Tchaghlasian: President Biden – You must stop this genocide

Ani Tchaghlasian (Photo: Sona Gevorkian)

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Eastern US Central Committee chair Ani Tchaghlasian’s remarks at the SOS! Artsakh protest, organized by the ARF Eastern US and AYF-YOARF Eastern US, held at the White House on September 1, 2023

Why are we here today? 

We’re here today because we are on the precipice. We are on the precipice of another genocide.

Today is the first protest of global protests that are going to take place over the next 24 hours, organized by the ARF [Armenian Revolutionary Federation] and AYF [Armenian Youth Federation].

Why are we doing this today?

It’s because our brothers and sisters in Artsakh are on the precipice of another genocide, starving to death as it hits midnight in their dark homes tonight.

Azerbaijan and Turkey, brothers in genocide, are hell-bent on completing what their bloodthirsty forefathers started. World powers, after their own interests, are once again testing their strength on our soil, with our blood, at our expense.

And the eternal enemy is ever so anxious to complete the mission for which he was sent.

We are at the edge of the precipice. 

Just today, the enemy again murdered four more Armenian young men. 

Our brothers and sisters in Artsakh face genocide through starvation. In Artsakh, where they have endured so much, today, they go to bed hungry every day.

We live in a country whose basis for existence is the right to self-determination, the right to liberty, the right to life. 

We are here to tell our government, to tell President Biden, that recognizing one genocide while sitting idly by while another one takes place is not acceptable. 

We do not accept it. 

President Biden – you must stop this genocide.

We are here to tell you that we will hold your administration personally responsible for this genocide. 

Your so-called interests in the South Caucasus do not trump our right to live. They do not trump the 30,000 children’s rights to live and eat on their millennia-old homeland. 

We are here to tell you this is enough. 

We are holding you personally responsible.

The time to act is now, sireliner.

Now, every day, you must make those calls. You must make those calls again and again – until someone says it’s enough; this is too much pressure. 

We must change the policy of the U.S. government. We must do it every day. Make those calls. Be annoying. Be aggravating. It’s the only way. It’s the least we can do for our brothers and sisters.

And finally, a word to our brothers and sisters in Artsakh. 

Sireliner, we are with you every day. From these far shores, we are with you. We are with you and support you every day.

You are the dignity of the Armenian nation.

You are the future of the Armenian nation.

You will save the Armenian nation, and we will follow you every step of the way.

Ani Tchaghlasian

Ani Tchaghlasian

Ani Tchaghlasian is an investment banker in NYC. She is an active member of the Armenian community in NJ. A relentless Hai Tahd activist, she has been a part of ANC-NJ for over two decades. She has a B.A. in International Relations and French from Franklin & Marshall College, an M.A. in International Politics from Syracuse University and an M.B.A. from Columbia University. Ani currently serves on the ANCA National Board and ARF-ER Central Committee.

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