A Green Legacy: ATP’s eight millionth tree planting

Marking the beginning of the 30th anniversary celebrations

Armenia Tree Project (ATP) reached an extraordinary milestone on December 1, 2023, as it planted its eight millionth tree at the Khoren and Shooshanig Avedisian School in Yerevan’s Malatia-Sebastia District. As ATP approaches its 30th anniversary, this event stands as a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to the greening and reforestation of Armenia.

The celebration at the Avedisian School was a vibrant showcase of unity, youth-leadership and the invaluable support of ATP’s partners. Synopsys Armenia, the Armenian Missionary Association of America and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia were among the distinguished guests who joined school administrators and students for this momentous occasion.

Elen Baghdasaryan, a student representative from Artsakh, delivered a heartfelt welcome speech alongside Hamlet Varpetyants from Armenia. They emphasized the symbolic significance of tree planting as a gesture of love and hope for Armenia’s future. Elen shared, “This is the first time I’m planting a tree, and it symbolizes new beginnings as we [Artsakhtsis] have to start our lives again here in Armenia.”

ATP Plants eight millionth tree with students from Artsakh

The celebration continued with traditional Armenian music and dance, including the energetic Yarkhushta, symbolizing the strength and resilience of the Armenian people. Students orchestrated a human figure-eight, representing the eternal nature of Armenia and the unity of our cultural past, present and future.

ATP’s choice to plant the eight millionth tree at the Avedisian School reflects the deep appreciation for its long-standing partnership. Over two decades, the school has actively participated in ATP’s environmental education and tree planting initiatives, eco-club activities and greenhouse projects.

Rousanne Arustamyan, ATP’s Yerevan coordinator, expressed gratitude to sponsors, partners and volunteers, acknowledging their indispensable role in making the eight millionth tree a reality. “With your help, we’ve been able to expand our planting efforts, implement community projects, educational initiatives and partnerships across Armenia and beyond,” she emphasized.

The eight millionth tree serves as a poignant reflection of the organization’s impactful year in 2023. This year alone, ATP planted 712,481 trees, established over 200 hectares of new forests and distributed fruit trees to over 1,200 families in border villages.

As ATP approaches its 30th anniversary in 2024, the leading environmental organization in Armenia is proud to know that each of those eight million trees have found homes in cities, towns, villages, schools and forests. Throughout 2024, ATP will host a series of events across the U.S. and Armenia to celebrate the 30th anniversary, and looks forward to solidifying its green legacy for years to come.

Armenia Tree Project
Armenia Tree Project (ATP) is a non-profit program based in Woburn and Yerevan conducting vitally important environmental projects in Armenia's cities and villages and seeks support in advancing its reforestation mission. Since 1994, ATP has planted and restored more than 6,000,000 trees, and hundreds of jobs have been created for Armenians in seasonal tree-related programs.

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