Hope for Armenia Celebrates 20th Anniversary

In June 2009, Hope for Armenia (HFA), also known as Espoir Pour L’Armenie, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a celebratory tour to Armenia, which wrapped up a 20th anniversary banquet in Yerevan.

HFA is a partner organization of the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA), based in France. It was established in 1989 following the earthquake in Armenia and is one of the few non-governmental organizations represented there.

HFA is the missionary arm of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in France and is supported by the Armenian Evangelical Union of France. Over the past 20 years, HFA has contributed greatly to the welfare of Armenians and the rehabilitation of their homeland, namely, by sending two mobile clinics, establishing dental clinics, creating workshops, and constructing two industrial bakeries, among other ongoing projects.

HFA has a team of 20 employees in Armenia who monitor the needs and control the operation of its programs.

HFA, with the assistance of the AMAA, also sponsors several hundred orphans in Armenia, providing them with much needed basic aid. With the collaboration of Armenians in France, HFA constructed the Franco-Armenian School in Spitak.

The 20th anniversary banquet in Yerevan recognized the contribution of many volunteers from France and the support of the public. Present at the banquet was the French ambassador to Armenia, H.E. Serge Smessow, as well as HFA president Serge Kurkdjian, HFA vice president Gilbert Leonian, HFA advisor Boros Haladjian, and the AMAA and HFA representative in Armenia, Rev. Rene Leonian. The AMAA was represented through its executive director, Andy Torigian.

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