ANCA Eastern Region: United for Artsakh

While our hearts and minds are heavy due to last week’s loss of life and land in Artsakh, we stand firmly with our Artsakh brothers and sisters, determined to enter a new phase of Hai Tahd work in the days and months ahead to secure their safety and security. 

Given that our efforts across the legislative and executive branches must continue more than ever, we will host the ANCA Eastern Region Annual Awards Program, United for Artsakh, as planned on October 7 at the Royal Sonesta Boston Hotel.

While the evening will be appropriately somber, we depend on our community to fully support the ANCA Eastern Region’s mission to fight for the continued existence of Artsakh and Armenia. 

With Azerbaijan’s use of military force on September 19-20, its continuing provocations, as well as Azerbaijan’s demands for Artsakh’s 120,000 men, women and children to “integrate” into the very society that has subjected them to a genocidal starvation campaign for months, the ANCA Eastern Region needs your support so that its network of 34 local ANCs across the eastern region’s 31 states can keep sounding the alarm in the halls of Congress, our state legislatures, local governments and in the public square by:

  • Demanding emergency humanitarian assistance to the Armenians of Artsakh through coordination with United Nations agencies and ensuring the continued operation of the Berdzor/Lachin Corridor as a humanitarian route so that Artsakh’s population is not dependent on Azerbaijan’s genocidal regime.
  • Demanding enforcement of Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act to sanction Azerbaijani officials under the Global Magnitsky Act and make clear to Azerbaijan that its acts of aggression will not continue to be rewarded.
  • Demanding that the United Nations Security Council establish a mandate and peacekeeping mission that secures and protects Artsakh’s vulnerable Armenian population consistent with obligations under the U.N. Genocide Convention, recognizing that Azerbaijan cannot be trusted with the rights and security of Artsakh’s population.

Please join us on Saturday, October 7 to support the ANCA Eastern Region’s annual fundraiser. Only with the support of our community can our work continue, especially with so much now at stake. For more information, contact

Fraternally yours,

ANCA Eastern Region and ANCA Eastern Region Endowment Fundraising Committee

ANCA-Eastern Region
The Armenian National Committee of America Eastern Region is part of the largest and most influential Armenian American grassroots organization, the ANCA. Working in coordination with the ANCA in Washington, DC, and a network of chapters and supporters throughout the Eastern United States, the ANCA-ER actively advances the concerns of the Armenian American community on a broad range of issues.

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