Azerbaijan continues ethnic cleansing of Artsakh’s Armenians

Fuel storage facility near Stepanakert explodes (NKR InfoCenter, September 25)

YEREVAN—Amidst the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh and Azerbaijan’s national policy of the ethnic cleansing of its Armenian population, forcing thousands to flee their homeland, a powerful explosion ripped through a fuel storage facility near Stepanakert on Monday.

Hundreds of people were lining up at the fuel facility where the blast occurred, because they had been promised fuel –  a scarcity during the over nine-month long blockade – for their cars in order to move to Armenia. 

As a result of the explosion, 290 patients were admitted to different hospitals with various degrees of burns. According to the Ministry of Health of Artsakh, at least seven patients have died in the hospital. Dozens are still in critical condition. 13 unrecognized bodies were transferred to the Bureau of Forensic Examination. Many people are considered missing, because they were burned as a result of the explosion. 

Former State Minister and Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan reported that on Tuesday, 168 patients wounded in the fuel depot explosion were evacuated to Yerevan – 96 by Armenian and Russian helicopters and 72 by Armenian ambulances with the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross. There are 68 confirmed deaths. Meanwhile, the bodies of 125 soldiers who gave their lives protecting Artsakh were transferred to Armenia on Wednesday. According to consolidated data from requests to information centers in Artsakh, the fate of 105 Armenians as a result of the explosion is unknown. 

Weekly contributor Siranush Sargsyan said that the situation in Artsakh’s hospitals following the explosion is “catastrophic.” “Shortages of medical staff, panic, people trying to find their loved ones from the blast,” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

The explosion took place hours after the second round of talks between Azerbaijani officials and Artsakh representatives was held Monday in the town of Ivanyan, just north of Stepanakert. The first round was held last week in Yevlakh, where an agreement was reached on the withdrawal of the remaining units and servicemen of the Armed Forces of Armenia from Artsakh, the disbandment and complete disarmament of the Artsakh Defense Army, and the removal of heavy equipment and weapons from the territory of Artsakh.

The agreement was reached 24 hours after Azerbaijan launched an assault on Artsakh on September 19, heavily shelling civilian settlements and infrastructure. Azerbaijan’s military offensive and bombardment of civilians claimed many lives, enabled mass displacement and triggered turmoil across the region. 

Another major humanitarian crisis is looming on the horizon. As of Wednesday afternoon, about 50,000 Armenians have been forced to flee their homes in Artsakh in the fear of living under Azerbaijani rule, among a population of 120,000. Although Azerbaijan has made numerous statements about the “peaceful integration” of ethnic Armenians into Azerbaijani society, decades of conflict and atrocities and recent events have proven otherwise. 

Multiple videos circulating on Telegram channels show inhumane acts carried out by Azerbaijani soldiers against ethnic Armenian civilians, soldiers and establishments. Two Azerbaijani soldiers fired at a 13th-century monastery in the village of Charektar in the Shahumyan region of Artsakh, Caucasus Heritage Watch reported on X on Wednesday. “Such attacks are a direct violation of the International Court of Justice’s provisional measure on Armenian cultural heritage and must be investigated and brought to justice,” the organization said in a statement.

Artsakh search and rescue operation searches for people’s remains (NKR InfoCenter, September 26)

While the ethnic cleansing policy of Azerbaijan continues to threaten the lives of the ethnic Armenians remaining in the region, thousands of families have been forced to flee their homes, only taking items of importance – leaving their family homes and their livelihood behind. In order to honor his memory and prevent its desecration by Azerbaijan, citizens have reportedly removed the monument of the national hero Monte Melkonyan in the Martuni region of Artsakh and plan to take it with them to Armenia.

The mass exodus of Armenians from Artsakh is only the start of another serious humanitarian crisis. As families flee to save their and their children’s lives from another genocide, traffic jams on the road to Kornidzor have already caused the death of an elderly man. 

Following long hours of travel, Armenians from Artsakh must go through the checkpoint illegally placed by Azerbaijan on the Hakari Bridge at the entrance to the Berdzor (Lachin) Corridor to reach the registration and first aid centers that have been set up by the Red Cross and local organizations.

The small village of Kornidzor in Armenia’s southernmost Syunik region has become the first stop on the way of the forced migration of Armenians from Artsakh. Due to the shortage of fuel and buses, thousands of people arrive in Armenia sitting in the back of trucks. 

The first point of registration for the people of Artsakh was in the town of Goris until Tuesday night, when humanitarian organizations announced that due to the high volume of individuals coming from Artsakh, the resources in Goris have reached capacity, and the new point of registration will now be in Vayk

Volunteers on the ground in Syunik advise all Armenians to register their problems in detail at the registration points including medical, psychological and domestic. They also advise that all individuals request a medical examination and that those who are collecting aid send warm clothes that can be distributed to the people during registration ahead of the cold winter months. 

As this humanitarian crisis unfolds, the Armenian Weekly will continue to follow developments and provide firsthand reporting on families displaced from Artsakh.

House destroyed by Azerbaijani shelling in Berqadzor of Askeran region (Artsakh Ombudsman, September 24)
Hoory Minoyan

Hoory Minoyan

Hoory Minoyan was an active member of the Armenian community in Los Angeles until she moved to Armenia prior to the 44-day war. She graduated with a master's in International Affairs from Boston University, where she was also the recipient of the William R. Keylor Travel Grant. The research and interviews she conducted while in Armenia later became the foundation of her Master’s thesis, “Shaping Identity Through Conflict: The Armenian Experience.” Hoory continues to follow her passion for research and writing by contributing to the Armenian Weekly.


  1. A historic tragedy is palying out right in front of our very eyes. Some of us were warning about this for the past 5 years. We were called Putin’s agents, traitors, etc. If any of you reading this are looking for someone to blame for what happened to Artsakh, look in the mirror and blame yourselves. As I keep saying, anyone that at any time spoke bad about Robert Kocharyan, Serj Sargsyan or Russia, you partook in making this tragedy possible. Any of you that supported Nikol and his Western financed Turkophiles at any time during the past 5 years, have blood of Armenians from Artsakh on your hands. The past 30 years have proven beyond any doubt that Armenians are not ready for independence. The past 5 years have shown beyond any doubt that Armenians don’t even deserve independence. If Armenia does not join Russia in some form in the near future, there will not be an Armenia on the world map.

    • I wonder if those Armenians who have delusions of joining the EU or Nato have ever once looked at a map?

      Russia and only Russia can defend and protect Armenia.

      99.99% of Americans cannot find Armenia on a map.

      Armenia must cling to Russia and give up delusions and fantasies.

    • Where, exactly, are all the millionaires and billionaires in the Diaspora?

      The Diaspora, especially the ones in America, need to shut up permanently.

    • Artsakh was doomed when Pashinyan declared that the Armenian Army would not get involved.

      If Armenians won’t die for Artsakh, why should any Russian?

  2. What has happened in Artsakh over last week in front of eyes of whole world is a clear example of well known Turkish barbarity which occurred in history, as a result many cities from central Asia to Constantinople experienced Turkification or Turknization which is well know to the historian. They killed many people on spots and forced many to flee and slaved the reminder. But what has happened last week in front of eyes of whole world in 21st century is astonishing, and shows how humanity become ignorant and for economic reason turned a blind eye or looked other way and let this atrocious act to go ahead. England, France, Germany, America which all have lucrative business in Azerbaijan, displayed some lip service humanitarian gesture. Russia tacitly gave green light to Turkey and Aliove regime. On the other hand Israel, Turkey, Pakistan and even Taliban in Afghanistan supported those atrocious act.
    Aliove started the so called “anti terror” invasion with a fabricated mine accident(that accident designed and carry out by Aliove government and killed 4 or 5 innocent people from Talesh or Tati background). Where are there the investigative journalist?!

    • Armenia’s toxic diaspora leadership will never be satiated with its thirst for hatreds that sustain its hold on Armenians abroad and in Armenia. Wake up, wallowing in victimhood as you enjoin people to leave their homes is worse than a dead end. For a nation that continuously revels in its intellect, this level of sheer cussedness is truly unbelievable. Incredibly you managed to not only lose Nagorno Karabagh but played an active role in depopulating it within a few days. What next, a call to evacuate Yerevan?

  3. Nobody remembers the Rohinga. the news cycle moves on after a few weeks, just like it did for the azeris in the 90’s. the news cycle doesn’t even rech Africa where ethnic conflict and population’s fleeing is as common as Mondays.

  4. Armenia is a failed state

    Concerned Armenian is right. Therefore, Concerned Armenian will be ignored.

    Then more calamities hit.

    I wonder if the Armenian psyche derives a sick pleasure in being the victim?

  5. Armenia can join NATO. Turkey and Greece are not North Atlantic yet we are in. No one cares about the name of the org. Russia’s group is a clown show. If you got no money for Putin then it’s no protection.

    • Anybody want Armenians to trust the tender mercies of the Turks or the Americans who cannot find Armenia on a map?

    • Yes, my brother! Let’s unite and help get everybody out of Armenia as soon as possible before Russians or Turks take over. It’s much better here in the Diaspora anyway. Don’t you think? Besides, Armenia is not a place, Armenia is a state of mind. Remember the late great William Saroyan’s words: “Burn their homes and churches. Then see if they will not laugh, sing and pray again. For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia.” You see brother, we DONT need an Armenia there if we can have Armenia here. We can do it! We are one of the greatest civilizations of the world. We were the first Christians. We were the first to be genocided. We are the first people who elected a great democratic stateman like Nikol Pashinyan not once but TWICE. So, stop being sad everybody. Be happy and just build a new Armenia wherever you live. It’s really that simple.

  6. Kocharyan and Sargsyan had 20 years to solve the Karabakh problem but failed to do it, or didn’t do it because it was not in the best interests of Russia. Russia wanted to have the problem simmering so it can hold its grip on both AM and AZ. Russia let Turkey, a Nato member, play an active role in the 2020 war in its backyard, South Caucasus. Then Russia allowe3d AZ to invade Armenia proper and grab land. Russia wanted to please the Turks as it desperately needed allies. Armenia tried to be as loyal to Russia as possible, even sent troops to Syria to fight alongside Russia. But Putin still preferred to line up with the Turks, i.e. against Armenia. Armenia was forced to recognize the territorial integrity of AZ to somehow prevent a new war, which would be devastating for AM. AZ used that to organize a genocide in Karabakh, with active participation of Russia. At the ODKB meeting, Lukashenko said “Armenia is nothing, it has nowhere to go. AZ has taken just a couple of rocks where even the goats cannot climb. Not a big deal. Aliyev is absolutely our man.” Aliyev said, in the presence of Putin, he will open the Zangezur corridor whatever it takes, and Putin concurred. Aliyev said Zangezur, Sevan, and Erivan are AZ, and Putin never argued. So AM itself was at stake. Russia would give AM to the Turks to gobble up just to gain their friendship. So Armenia’s turning to the East was an existential step. Will the West stand up for AM is something to be seen. Historically, the West never stood up for AM. The Sevres treaty never materialized, and then the Lausanne conference pardoned the genocide and gave the whole Western AM to the Turks. Russia did nothing to protect AM either. After the First Republic of AM was established, after the heroic battles of Sardarabad and Bash Aparan, the Russian bolsheviks invaded and made AM part of the USSR, and now are saying there would not be a state of AM if not for Russia. Just recently all Russian media (Vladimir Solovyev and the like) were threatening to smash AM and have their border with Iran. Calls to become part of Russia or part of Iran in order to continue existing are ridiculous because those are calls for slavery. What will happen if AM refuses to join Russia or Iran? Will the Turks slaughter all Armenians? Not likely. In the worst scenario, if AM becomes part of Turkey/ AZ, there will be little difference compared to what you are suggesting. Living with dignity, or trying to do that, is the only right path. Do not blame AM for being surrounded by hostile states or by an arrogant state maintaining imperialist sentiments.

    • There was no such a thing as “Russian” Bolsheviks. By their ethnic composition, the prevailing majority of the Bolsheviks were Jews. And I‘d rather live with dignity in a Russian-administered union state than as a vilayet in filthy Turkey.

    • You have seen a map, haven’t you?

      The “West” does not care. Americans don’t know where Armenia is.

      Russia is Armenia’s only hope.

      Antagonising Russia by holding military drills with America was an incredibly stupid thing to do.

    • Fully agree with you, Soren. Artsakh was just a rope for Russia to control AM and AZ. That rope is broken now… Either they ceded to AZ for various interests (including oil and gas exports through AZ) or/and they really miscalculated the consequences that will be for them. Now AZ has no other reason to go with Russia instead of standing with their cousins from Turkey. Let see the “accomplishments” of Russia in the last period: Finland and Sweden in NATO after decades of self-imposed neutrality (by the way, Turkey is keeping Sweden out of NATO for the moment), Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan entered the orbit of China, Ukraine became a long term fierce enemy, Armenia – the most loyal ally in the Caucasus – bullied and made to ask itself if they really need Russian support… The West didn’t contributed too much to that, it is not that smart; it was Russia mistake after mistake that led to such many errors including loosing of Artsakh. The exodus from Artsakh seems to be un-anticipated by them. To my opinion, in a way Artsakh was more important for Russia than for AM. It is true that Russia maintained AM state from being cut by turks, but at a price that now pays back. Generally speaking, never rely on anyone else except of you. All what we need now is to maintain and develop AM. We need to cool down, cease to blame each other or others and make a deep introspection. Beyond finding those responsible it is important to make steps forward. How to do that ? In what direction ? Will see…

    • @ Soren
      Your article is spot on i assume from your name you are Scandinavian? It’s often the way that an outsider without the emotional entanglement can see things more literally than those living there and or those with kinship ties. It’s so true that Russia stymied efforts to resolve the issues as then with the opening of embassies in Yerevan and Baku and some form of open borders it would no longer be able claim it was helping to keep the peace as it simply would be needed. Indeed the anti Pashinyan posters ignore the fact that the habit of obsinate conduct was from the post independence era when he took office it was an established paradigm and by the time he took office the military balance of power had swung decisively in Azerbaijan favour. Also the reality on a map that Turkey and Azerbaijan are more important to Russia than Armenia seems to be ignored by many of the posters with their delusional claims that Armenia should become a Russian territory seemingly ignoring the situation Russia is in globally. Such persons seem oblivious to the broadly positive relationship between Russia and Turkey and Azerbaijan also seem obvious that Turkey is an increasingly estranged NATO member. If Armenia was faced with conquest by Azerbaijan or Turkey and Iran was willing to put Armenia under it’s protection as it seems to have implied by stating that it won’t tolerate a change to its borders then Armenia would be draft to refuse. Also such a prospect would help further debunk the notion of a clash of civilizations Judeo-Christian Vs Islamic which has met a reality check in Syria and Armenia and Ukraine in recent years. The perfidy of Russia who always recognised N-K as Azerbaijan yet criticism of Armenia when it did the same saying it wanted the final status to be discussed at another date. Azerbaijan had waited long enough and wasn’t going to wait much longer. Russia failure to keep the crossing between Armenia and N-K open and did nothing when Azerbaijan attacked once again yet incredulously presumes that Armenia will remain just as loyal as always because as it so thought it’s surrounded by enemies and has nowhere else to go – what an appalling concieted attitude! It’s also noteworthy that the diaspora which tends to have a strong animosity towards Turkey and an ambivalent attitude towards Russia after all it was Russia call to arms left them to face the Turks wrath and the conspiracy between young republic of Turkey and the Soviet Union which led to the evisceration of western Armenia, has been resented by Russia as it was an Armenian link to the wider world not beholden to them. It’s also worth noting that Russia which for a long time had no particular desire for a restored land link between both parts of Azerbaijan is keen on the prospect as it will allow land links between Russia to Azerbaijan and on to Turkey especially as Georgia due to its dispute with Russia doesn’t allow much through traffic between Russia and Turkey. Even when Armenia was most loyal to Russia, Russia was a key arms seller to Azerbaijan and obstructed the gas pipeline from Iran which was intended to run into Georgia by forcing it’s diameter to be 700mm rather than 1450mm whilst there were political issues beyond Armenia control Russia prevented Armenia from earning transit royalties and being able to strengthen it’s interests in Georgia and Iran as a result which would have put them in a stronger position regarding their issues with Azerbaijan..
      Thus the paradigm shift has occurred and Armenia will view Russia realistically not sentimentally anymore especially given its pariah status over its invasion of Ukraine.

  7. His entire life, Nikol dreamed of abandoning Artsakh, forgetting the Armenian Genocide, unconditionally opening Armenia’s borders with Azerbaijan and Turkey and, last but not least, bringing Armenia out of Russia’s orbit. These unique characteristics exhibited by Nikol naturally did not escape the attention of various intelligence services around the world. This essentially is how and why Western and Turkish interests helped place Nikol into power in 2018. This is not a speculation. This can actually be proven in court. Follow the money trail that paved the way to Nikol’s “New Armenia” (NED, USAID, British Council, European Council, large numbers of western financed NGOs, large numbers of western financed news outlets, money transfers from Baku to Armenia just prior to the “velvet revolution”, etc) and you will end up in Washington, London, Brussels, Ankara and perhaps Tel Aviv. To it’s utter shame and disgrace, the Armenian world, both native and diasporan, preferred to keep Nikol in power not once but twice, the second time being after the embarrassing defeat Armenia suffered in 2020.

    Having much bigger matters to tend to in Ukraine, 2018 was also when Russia, Armenia’s only lifeline since 1992, began pulling its protective hand away from both Armenia and Artsakh, but did so only slightly so that the two wouldn’t disappear completely from the map.

    In other words, seeing that official Yerevan was persistently seeking to embrace the West to off-set Russian influence in Armenia, protecting Armenian interests, as Moscow had done since 1992 at the expense of alienating Turks and Azeris, no longer served Russia’s strategic interests. With a major world crisis approaching, instead of moving closer to the Russian Federation for security, which would be a natural move as Armenia was and continues to be almost entirely dependent on Russia for survival, by 2018, the Armenian world had effectively maneuvered Armenia into geopolitical isolation and dead end. Just like how Moscow punished Baku in 1992, Tbilisi in 2008 and Kiev from 2014-present, Moscow also punished Yerevan in 2020. But, unlike what the Kremlin will do to Ukraine (i.e. Ukraine will ceases to exist when this war is over), the Kremlin will make sure that an Armenia survives in some form, as Russians still need Armenians in the south Caucasus as a buffer against Turks and Muslims.

    In a nutshell, what I just described is how Armenians lost Artsakh. This is why Armenia today is like a rudderless boat on a stormy sea. All in all, the last 5 years in Armenia was a nightmare, and a toxic by-product of western-style democracy and the self-destructive efforts of Armenians worldwide to use the West as a leverage against Russia. Consequently, Armenians have no right to complain today, as they were the main authors of the country’s latest tragedy.

    • No, actually, I think what you suggest is a speculation at best and hard to prove ‘in court’. Which court do you mean? What money trail? “Moscow punished yerevan in 2020”?? Who said that, source please? “Ukraine will cease to exist”?? Why would it cease to exist. Listen to yourself and correct those typos in yr English

    • It is pretty much confirmed that organizations like Open Society, NED, USAID, European Council and British Council were financing Nikol and his team in 2018 and prior. It is pretty much confirmed that large amounts of money from Azerbaijan was transferred to Armenia in 2018. Is it pretty much confirmed that Nikol has been anti-Artsakh and anti-Russia going back 20-plus years. It’s pretty much confirmed that Nikol is an agent of Western and Turkish interests. Nice try “reader”. Try again.

  8. There is clearly an effort by Turks and Westerners throughout social media to lure Armenians completely out of Russia’s orbit because they want to have their way with Armenia when it’s totally alone. Don’t automatically assume people who post politically motivated comments on these boards (usually along the lines of Russia bad, Westerns good, Turks are potential friends, Russians are covert enemies, etc) are curious Turks or Westerners, or even “patriotic” Armenians who happened to stumble across this website. Many of these individuals are paid cyber-activists trying to mold minds, ultimately because they know Armenian minds are easy to mold…

    • So, why did Russia take it out on Armenia’s Artsakh stronghold, that now has bitten the dust? I mean: Artsakh-Armenians weren’t moving away from Russia, but they’re the ones who got hurt. And, I can bet you that Artsakh-Armenians are now in the Western Orbit, and Anti-Russia, simply because Russia backstabbed Artsakh.

  9. Agreed with Greg. Only i don’t understand why we needed 30 years of fighting, people suffering and wars victims if one day so easily gave artsakh? I see! The criminal group of people with LTP(Levon Ter- Petrosian) including Kocharyan, Sargsyan and Pashinyan it’s needed to become a government and rich! Don’t blame someone from outside if traitors are in the Armenia!

  10. The dichotomy between two countries economies is huge. AZ will bring in 45+ billion dollars this year through oil and gas exports. Armenia last year exported 5 billion dollars worth of goods and services. De facto population of Armenia is only a quarter of AZ (2.6 million per the latest census – de jure is 2.9m). AZ military will only strengthen and you can almost certainly rule out any opposition coming up against Borat after recent events. Time is not on Armenia’s side, AZ military will be more and more dangerous every passing year.

    There is a real possibility Russia may fully abandon Armenia, cosying up with Erdogan. West will pursue the war in Ukraine until they fully weaken Russia and drain its capabilities. Russia may at some point give up completely. If Russian and Turkish interests align, Armenia will suffer. After the bolshevik revolution, government in Ankara and Moscow got very friendly and the result was the loss of western Armenia.

    The biggest mistake Armenia can make is to rely on west for long term security, you can look at the Kurds’ plight in Syria. If Armenia was bordering Finland, Latvia, you can root for democracy and liberal values. But in a region like this, your primary focus must be security. If it takes to be an outpost of Russia, so be it. What good is it to have a functioning democracy if you are stranded between countries whose eventual goal is to wipe you out.

  11. I am so ashamed to read the most comments here. You all are blaming each other.

    It doesn’t matter If pro West or pro Putin. Start thinking what’s the best to keep an independent Armenia and develope it. Russia betrayed us like always and the West. The Puttler paid trolls must get it. If a new Russian puppet regime is installed, we can also join Turkey and lose everything. I personally see no difference.

    Neither Russia , Iran, West is responsible for the security of the Armenian Homeland. That’s in the hands of all Armenians. So wake Up.

    • Silva, who needs to wake up is you. Armenia is a tiny, landlocked, impoverished and remote nation surrounded by enemies in a very difficult region of the world. Armenia’s population is for the most part incompetent and self-destructive. The Diaspora is for the most part thoroughly assimilated, compromised by foreign interests and therefore impotent. Long story short: Armenia, as it exists, will not survive on its own. The only regional superpower that has an interest in keeping an Armenia in the world map is Russia. The only nation on earth today that enables Armenia to survive is Russia. No Russia in Armenia = no Armenia on the world map. Armenia either joins Russia in some form, or it gets absorbed by Turkey and eventually disappears.

    • @ Silva. “Neither Russia, Iran, West is responsible for the security of the Armenian Homeland. That’s in the hands of all Armenians.” A highly emotional, idealistic and, put in the most respectful sense, feminine, point of view which, as such, unfortunately is myopically far from Realpolitik. So, YOU wake up to the reality.

    • @Gurgen

      Hear! Hear!


      Learn to read a map.

      Armenia’s present and future depends on Russia.

      Look at a map to see the reasons why.

  12. Yes, Silva. One hundred and eight years since the first genocide, and Armenian population is? Stinking 10-12 million people. One half million increase every year in a century , that would amount to around 50 million Armenians, maybe today we wouldn’t have this problem. Because, 50 million people is a force to reckon with. Like they say, size natters.

  13. Surrounded by enemies myth sponsored by Russia.
    Georgia isn’t a friend as such it serves as a conduit for Turkey and Azerbaijan to Armenia detriment but sure not an enemy as such as it’s resisted pressures to turn against Armenia at their behest.
    Iran basically a friend and certainly not an enemy.
    Who do these Kremlin agents ? think they are fooling?
    The same people quite forget how Russia gets on quite well with Turkey and Azerbaijan as they are either so narrow minded as not to know or not paid to point out this inconvenient truth.
    One can’t exist without allies but to excessively rely was the problem it was the misplaced faith in Russia that meant that Armenia didn’t get a settlement in the years following as it believed Russia would back them in turn Russia belived it’s own propoganda and thought as it likes to say Armenia is surrounded by enemies and has nowhere else to go that Armenia would actually distance from Russia. Also take note that Kazakhstan a fellow CTSO member has distanced themselves from Russia since it’s invasion of Ukraine and stated that it will support western sanctions against Russia despite Russia and CTSO helping to put down unrest in January 2022. Clearly if Kazakhstan isn’t being sentimental then nor should Armenia after all Russia has been quite cynical in its policies in the south Caucasus.

    • Sir Charlie,
      Some 80% of Armenia’s borders are with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Turks and Azeris have great leverage over Georgia. Iran, the friendly Islamic state that shares a tiny border with Armenia, is constantly under a serious threat from the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance. So, yes, for all intents and purposes, Armenia is surrounded by enemies. Try again, mate…

  14. Charlie boy, as Vince McMahon said, your country is a cesspool governed by someone of pakistani extraction. Maybe you should worry about “white replacement,” and how you are soon a minority in your own country

    Your arguments are asinine, the azeris just committed genocide against Artsakh. The turks will finish the job they started in 1915

    Turks have no choice but to respect Russia, a nuclear power hundreds of millions of people.

    As for kazakhs, theyre playing a dangerous hlgame of pan-turkism, under russian and chinese noses. Even so, theyre surrounded by other tyrkic peoples… Armenians are not surrounded by friendly people

    So charlie, get a life

    • So we respond to facts with racist comments. “pakistani extraction”, “white replacement” -> It doesn’t make sense when you read it but your racial dogma is easily understood.

      @Charles makes perfect sense to me. His comments are usually backed by logic and facts. It’s nice to know that there is at least some people out there who can respond to logic rather than beliefs that are emotional and nature and supported by half-truths or completely false statements. I do think Pashiniyan is not upto the task but I also don’t think that he purposely sold out Armenia. One can argue he saved countless lives and wanton destruction by seeing the facts. Many young Armenians are alive today because of him. Not that we in the diaspora have to worry about fighting with obsolete weapons against a modern fully integrated army. But we need an easy scapegoat, and ofcourse we can’t blame ourselves.

      This is the end result of 30 years of poor planning and overconfidence as well as corruption on many levels. Besides Armenia has been the pawn for Russia to play and sacrifice at will. To my Russiophilic brethren, look at history. Russia is our friend when it benefits them, our enemies when it doesn’t. She’s a very fickle ally to have. And an “ally” who really is unable and unwilling to help us.

      To survive and prosper it will take politics. It will take playing one neighbor against another. It will take someone who is willing to look at the long game and maneuver around in our geopolitical quagmire. Calling for revolutions and war brings nothing but destruction. But it is thirst-quenching.

      It’s sad but I really don’t think that we will achieve in that matter. We will continue to call Pashiniyan a traitor and accuse him of things without hard evidence. We will not play the game of politics. Some of us will call for the cessation of Armenia as a sovereign country and become part of Russia. At the end of the day, business as usual for the next 30 years in Armenia. Sad.

  15. Peace with it’s neighbors is the only way for Armenia. continued enmity with your neighbors will just leave Armenia further isolated and poorer. since Armenia can’t close it’s border’s restricting it’s citizens fleeting like North Korea does, further depopulation will surely follow

    • Why won’t you visit Turkish or Azeri online publications and stuff their readers’ heads with the need to make peace with the Armenians? Where were you and your “peace with neighbors” made-up crap when the Azeris were bombing Stepanakert and dozens of Armenian villages which triggered ethnic cleansing and forced mass exodus from Artsakh?

    • @austin onah. This is for especially slow-witted posters like you. In 1991, when Armenia proposed establishment of neighborly diplomatic relations to Ankara, Turkey refused. Turks never opened the border thus imposing a blockade, equivalent to incitement of enmity and widely recognized as an act of war, on Armenia. Again, STOP spewing utter rubbish here.

  16. It’s one thing to shout Armenia needs to be a fortress, its another when young Armenians see thier relative’s making it abroad and they decide to leave the country in droves due to lack of economic prospect’s. Unemployment is riff in Armenia, youth’s lie around jobless and those with a slight semblance of motivation emigrate outside. Armenia’s real population should be below 2.5 million in my opinion, that’s less than Mongolia with 3.3 million.

  17. For the first time in its long and turbulent history, Artsakh has been depopulated of its aborigonal population. What Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Mongold, Arabs, Tatars, Russians, Soviets and Azeris would not do or could not do, a group of Western-financed mercenaries did in five short years.

    Nikol’s Turkophiles single-handedly destroyed Artsakh by officially recognizing the territory as Azerbaijan’s. This was done late last year, at a time when Russia had suffered a major setback in Ukraine and was therefore unable to resist Armenian-Western-Turkish-Azeri machinations vis-a-vis Artsakh. In other words, Nikol blackmailed Moscow at a time when Russia was embroiled in a major war against the collective West in Ukraine. One more time: no one else but Nikol abandoned Artsakh, as the Armenian world watched. If any of you reading this are looking for someone to blame for what happened to Artsakh, blame your twice elected Nikol. Then look into a mirror and blame yourselves.

    As I keep saying, anyone that at any time spoke against about Robert Kocharyan, Serj Sargsyan, Vladimir Putin or Russia in general, you partook in bringing Nikol to power and therefore making this tragedy possible. Those who supported Nikol and his Western-financed Turkophiles at any time during the past 5 years, have the blood of Artsakh-Armenians on your hands.

    The past 30 years have proven beyond any doubt that Armenians are not ready for independence. The past 5 years have shown beyond any doubt that Armenians don’t even deserve independence. If Armenia does not join Russia in some form in the near future, there will not be an Armenia on the world map.

    • Russia has always recognised N-K as Azerbaijan by never recognising Armenians self determination declaration and affirmed this when two days before invading Ukraine signed a wide ranging aggrements with Azerbaijan which included acknowledging eachothers internationally recognised boundaries which means that Russia formally recognised N-K as part of Azerbaijan! Full of double talk and perfidy Russia wanted Armenia to let the status be discussed at another time this was not an attempt to save Arktash but by keeping it a running issue then Russia could appear to be mediating and a useful role for itself. However as time passes until it gets a reverse Azerbaijan seems set to consolidate it’s advantage hence any settlement is likely to become more adverse as Armenias position weakens whereas a settlement sooner is more likely to be easier than one at an another date as the Kremlin would prefer for Armenia. Indeed it was the procrastination by the Kremlin friendly previous incumbents that established a play for time strategem with no sense of urgency which as Azerbaijan was to improve its military with Russian assistance amongst others Armenia fell into a complacency assisted by its belief that Russia wouldn’t allow them to loose, hence by the time Pashinyan took office in 2018 there had been 24 years of entrenched behaviour much like the frontline and the minor defeat in 2016 was small enough to be ignored.

      Unlike say Israel and the USA where Israel is strengthened so much that it has call Israel off at times. Russia never wanted Armenia to be in that situation instead wanted a weak dependent Armenia that Russia could appear munificent towards which is utterly cynical and once Russia failed at this an epiphany like currently underway in Armenia was set to happen. Also take note of Syria a Russian ally which has sporadic attacks from Israel who pressured Russia not to sell/ transfer more advanced equipment allegedly Russia didn’t want it’s carefully cultivated mythos of technical ability compromised by Israel if recent equipment in Syrian service was destroyed yet by avoiding this has set itself up for ridicule in Ukraine although it has many successes aswell. Whilst Russia support for Syria has prevented it from treated like Yugoslavia and Iraq by the USA can you imagine a nation with US bases and an ally being compromised like Russian ally Syria? Georgia is a weak neighbour yet if was an enemy as the ignorant Russophiles claim would have closed its border with Armenia, Iran is quite a strong country and has a narrow border with Armenia but has the issue of being seen as a pariah.

      As for Nikol selling out , Armenia only ever recognised the will of the people of Soviet NK to express self determination it did not recognise it as independent let alone claim it as part of Armenia it was only recognised by a unrecognised transdinestra and Abkasia and south Ossetia in other words the whole episode has been a farce! All that Pashinyan has done combined with the force majeure of the defeat is to recognise something ie being part of Azerbaijan as the rest of the world does and put an end to the farcical situation. This is something that ought to be acknowledged so whilst people had ordinary lives in Arktash that were until 2020 almost as though they were in Armenia the legal status was anything but and like any limbo eventually has to come to an end.
      There was nothing wrong in seeking autonamy or integration with Armenia there are plenty of secessionist causes throughout the world the reality is that such movements cannot succeed without acceptance by the incumbent sovereign state or massive international support neither of which came for Arktash.

  18. Judging from what I have been seeing here and in various other social media platforms in recent times, there is a serious effort being made by internet activists to convince us Armenians that Armenia needs to fully come out of Russia’s orbit, embrace Western powers and make friends with Turkey. This effort is designed to isolate Armenia further by deepening the rift between Moscow and Yerevan. Artsakh’s fall was not enough for them. Their main goal now is to have their way with Armenia when the country is totally alone. Therefore, don’t automatically assume that individuals that post politically motivated comments on these boards (usually along the lines of Russia bad, Westerns good, Turks are potential friends, Russians are covert enemies, etc.) are curious Turks or Westerners, or even “patriotic” Armenians who just happened to stumble across this website. I have no doubt that many of these individuals are paid cyber-activists trying to mold minds, ultimately because they know Armenian minds are easy to mold…

  19. @Gagik,

    “White replacement” is real. Only a leftwing leaning lunatic would ignore the demographics to virtue signal, like yelling and screaming “democracy” or “corruption” to install a charlatan like pashinyan

    “Pakistani [indian] extraction” is facts. Charlie boys country isnt even governed by his own, and thats something youre proud of… conquered without a shot… thats the blueprint charlie boy is laying out, cuz thats what england is

    @ Gagik, glad your thoughts are what make up your “sound reasoning”… not once have you disputed any of @concerned’s points about pashinyans treasonous actions, money transfers, etc.

    And your plans are ridiculous – Armenia has 4 neighbors, it CAN’T play turkey off of azerbaijan, nor can it gain a foothold in Georgia after Georgia has been bought off by turkey.

    The only game Armenia had was to stay in Russia’s orbit, and they messed up, by listening to clowns like you… how lame..

  20. @concerned Armenian, Armenia joined the ICC and from what I can see is firm in its decision to leave Russia behind. Iran is a staunch enemy of the west and that is not going to change anytime soon. I can see nikol pashinyan going for peace in the region, seeing as Armenia is always left out of regional projects and decitions, this is a good thing for ordinary people living in Armenia.

    • Effendi,
      Your dream to erase Armenia from the map by alienating the country from Russia and Iran will not work. Nikol will not be able to cross that red line. Nikol and his team of Western financed Turkophiles will sooner die than force Russians out of Armenia. Unless Moscow suffers a very serious defeat in Ukraine, Russia will remain in Armenia. Thank God, Russia is decimating Ukraine’s NATO back military. When Moscow’s attention finally returns to the south Caucasus, Turkic nomads and Western degenerates will scatter away.

  21. Today, Nikol ‘the Clown’ and his ‘Organ Grinding Monkeys’ of CP pahty ( all 81 of them) , ratified the, Rome Statue. Make it short and sweet, among other PHONY-BALONEY laws invented by criminal and genocidal EU, the law dictates to arrest political figures who are considered war criminals, in this case this would apply to ,Mr. Putin. Therefore, in the event. MR. Putin, pays a visit to Armenia, the Armenian clowns will order the arrest of Russia’s president. In response to this BS, Mr. Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian Fedreation State Duma Speaker (Lower House of Russia) said the following ” Yerevan ratified the Rome Statue. This is thoughtless,strategically incorrect decision, which will create problems for Armenia and its citizens”. I am hoping, Mr. Volodin, will send in Russia’s Special Forces. Spetsnaz GRUs, in the middle of the night, and haul off nikol and el al. BTW. the opposion members of NA voted against the ratification.

    • @ Jay
      Judging by the failure of Russian spetnaz and their Chechen auxiliaries to capture Zelensky in February 2022 although they came reasonably close by some accounts i doubt they will be doing the same against Pashinyan, it’s unlikely that he and Putin will meet again in their current leadership capacity either actually and quite possibly in any other circumstance.

  22. You are absolutely correct. Putin and Nikol may never meet again. Chances are Pashinyan might end up facing the same fate as former Wagner group leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

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