestors did not LUCKILY get to murder, trying to built their lives again, trying to get back on their feet and trying to a certain point collect their wealth, my people were going to sue your ugly govt’s ugly A**(*(*(*)(*)(*)(*????? Are you out of your mind? you expect a nation was stripped naked both emotionally, financially, physically and mentally BY FORCE to get up and sue your ugly behind???? a race that was uprooted and spread all over the world because your cold hearted and bloodthristy ancestors to use their whats left energy and time to sue? well you asking that question makes you the dumbest Turk…but don’t you worry we will get there… 

    Deniz– I know you know the answer to your question: Seriously, what are the contributions of Armenians to the humanity? What makes you “advanced”? My dear friend Avery took the words right out of my mouth but I will repeat it again because we know you people are a bit slow in understanding and registering data and facts… You ask what Armenians contirbuted to the world? Well lets start off with the LARGEST AND MOST SIGNIFICANT contribution Armenians gave to your nomadic, low class, barbaric and poor ancestors…CURRENT DAY TURKEY.. Turkey is where it is TODAY because of Armenians, and Greeks and Assyrians but mostly Armenians as they were the most prominent, with rich culture, and wealthy people in your barbaric ancestors times.. So THAT ALONE should SHUT YOUR mouth…. you asking that question makes you the dumbest person I ever met on these pages after Monastras……

    Mehmet— i think you know the answer to your question/statement:   I don’t know about you guys but which one of you has actually has any sincere intent to perpetuate peace, cause the only fuel for your fire seems to be a shared hatred for the Turks..I live in Australia, and your hatred goes to the other end of the earth.  What kind of people are you? I thought you may something intelligent to say with your comment and then I read the rest which then told me you are as dumb as your compatriot on these pages… you seriously need to read more information, more history, more current news to understand that Armenians DO NOT HATE ALL TURKS.. we despise your lying, denialist govt and only few other Turks who stand firm with your govt like the ones we know on these forums… so instead of spewing your dumb statements about an entire nation hating all Turks, you might want to educate yourself as to what constitute our frustration and dislike how your govt and some of your people act… So you asking that question also makes you a dumb Turk… and just so you know… if you acknolwedge that your ancestors DID murder almost an entire nation, and support that your govt is slime for feeding wrong and altered history to you and your people and get out of that hole,  I will not only give you coffee but I will prepare a feast.. that is how hospitable and caring and open hearted we Armenians are…

    In conclusion: we are simply dealing with bunch of dumb people…… and we wonder why we have such difficulty to connect and have an open discussion with them……..  it is sad and i would have loved to go and have coffee with them one day.. well that one day sure seems far far far far away if they continue to be sooo disconnected, sooooo closed minded and soooo uneducated on history that it makes my heart sink… 


  24. Good one Avery jan—– :)

    Mehmet- any words on what Avery provided??? I am sure your coffee is going to be cold… hayde …


  25. Monastras, you claim:  You [Armenians] are asking a killer to accept his/her responsibility in the death of somebody, but in the real world the evidences are crucial not what the killer says.” When you present to all the readers and visitors of this major Armenian online publication the evidence as to the reason why the number of 2-2.5 million Armenians living on their native lands in eastern parts of Ottoman Empire has reduced to some 60,000 people in the course of 1915 to 1923, I promise to enlighten you that in the real world the intent to kill is almost always proven through circumstantial evidence and rarely ever through the find of a smoking gun. Primitive denialists like you require the smoking gun: a piece of evidence like Talaat’s order to kill innocent women, children, and the elderly, which leaves no doubt of intent. Serious genocide scholars, historians, international lawyers, demographers, as well as foreign governments many of which have in their possession original witness accounts and official diplomatic dispatches of eyewitnesses on the ground, analyze circumstantial evidence and come to no other conclusion that forced deportations and barbarian extermination of innocent Armenians was none other than genocide. If evidence like smoking gun or Turkish kilij was an absolute requirement to convict a killer, then the majority of criminals would still be out on the streets committing more crimes.

  26. Avery,
    You seem to be happy pushing your agenda for 300 years to achieve your goal but you aren’t interested in taking the matter to a court of law as you have had other pressing matters to attend to. This doesn’t make sense( I know you do not care but we do)
    I do not know if the government spends 10 m for trying to prevent the AG but we definitely know the Armenian foundations are also spending money for the same reason. Let me give you a small secret. In the coming years, it will be more difficult for you guys to push your agenda because Turks have now organized themself in the USA. They will be chasing you whereas in the past they were trying to survive as newcomers. The last statistic shows that they are 520000 in the USA
    Talking about stealing culture doesn’t go anywhere. For example, USA is the biggest film producer. Turks have copied the Americans for the last 50 years and now they are making some fantastic movies some stupied ones same as the Americans. Imagine that Americans say that you Turks have stolen our culture and clients and pretend to be a great film producers. Does that look stupied ? Yes it does. Even if we do not count the time before the Turks came to Anatolia. A milenium is long enough to florish their culture even if they were in mars. But I find this discussion fruitless because what you think about the turks isn’t important. What we think is much more important.
    What is it that Turkey offers technologically that target countries cannot get from the original sources ? that’s the question.

    The answer is simple. Turkey has become an original source. In some european countries, Turkish production is vital. They can not operate without it. In the entire europen market, the Turkish white goods including TV and electronic equipments occupy %20 which means every household in the europe owns a turkish white goods in their home.Turkey exports 20 billions worth of cars and car parts annualy. I read a comment in an Israeli paper just after the flotilla incident. The guy from Israel said. We have been buying our machinery from turkey but I do not want to buy it any more but if I want to buy it from europe I need to pay 800 euros more and only the european and turkish products meet our quality requirement. I bet he still buys from turkey.I hope the editor will post my comment

  27. Gayane, although your answer was rude, I will answer.

    It is true that Turks were nomadic but they were not barbaric. The proof is the survival of Armenians after centuries. Although I accept non-Muslims were oppressed in the Ottoman Empire, Armenians were given the status of Millet, they preserved their language and religion. What happened in the beginning of 20th century is more related to the inspiration from Europe. Every ethnic group wanted their pure nation-state. I’m not saying what Young Turks did was not wrong, I’m just saying, your perspective which is common in Armenians that “Turks are Barbaric, uncivilized” is wrong.

  28. Deniz— My apologies for hurting your feelings.. Did not know I was rude and it had such an affect…. In addition, please stand corrected sir…  I never say ALL TURKS ….all my references were toward your ancestors… and yes your ancestors were barbaric… i am sorry it must be harsh to hear those words but reality remains that they were….unfortunately there are some who still have the same mentality if given a chance including Erdogan..keep in mind, i can’t and will never reference such things to an entire race.. if you read my comments I specifically mention those in the Ottoman Empire and in current Turkish govt.. including those who support what TUrkish govt is doing.. We have great deal of intelligent, brave, and compassionate Turks who we owe our respect and love.. they are PEOPLE FIRST and then TURKS… they understand history can’t be removed or earsed or changed.. They are willing to face the music and cleanse themselves from centuries of blood, pain, murder, ect of their ancestors… why can’t you people understand that what happened in the past WAS, IS and WILL remain as Genocide and the perpetrator will pay at the end.. but the sooner you people realize it, the better for everyone of us because I can’t wait to it and drink coffee with my neighbors…


  29. Monastras- of course you would not know how much your govt spends on blocking ARmenian Genocide recognition.. why should you? knowing that type of information would not be on your govt top list to share with her citizens.. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but people who are on the other end, ARMENIANS know it and know it very well.. so i say read and learn.. you will receive so much better and rich inforation and data just on these pages than you would get from your govt…

    Oh by the way.. the reason you are taking over USA (and USA is soo blind or just simply acts blind) is because you are using all the money your govt stole from my people.. otherwise your country would have been in shambles and you people in rags if it was not my poor ancestors who paid dearly.. both with their lives and ofcourse the most important factor in your current govt success, their wealth… and you want to know how low and sneaky and dirty your govt is???? The reason you people have numbers is because TUrkey is paying millions of dollars to buy hotels where your women come from Turkey and stay in these hotels months upon months until they deliver their babies.. hence, automatically having citizens of US… I call that the lowest, cheapest, and most convying way of trying to take over a country… this information as in an NON_Armenian newspaper/commentator page.. when I find it i will share it with you..    

    I am sorry Turks make as good of a movies as US? WOW talk about arrogance…. what are YOU talking about? I did not see TUrkish movies shown in big theaters around the world like US.. I did not see OR read any big names movie Turkish producers  who are world fameous…. I do not know or seen any fameous Turkish actors around the world.. What are you smoking? Please get off your high horse cause your horse may seem high and mighty to you but to the world is actually a miniature pony..


  30. Gayane, I want you to know that after I read your second comment, I felt more self-confident. In my previous comments I was more defendant because I was think I was talking to hostile people. We should really think about this. I’m not only expecting this from Armenians, I also criticize Turks more than Armenians. We should talk like this, then we can resolve every problem. I really believe it was a genocide we should make reparations.

  31. Enough is enough! Why are we doing this? How long are we going to write nasty and rude comment after each article? How long are we going to live in hate? How long are we going to write the same hateful comments ? Can’t we stop being silly? It’s been a century and we are at the same point, trying to persuade each other for our superiority. The whole world knows what happen to us on 1915. Why are you wasting time, both of you. Many people and I tired of this childish attitude. Please open a new era and just ignore the racist and hateful people, by not giving any answer. They are not able to solve any problem. Peace and love to everybody!

  32. It is so ironic. According to the article one can infer that the only hope for the armenians to destabilize Turkey is the Kurdish BDP, which only got %6 of the votes. Oh! I know how much you love the Kurds by the way!!
    Do you recognize how desperate you armenians look in this article?
    I remind you once again what Bill Clinton said in 1999. ” 21st century will be a Turkish century!”  Open your eyes and watch how Turkey has become a great power in its region while you guys are still trying all your best to manipulate USA and Russia against Turkey.
    Berch, all those scientists are NOT armenians, they are Soviet!!!!

  33. Thank you for your comment.  You and I will share the coffee that Avery refused to take from me and which is by now cooling down, though in order to start afresh I will make a new batch of coffee just foir the likes of you.
    The Arab spring shows us that all reasonable people do not want to continue the status quo of hatred and violence and oppression.  However, our forefathers have given us and inheritance of hatred for each other when you and I actually have done no harm to one another.  I say this to you XYZ, the real battle is now not between Turks and Armenians, or Americans and Taliban, or Australians and Aboriginal heritage, or Spanish and Eta Separatist, or the English and the IRA, or the Black and White, or Muslim and Christian, or Believer and non believer, etc.
    The REAL battle is for the moderate voices like you and I to rise above this hatred and tell the psychotically angry people in our respective cultures that they are vultures draining the emotional and financial resources of the respective cultures.  We both have a country and a diaspora, yes, and they can both continue to pressure the international community to favour each side of the debate, but if you have to lobby for this support and it does not come naturally then it is a hollow support.  It will collapse as soon as it is formed.  Politicians come and go, but why adopt the grievances of the past, and do we need to add to our list of common girevances ad infinitum.  I don’t for a second believe “Avery”on this forum and the likes of this person are sincere in formulating a balanced apparoach to this question.  I am not even interested in holding to account Armenians for attrocities they may have committed during the era of WW1 against my forefathers, foremothers, elders, sisters, and brothers, children, babies.  In the computer analogy, this hard drive is corrupt with data and requires reformatting and reinstallation of a stable operating system.
    Whilst Avery and his cosupporters continue to manufacture a list of things that make him or her better than Turks, his life is slowly drifting towards a lonely older age of anger.  His family, and they are surely also Armenian, are suffering because of his anger.  He is interested in showing off the scientific achievements of Armenians, by who cares, all of humanity is involved in scientific research and most of those Armenians are probably in the same western instititions where Turkish scientists are working.  Science, of all things in this life, does not need to be added to the fight for who is bigger.  All humanity should be beneficiaries of science whether it is found by a Muslim, a Turk, an Armenian, a Christian, a Buddhist, an atheist.  When I went through university I did not read of the triumphant Armenian or Turkish forefathers in science, because they were probably too busy fighting about who should own the bunsen burner in the laboratory because of irrelevant history.  Yes, I say irrelevant because I am not interested in going back in time several thousand years to conjure old grievances.
    Carpe Diem folks.

  34. Turan,

    You are so pathetic in your efforts to minimize Armenians and their achivements. You will achieve nothing by intentionally using small letters when you refer to Armenians, while capitalizing Turkey and Soviet. Are you really that illiterate, desperate, a racist or all of the above?

    Berch, all those scientists are NOT armenians, they are Soviet!!!! — And what is this nonsense supposed to mean? Are you green with envy, by the way?

    There is no such ethnicity as Soviet. These scientists were, of course, citizens of the Soviet Union, but of Armenian ethicity. They were born to Armenian parents, brought up and educated by Armenian parents. And I can assure you completely that, in the Soviet Union, they were known and acknowledged as Armenians. You can jump up and down all you like, you will not change that fact. And I know this better than you do. I was born in the Soviet Union and grew up there. We all had the same red passports issued by the USSR but we also had Armenian specified as our nationality (natsionalnost in Russain) in the same passport. And that was the case for all ethnic groups because that’s how people identified themselves. Every single Soviet and non-Soviet person knew and knows that the world-known composer Aram Khachaturian–one of the top Soviet composers, is Armenian; chess-champion Tigran Petrossian and Gary Kasparov (even though born in Baku) are Armenian. I could go on and on. Armenians have always been known as very hard working and very talented, in the Soviet Union and elsewhere. Suck it up and stop humiliating yourself for your own sake.

  35. thanks for the Psychoanalysis Mehmet. 
    I appreciate your concern, but no need for you to worry: I’ll be fine.

    how about answering the original post, where you said:
    “I live in Australia, and your hatred goes to the other end of the earth.  What kind of people are you? make friends… it will release you”

    And I gave you an example from your hateful Turk buddies in Australia who are hateful vandals. And which you deliberately ignored in your long post.
    Painful truth is not pleasant to deal with, is it ?
    Maybe you should psychoanalyze  yourself first.

  36. “The answer is simple. Turkey has become an original source. In some european countries, Turkish production is vital. They can not operate without it. In the entire europen market, the Turkish white goods including TV and electronic equipments occupy %20 which means every household in the europe owns a turkish white goods in their home.”
    Monastras,  my experience with Turkish made goods contradicts your statements.  I happened to use Turkish made power generators, washing machines, dryer, refrigerator and AC.  They all broke down after two months or so.  On top of that, all the instructions on how to use the items were in Turkish.  Some people had very hard time to operate those household items.

    Let us take a look at the ME countreis where the Turkish products are flooding the local markets.  
    We can talk about three ME countries ie: Syria, Jordan and Iraq where these countries signed trade agreements with their neighbour Turkey.
    The major reason Iraqi and Syrian markets are flooded with Turkish goods is because of the low prices.  They are much affordable comparing to European, Korean even to some Chinese products.  People in ME and Africas  use Turkish made products simply because they cannot afford better. 
    If we want to talk about Turkish manufactured weapons, they are dirt cheap, poorly manufactured and not reliable.  Last time I heard, Turkish made pistols were sold for $20.00 in Iraq and nobody was interested in purchasing them.  H&K, used by NATO members, again, the weapons that are produced in Europe are much superior in quality and reliability in comparison to Turkish made H&Ks.
      People who have resided in ME are familiar with the famous Syrian Soap (Ghar) which is a byproduct of Olive tree leaves.  As the Syrian markets were open to Turkish products through “Hostile” trade agreements, Turkish companies started to compete with local (Syrian) Ghar soaps, to a point where the local soap manufacturers could not compete with the Turkish product. 
    Fares Al Shahabi, Syrian chief of Chamber of Commerce has this to say: “Aleppo which is famous in the production of Ghar soap is losing its share of local market to Turkey, which is exporting with more competitive prices and in bigger volume”.   Al Shahabi also added that, “the production of Ghar Soap has additional value, it represents Syria and specifically Aleppo all over the world”.
    A similar concern was expressed by the Jordanian Minister of Commerce after a similar trade deal was struck between Jordan and Turkey.   According to the Minister, “Jordanian manufacturing sector was not ready to compete with Turkish companies who were exporting their cheap products to Jordanian markets”. 
    Another example:  Iraq is famous for date trees and date products.  Today, Iraqi date market is flooded with Iraqi pitted dates that are processed and packaged in Turkey.  The prices of the dates that are packaged in Turkey are much cheaper than, say, the dates that are being sold by locals who harvest their own dates.
    Now this was off the topic, at the same time it is a reminder to those who promote open border with Turkey hoping that Armenian economy will flourish in the process.

  37. Monastras:

    “But I find this discussion fruitless….”
    Then why do you post @ ArmenianWeekly ? which is sure to trigger a ‘discussion’.
    Your first post was Anti-Armenian as have been others at other threads, so you expect me or other Armenians just to let it pass ?
    I have prepared a detailed response to your last post, but since you find any  discussion that does not go your way fruitless, I’ll hold it for another thread: the subject is sure to come up again.
    And apparently the AW editor did post your comment.


  38. World, lend us your ears! Mehmet the Turk is saying that he’s not interested in “holding to account Armenians for atrocities they may have committed during the era of WW1 against my forefathers, foremothers, elders, sisters, and brothers, children, babies.”  Note the word “may” in the sentence above. The hell with what nomads invaded the Armenian Plateau in the first place, then colonized and oppressed sedentary, indigenous people inhabiting it as Ottomans, and then mass exterminated them in 1915. And now Mehmet applies all the barbarian atrocities committed by his forefathers to… Armenians. WWI was just a cover for the Turks to exterminate the Armenians. Armenians were not a warring side during the war. They just happened to occupy their native lands that the crumbling Ottoman Empire wanted to keep for itself and with no Armenians in sight. 2 to 2.5 million Ottoman Armenians were forcibly deported and subjected to most barbarian forms of extermination. How subhuman one must be to present the barbarism of his own nation as atrocities committed by Armenians? If Armenians committed any large-scale genocidal atrocities against Turks, why there is 73 million Turks and only 60,000 Armenians left in Turkey?

  39. Turan, just like the whole pan-Turanic idea is idiotic, you, the bearer of the name of that racist ethno-geographical concept are an idiot, too. Like Gina said, every person belonging to a particular nationality in the Soviet Union was entitled to have it mentioned in his passport. You must have been thinking of the ethnicity-denigrating Turkish state in which every person, regardless his or her ethnicity, is a Turk? Even ancient nation of Kurds are “Mountain Turks” in Turkey, are they not? Well, things were divergently different in the Soviet Union: each nation had its own national-territorial division, flag, coat of arms, and anthem. Each had a right to provide education it national language. And everyone in the Soviet Union and beyond knew that Artem Mikoyan, the designer and constructor of world-renowned MiG fighter jets was a Soviet citizen of Armenian nationality.

    Armenians made contributions to the world civilization long before the Soviet Union existed and long before you Turks popped up on the world map in 11-13th centuries AD. But I’ll save you from getting greener of envy. After all, who’ll be disseminating Turkish crap on these pages and we’ll laugh at it?

  40. Deniz:   No one denigrates Turks of being barbaric and uncivilized. We denounce the humiliation of Armenians in the hands of your forefathers as barbaric and uncivilized. Browse the Internet, watch those horrifying films, pictures. Listen to the stories of Armenian survivors, Western, Arab, Turkish, and Kurdish eyewitnesses. Read dispatches and telegrams of diplomats stationed in the Ottoman Empire and ask yourself if what your grandfathers did to us was not barbaric and uncivilized.

    Armenians survived under the Ottomans because survival is in our genes historically and because under any regime Armenians tend to live as loyal subjects. You forgot to say that Armenians were given the status of millet-i sadika (loyal millet). Nonetheless, it was an oppressed millet just like all other ancient nations who became colonized by the Ottomans. Preservation of language and religion was the only major privilege that Armenians enjoyed, but still, bells on the churches were not allowed to ring, Bibles were hard to get, and priests were often harassed. On the other hand, Armenians were overtaxed, they were looked down upon as non-Muslims, they were largely unprotected from maraudering gangs of Turks, Kurds, and Circassians, legally unprotected in the courts, unrepresented in local legislatures and administrations, and even barred from mounting horses in order not to be higher than a pedestrian Turk. It was not a happy life. In fact, it was a life of an oppressed, impoverished people.

    What happened in the beginning of 20th century was not related to the inspiration from Europe, but to the fact that the European nations beginning in the 19th century started to pay attention to the deplorable situation of the Armenians. Yes, every indigenous ethnic group wanted their pure nation-state, and Armenians were not an exception. However, Armenians never advanced an armed, organized, massive national-liberation struggle as Bulgarians, Arabs, or Greeks did. They were far from the European theatre where national liberation struggles of those nations took place or where the WWI was waged. But Armenians paid dearly for all the defeats of the Ottomans during the war and during the national liberation movements of other nations. They paid dearly for (1)being Armenian Christians and (2)for the ambitions of the Turks to salvage as much lands as possible for themselves by exterminating the whole ancient human civilization.

    It was deliberately targeted against the Armenians as national, racial, and religious group, that is why the world increasingly calls it a genocide.

  41. Mehmet, you say:  “I am not interested in going back in time several thousand years to conjure old grievances.”   Well, I bet, you’re not. After all it was not your nation that was near-annihilated and her historic lands, houses, pastures, bank accounts, and insurance indemnities stolen. Their children Islamized. Their daughters sold to harems. Their remnants dispersed all over the world. If you’re not interested in going back in time several thousand years to conjure old grievances, then why are you popping up on these pages? Puzzled…

  42. Yes Mohammed Pasha,
    You should seep your fresh Turkish coffee with your pals inside a “Midnight Express” freight, loaded with full of Erdogan sh** toward Central Asian Highlands, where your newly Islamized tribal ancestors came from …now after 500 years you people feeling and talking civilization of Turks, look around your country,,,all left over civilization are from either Byzantine Empire or Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldean, Pontic Greeks, and other Christians, who once were living peacefully in their ancestral homeland… you people forcefully changed their names, killed them, raped their women in the name of Allah, change their holy religion, civilization, and put some funny names on them as “new Turks”!!at least American Indians still carry their names, freedom and learn some European civilization for their own Turks are brainwashed humans living on stolen land and no respect for others at least once they were living there …what a civilization that you guys created,  where the shadow of penal code 301 are your daily nightmares and haunting you people like Hollywood made horror movies!!

  43. Avery,

    I am sorry I couldn’t explain my view properly. I didn’t mean the discussion is fruitless. What I meant was your culture or my culture is greater argument goes nowhere.I am quite happy to hear your contribution on these pages. I am not here to make anti Armenian comments which I find it racism. But I want to express my view point without any restriction and this should not be classed anti Armenian.

  44. For those people puzzled about why i come to pages like this one even though i am trying to avoid the grievances of our forefathers, it is to gather information that will be of relevance to the protection of my family from people that are so ready to hate them. I will warn my children to sleep with one eye open. What other option have you left me? I will sip my coffee in silence hereafter. Thank you for your contribution to my understanding of Armenians of 2011.

  45. Memet,
    I wonder sometimes where Turks were hiding during 2-nd world war with their huge population…Armenians were only 1.5 million during Soviets times…they managed mobilize 600.000 soldiers, where half of them never returned.. you should be ashamed of your murderer granddads, what they did to their own Armenian countrymen!!
    Artem Mikoyan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Armenian Admirals, Marshalls, Generals, Heroes in the Soviet Army .

  46. Mehmet you are making a mistake if you think Armenians hate Turks.  You mistake anger about the lack of justice for the genocide and for the lies that Turkey hides behind as hatred.  There is a big difference.  I do not hate Turks.  Most Armenians do not hate Turks.  We understand that the majority of Turks living today had nothing to do with this horrendous crime and have been taught pro-Turkish lies by their educational system and government misinformation.  But we do hate the ongoing campaign of distortion and denial that smears the memory of innocent victims and further maligns Armenians today.   

    How do you expect the descendants of the victims of Turkey’s deliberate campaign to eliminate the Armenians to respond to this lack of justice for 96 years and the additional insult of lies that blame them for their own demise?  This is despicable and worthy of our anger.

    None of us wants to be angry, to form our personalities around this anger.  We simply want justice and want the truth acknowledged.

  47. Ani jan— well said.. apres….

    Berch jan-absolutely brilliant… 

    Grish jan– I am with you my friend…

    Daron jan– thank you for the information.. it made total sense.. i hope people like Mehmet, Monastras, Turan, ect will have enough brain cells to register the informtion.

    Gina jan– absolutly brilliant.. thank you for the post..   

    Avery jan– excellent point…..

    Boyajian jan– thank you for making it easy for Mehmet and all the confused and denilast Turks understand that our anger has NOTHING to do with hate toward an entire nation… thank you for making it clearer for them to grasp the difference and hope that Mehmet will not continue his nonsense about warning his children to sleep with one eye open.. one should not talk especially when it is in their ancestral blood to be barbaric and bloodthristy and not in the Armenian…       


  48. Mehmet— you said
    it is to gather information that will be of relevance to the protection of my family from people that are so ready to hate them. 
    I say this: gather information that will be of relevance to the betterment of your children’s education….with the information you gather here should be the stepping stone to new heights and new dimensions of what a true history represents.. because i know for a fact your children and yourself are deprived from a GOOD education, real history, what is true and what is made up, … the information you gather here should show how conyving and manipulative, and denialist your govt is and you are part of that govt if you continue to stand firm with their belief… so instead of teaching your children to be afraid of ARmenians which is ABSOLUTELY assanine and ridiculeous, you should teach your children that their great grandfathers did the most horrible thing anyone can do to another human race and that is not RIGHT…they need to understand that the children of those survivors are not out there to pull their tongue, open up their bellies with swords, gorge their eyes out, cut their flesh and put salt on it, rape them in front of everyone else and throw them in the river like their great great granparents did…Armenians don’t have a tendency to destroy civilzations and dominate the world …. to be honest with you, I am afraid of my and my children’s lives if people with such mentality live in TUrkey and outside…..but all you need to remember MEHMET… Armenians are peace loving people…  DONT YOU FORGET IT.. make sure your children know this too…


  49. Turan—-Berch, all those scientists are NOT armenians, they are Soviet!!!! With this statement written in black and white,  I bestow you with the crown for “the DUMBEST TURK” on and possibly out of these pages…

  50. Boyajian,

    Well said. A very good summary.

    Turkey would be better off today with regard to the Armenian genocide if it’s leaders had reconciled with 1915 in the late 20’s and 30’s. But Turkey adopted a policy of sweeping it under the rug.

  51. Denize– If I understood your comment correctly, what you are saying in your last comment is: you understand Armenians are not hostile and we do not hate all Turks.. am I correct in stating that?

    Also,  in your comment you stated you agree there was a Genocide and TUrkish govt should make reperations to the Armenian people.. am I correct in stating this???

    If both answers to my questions above are YES.. then I say you are off the dumb list and onto to the list of intelligent Turks like Pamuk, Akcam,  and the like…  then you are someone who puts pride aside and sides with justice and what is right.. and I thank you for it…if that is not what you meant.. then i guess i misread it…


  52. Gayane, Mehmet says he’ll teach his children to sleep with one eye open.  How sad. How strange. He certainly doesn’t really understand the truth.  Because if he did, he would not be able to sleep at all!  Guilt and shame can do that to you.

    He is the victim of Turkish propaganda and will pass this unexamined propaganda on to his children. May the Lord help them.

  53. Gayane, Gayane, Gayane… :))))
    BRAVO! Very nice post. I love it! Belissimo!

    “If both answers to my questions above are YES.. then I say you are off the dumb list and onto to the list of intelligent Turks like Pamuk, Akcam..”

    So if people agree 100% with you that means they are intelligent. If NOT, they are dumb, and possibly brainwashed, influenced by propoganda.. HAHAH!

    I loved your post and made me laugh although i had a very stressy day.
    Please keep them coming..

  54. Mubariz Ibrahimov:

    Before you get  too excited, read the entire chain of posts, instead of picking one sentence out of  gayane’s last post.
    Many Turks post @ ArmenianWeekly  stating  Armenians hate all Turks, we are hateful people, we’re Anti-Turk, etc: how would you categorize that group of  Turks ?
    Many Turks post here alleging the AG did not happen, could not have happened, and if something happened to Armenians in 1915 it was not the fault of the Turks: how would you categorize that group of  Turks ?

  55. I too agree with you Boyajian jan.. May the Lord help such people and I know deep down the devil is having a feast because he knows people like Mehmet will be joining his kingdom..but I hope they have stronger will and believe in GOD that justice and humanity comes first before pride…but then again, we understand that dear Boyajian jan.. can’t say the same for Mehmet and his likes…

    Avery jan– we sure know these Turks already don’t we? they pick and choose certain lines out of our entire chain of posts and say something SOOOOOOOOOOo stupid that you can’t even comprehend the possibility of having so many of the same rank in this world…. but then again, how can you change a donkey into a horse.. can’t happen.. i am sad about it but it is what it is..

    Mubariz-you say you were amuzed by my comment.. well I am glad i put a smile and brought sunshine into your life.. different from what you have known i am sure.. but unfortunately the joke is on you sir.. or maa’m…. because as my friend Avery mentioned above, instead of readin the entire chain, you just picked a line out of an entire context and made a point to write about it.. are you frustrated that one of your people MAY be on the right side of the fence? is that why you made a point to cut and paste one line of my post out of many lines????

    Oh and just so you know.. you mention PEOPLE.. i was not referring to people..NOR i was referring to people agreeing with me … are you not that smart to understand the posts?? to be specific, i was reffering to one of your countrymen, who happened to be a Turk… and may happen to be someone who we can refer to intelligent enough to see the difference between denial, ignorance, propaganda, and made up history…so instead of making yourself a laughing matter on these pages, i suggest you get your act together and read everything in its entirety before jotting down laughable comments..

    That said.. have a wonderful day sir.. or Maa’m….


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