Providence Community Commemorates Khanasor Expedition

On Sun., May 17, 100 members from the Providence Armenian community commemorated the 112th anniversary of the Khanasor Expedition, an event hosted by the ARF Providence “Kristapor” Gomideh.

After church services, patriotic music filled the air, as attendees were lured to the upstairs hall by the scent of freshly cooked chicken, losh, and shish kebab dinners, and to enjoy one another’s company. People were buzzing about the Khanasor Expedition as they read pamphlets provided by the ARF that included a historic overview of the event and the song “Khanasori Kaylyerk.” They were thus both educating themselves and their children on the importance of what transpired on July 25, 1897.

The event began with welcoming remarks by the ARF. The AYF Juniors, Seniors, and the Homenetmen Scouts then gathered on stage and sang “Bank Ottoman,” “Khanasori Arshavankuh,” and “Aruinod Trosh.” Unger Stepan Elmasian gave the message on behalf of the Gomideh. He spoke of the heroic battle in Khanasor and emphasized how the courage and bravery of the fighters sparked a torch that has been passed on to all Armenians. The battle of Khanasor, he added, was not far from where Vartan Mamigonian battled the Persians in Avarayr.

Yeghpayr Sarkis Yepremian then took the stage and sang a song in memory of Antranig, Kevork Chavoush, and Serop, followed by Der Gomidas Baghsarian’s closing remarks and prayer.

The ARF Providence Gomideh would like to thank all those who supported the event and is looking forward to working within the community and providing more events within the coming months.

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