ARF of Eastern US establishes Aram Manoukian Institute for Strategic Planning

WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) of the Eastern United States is announcing the establishment of the Aram Manoukian Institute for Strategic Planning. The Institute will work with experts in various fields to develop plans for the future of the Armenian nation in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora. The overarching vision of the Institute is to work towards the creation of a prosperous and just society in Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian diaspora, where the rights and dignity of all individuals are respected and where peace, democracy and sustainable development are achieved.

The Institute will identify appropriate target audiences, including government officials, civil society organizations, academia, businesses and the public, to ensure its work reaches a wide range of stakeholders. It will also build a diverse team with expertise from various fields, including academics, practitioners, individuals from the Armenian diaspora and youth, to provide a holistic perspective in addressing the nation’s challenges. Additionally, it underscores the significance of developing partnerships and collaborations with government agencies, NGOs, research institutions, businesses, international organizations and diaspora organizations to leverage resources and knowledge effectively. The Institute’s agenda will focus on pressing issues such as national security, economic development, education, good governance, health care, diaspora engagement and environmental sustainability. By addressing these challenges through research-based insights and policy recommendations, the Institute will contribute toward the betterment of the Armenian nation.

The following principles will guide the work of the Institute:

  1. Nationalism: Promoting the interests of the Armenian people, preserving their culture and heritage, and advocating for their rights and self-determination.
  2. Democracy: Advancing democratic values and principles, including political participation, human rights and the rule of law, and promoting accountability and transparency in governance.
  3. Social justice: Advocating for the rights of marginalized and vulnerable communities, including workers, women, children and minorities, and promoting inclusive and equitable development.
  4. Internationalism: Promoting global solidarity, cooperation and peace, and advocating for the rights of oppressed peoples worldwide.
  5. Sustainability: Advancing sustainable development, including environmental protection, stewardship of natural resources and promotion of renewable energy and green technologies.

Named after Aram Manoukian, the Institute will strive to act in the spirit of and guided by his commitment to the Armenian nation and its causes. 

ARF Eastern US Central Committee

ARF Eastern US Central Committee

The ARF Eastern Region Central Committee’s headquarters is the Hairenik Building in Watertown, Mass. The ARF Eastern Region’s media and bookstore are also housed in this building, as are various other important Armenian community organizations. The ARF Eastern Region holds a convention annually and calls various consultative meetings and conferences throughout the year.

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