ARF Declaration on Armenia-Turkey Protocols

The Central Committee of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Eastern United States denounces the protocols agreed to for the normalization of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Armenia.

It has been almost six months since the “road map” was announced and all efforts aimed at placing the process on the correct path have failed. The announced protocols codify the mistakes in Armenia’s foreign policy.

It is time for the entire Armenian nation to be heard. The issues being addressed are Pan-Armenian and our principles can not be compromised.

Turkey must acknowledge the Genocide and atone for the crime. The self-determination of Artsakh must be ensured. Armenian cultural sites must be protected. Turkey and Azerbaijan must stop their anti-Armenian agenda.

Turkey and Armenia, geographic neighbors, must naturally have diplomatic relations. But it must not be done at the expense of the basic ideals which guarantee an equal partnership. The protocols instead solidify the subjugation of Armenia and the Armenian people. As such, the protocols can not serve as the foundation for respectful and friendly relations between Turkey and Armenia.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Central Committee
Eastern United States

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  1. The protocols are deplorable, destructive, degrading and unacceptable. The protocols will end all our hopes, aspirations and rights to get territorial, financial moral restitution. In addition these will force return Artsakh and the rest of the liberated territories back to Azerbaijan, and the Azerbaijanis like their brothers the Turks this time around will surely wipe out all the Armenians from Artsakh like they did in Nakhichevan.

    Bedros H. Kojian, M.D.
    Orange, CA

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