Arayik Harutyunyan resigns as president of Artsakh

Arayik Harutyunyan

Arayik Harutyunyan has announced his decision to resign as the president of the Republic of Artsakh. 

Harutyunyan said the global “unstable geopolitical situation” and “Artsakh’s internal political and social environments” require flexibility and a change in approach in governance. “A change in the primary actors is needed in Artsakh, starting with me,” Harutyunyan said in a message posted on Facebook on August 31.

“My background and Azerbaijan’s attitude towards it are artificially creating a number of conditions generating significant problems with regard to our further steps and flexible policy. Besides, the defeat in the war and the resulting difficulties that emerged in the country reduced trust in the authorities and especially the president, which represents a very serious obstacle to further good governance,” Harutyunyan said.

Harutyunyan said he will present his official resignation to the Artsakh National Assembly on September 1. Artsakh State Minister Gurgen Nersisyan also resigned, and Secretary of the Security Council Samvel Sergey Shahramanyan has been appointed to replace him. 

Harutyunyan assumed the presidency in May of 2020. He served as president of Artsakh during the 44-day war waged by Azerbaijan in the fall of 2020, which resulted in Armenia’s defeat and the loss of the seven districts adjacent to Artsakh as well as a large part of Artsakh itself.

Rumors of Harutyunyan’s resignation had already been circulating in Armenian and Artsakh media. He recently enacted a constitutional amendment that would give the National Assembly the power to elect an interim president in case of his resignation. 

The former president has also faced pressure from other local politicians to step down. His decision comes days after former Artsakh State Minister Ruben Vardanyan demanded his resignation.

In a Facebook address on August 19, Vardanyan said that Harutyunyan had promised to resign by the start of that week and several times previously. “Some of the eight people present at that meeting did not believe your word. Another part said, ‘Maybe he is telling the truth this time,’” Vardanyan said

Vardanyan’s video address came days after members of a state-controlled volunteer militia entered the Artsakh parliament in a show of support for Harutyunyan on August 16. They demanded a meeting with the head of the Artsakh parliament Davit Ishkhanyan and other parliamentarians, which did not take place. 

The militia was created during the 2020 war. It is made up of civilian volunteers and is under the control of the Artsakh Defense Ministry. The head of the militia Karen Matevosyan said that the militia was created to save Artsakh from “elimination” and did not intervene in domestic politics.

At the time, Ishkhanyan called for “vigilance and restraint.” “Steps taken by some people who have appeared on public platforms under the guise of false unification calls aimed at destroying the foundations of our statehood are unacceptable,” Ishkhanyan said in a statement, without specifying who he was referring to. 

Ishkhanyan, a member of the ARF Bureau and opposition parliamentarian, was elected the speaker of the Artsakh National Assembly in a secret ballot on August 7. He was nominated by the “Free Motherland-United Civic Alliance” ruling coalition led by Harutyunyan. 

Harutyunyan’s resignation comes nearly nine months into a devastating blockade imposed on Artsakh by Azerbaijan. Supplies of food, medicine and other basic necessities have dwindled, and international organizations and human rights groups have warned of a humanitarian crisis. 

Political analyst Tigran Grigoryan said that intense internal political developments have been unfolding in Artsakh over the past months against the backdrop of the blockade. He argued that different groups have emerged with diverging approaches to how to end the blockade and pursue negotiations with Azerbaijan, each of which have been vying for power. In an op-ed for CivilNet, Grigoryan argued that Vardanyan has united the opposition factions in the Artsakh parliament and the former presidents of Artsakh under one of these poles, with a differing stance on how to end the blockade than Harutyunyan.

Both the ruling leadership and opposition in Artsakh have been increasingly critical of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s administration since the 2020 Artsakh War, especially PM Pashinyan’s announcement that he is ready to recognize Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan.

Lillian Avedian

Lillian Avedian

Lillian Avedian is the assistant editor of the Armenian Weekly. She reports on international women's rights, South Caucasus politics, and diasporic identity. Her writing has also been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Democracy in Exile, and Girls on Key Press. She holds master's degrees in journalism and Near Eastern studies from New York University.


  1. Many wanted him to resign but he should not have resigned. More importantly, Artsakh should have rallied for him not to resign. The next president will not be voted by Artsakh Armenians. I am afraid this will mark the end of democratic Republic of Artsakh. It is sad day for me. I pray that I am wrong.

    • Your “democracy” got Armenia and Artsakh to where they are today. The sooner your “democracy” dies the better for Armenia and Artsakh.

    • This is in fact the restoration of democracy. Nikol and Bosha arayik are fascist installations.

    • The unibrow Armenian Trump will never do such a thing. Never. half the country could perish under his so called leadership and he wouldn’t even consider it. You could easily see what kind of guy he was long before he became the so called leader, aka chief sock puppet social media boy who dances for cameras while robbing the country blind of what little it did have, and taking orders from his boss, the US ambassador Kvien, who takers her orders from the SoC Blitzkreig Blinken, who answers to Biden. All of these vile characters have reputations. Kvien is the former ambassador to ukraine, which is the same road Armenia is on since 2018.

  2. Gurgen, you commented: “Your “democracy” got Armenia and Artsakh to where they are today. The sooner your “democracy” dies the better for Armenia and Artsakh.”
    Quoting Wikipedia: “General elections were held in the Republic of Artsakh on 31 March 2020, with a second round of the presidential election on 14 April. Voters elected the President (note Arayik Harutyunyan) and 33 members of the National Assembly.“
    I am not going to second guess what the citizens of Armenia or Artsakh want or aspire. If it is what you comment they aspire – “the sooner (your) “democracy” dies” – . surely, they will continue to have my support and I will continue to stand by them from the Diaspora.

    • Vahe, long story short – you need to wake up. Attempt to westernize Armenia got us to where we are today. If you want to see Armenia and/or Artsakh come out of this nightmare, pray Armenia goes back into the Russian orbit. Otherwise, don’t complain.

    • First, lahmacun was never Turkish as it originated in the Levant and is derived from Arabic laḥm ʿajīn, meaning “meat with dough”. Second, go learn history and enlighten yourself about dictatorships which, in many historical episodes, were more efficient than western-style democracies when it came to state-building.

  3. In reference to Harutyunyan’s resignation, Turk agent, by the name of ‘Vahe’, responded. ” …it is sad day for me…I will continue to stand by the diaspora”. Yeah, OK, whatever. IGNORE this Vahe individual, this person is NOT Armenian, more like a Turk agent at work, trying to stir up division amongst Armenians. FYI, The former president of Artsakh, Arayik Harutyunyan, who resigned of his post yesterday, is part of a team in a criminal conspiracy with Azerbaijan, where ,There is a plan in the making,in which, Harutyunyan, and his militias,may organize armed clashes in Artsakh, which in turn will give Azeris the opportunity to invade Artsakh due to the instability created by Harutyunyan and his militias,
    to restore ‘peace’ . Cut to the chase , Harutyunyan is in cahoots with, Erdogan, Alliev, and Pashinyan in an attempt to dissolve the governmental institutions of Artsakh, and the members of deputies, to give up their positions,so that Republic of Artsakh officially becomes Azeri khanate, as these uncivilized Whirling Dervishes have been barking for 30 years. Anywho, Long before there was Azerbaijan, Nato, ATS, ISIS, and a tiny Israel, there was the Battle of Sardarabad, May of 21-29 1918, where 40,000 RESELIENT Armenians held back Turk invaders from capturing Yerevan. As a result, 197,000 Turks lost their lives. Today, there are over 300,000 Armenian volunteers waiting for Turks to make their move, and we are not counting the land mines waiting to go KABOOM.

    • I understand where your coming from when you claim anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a Turkish agent but you know that is not the case. Are you telling me that the millions of Armenians in US etc are all pro Russian?

      Humans all have differing world views that’s what makes us unique. All comes from upbringing, education, life experiences, culture, etc. It drives us forward to advancement with some trial and errors.

      Anyways, would you rather live in the US or Russia?

  4. I’m sure that Harutunyan is a good person, and a competent leader; having said that, he could’ve encouraged greater transparency during the 44 Day 2020 War, the same goes for Pashinyan. The Armenian People, worldwide, would’ve been more forgiving about the 2020 defeat, if news sources hadn’t been channeled into distorted talking points, during the war. So many of us were shocked by the November 9th unconditional surrender terms signed by Pashinyan, and later implemented by Harutunyan; but, if we had been better informed about the dire circumstances, we might’ve been more understanding..

    • Pashinyan, Harutunyan, Zelensky, Saakashvili, professional Russophobes, cyber activists that support them, etc., are all part of the same project/agenda. One more time, holding an Armenian flag does not make one Armenian or pro-Armenia.

    • I have no doubt that he is a competent and genuine person trying to save an ancient population. At this point, the safest approach is to save the children and have them move out of the region. Borat does not have the patience to wait until Russian troops leave in 2025, there will probably be another escalation soon.

    • I’d rather live in my ancestral lands in Western Armenia from where my forefathers have been forcibly deported and some killed by the Turks.

  5. @Lawrence this is so true during the conflict i would look at western media from where I live in the UK and it was clear from the propoganda presented Armenia was losing assets at a far greater scale than Azerbaijan thus was loosing rather badly and in effect being routed, no doubt some fought well a scene of three Azeri tanks in a row being ambushed in around ten seconds was spectacular and inflicted losses but in the grand scheme of things wasn’t altering the general course of events. It’s natural to hope for the best of ones cause and no doubt many were bouyed by their against the odds victory in 1994 and wrongly thought because they won then it meant they would win again in effect a self congratulatory echo chamber. Obviously nations in conflict can be rather disingenuous and don’t want to publiscise much bad news as it harms morale but pretending that they were in control when they weren’t led many Armenians thinking they were holding out and hence the 9 November surrender seemed like a stab in the back betrayal when in fact it was a grim acknowledgment of the reality. Also the difference between Armenian and Azeri propoganda was telling the much fewer Armenian clips of destruction of Azeri assets had computer graphic montage of a fancy opening of the image along with a theatrical “whip woo” sound and an eagle screech whereas Azeri propoganda simply opened a national flag and in one corner and small crest without any extraneous sounds and computer graphic screen morphing, a telling case of empty pots make the most noise. Hence in future Armenians ought to check foreign media for a more balanced perspective in conflicts with Azerbaijan and avoid the horrible shock they fell into in 2020. Also there was a popular notion insinuated by the pro Russian Armenians and Russians that Armenia lost because they had caused alienation over the election of Pashinyan and had this not occurred Russia would have been able to fend off Azeri actions had it chosen to. This seemed plausible until little over a year later ( how quickly fate can turn) Russia invaded Ukraine and it’s military columns were savaged by the same TB 2 drones in Ukrainian service that in Azeri service savaged Armenians and this myth along with other fables about the Russian military being a superior wonderforce became harder to substantiate. Also when Russia invaded Ukraine i saw a comment on YouTube by an Armenian regarding their links to Russia and the setbacks Russia was enduring due to western support that it wasn’t a significant issue for Armenia since the west wasn’t going to be supporting Azerbaijan like Ukraine yet completely failing to mention that Russia isn’t going to commit to Armenia like it would in Ukraine and the subsequent blockade by Azerbaijan has shown Russia up and painfully helping Armenians to become more realistic and less sentimental about Russia. Another myth which needs to go is the surrounded by enemies, Georgia and Iran are not allies yet are not enemies either and Armenians have realistic views of both yet struggle to be rational about Russia. Once upon a time Bulgaria was Armenia best ally and Greece was a rival and opponent yet nowadays no Armenian calls for alliance with Bulgaria and Greece is seen as a friendly nation.

    • Charlie, can you please stop with all your pre-scripted answers? You are all over the place. Besides, much of what you cut and paste is either a lie, a half-truth or simply nonsensical. I know you are part of a cyberian team tasked with convincing us Armenians that Armenia would be better off if it breaks its ties to Russia and explores other options. Breaking news for you, chap – not going to happen!

    • You seem like the only one here who understood my point; namely, that Artsakh didn’t encourage transparency, but instead censored talking points which deceived the Armenian People, and led to great outrage when Armenia surrendered unconditionally in November, 2020, and Artsakh submitted to the humiliating Surrender terms.

      Since 1992, Armenians always had the upper hand, until 2020. That includes the Karabakh War (1988 – 1994), the April, 2016, 4-Day Karabakh War, and the weekly skirmishes which were happening for decades. Because Artsakh Armenians previously were winning, it was easy to believe Armenian News Sources, in the 2020 Karabakh fiasco, because previously those same news sources were accurate,

      By that same measure, it’s better to be brutally honest about the current situations. One such matter is to determine whether other countries can be relied upon. Russia, USA, EU, Britain, CSTO, NATO and UN, none of those entities have met expectations. Both Russia & the CSTO haven’t honored the signed alliance agreements with Armenia, which are binding midway into the 21st Century.

  6. YES, GURGEN, the resignation of the president of Artsakh is a sad day for me. I hope he will not be the last president the Armenians of Artsakh elect. They face the distinct probability that may be the case, unless…..
    I quote from Vahan Zanoyan’s recent article, he titled “A Devil in Every Detail: “But probably the ultimate imponderable for the citizens of Nagorno Karabakh is moving from a democratic to an autocratic system of government. Nagorno Karabakh is a democratic country, and the people of Nagorno Karabakh have a deep-rooted tradition of living freely. Freedom and dignified living are not only a way of life, but an essential national value. Azerbaijan, on the other hand, is a dictatorship which has been ruled by the same family for three decades. …..By contrast, in the past 29 years, Nagorno Karabakh has had 4 different democratically elected Presidents. ……”
    It was a sad day, but a fresh air in a day you welcomed. But not for me.

  7. Hello Armenians,
    Did any of you experience,slight case of amnesia, while reading Charkes post. Man, I had to reach for a second glass of Cabarnet.

  8. Maybe Armenians deserve it to write their last chapter in their history book. Armenians can’t trust anyone. They have no friends. Russia is definitely not an Partner or friend.

    The lost of Armenian territory is a result of Russian politics since the last 150 years. Kirovabad, Bakurakan, Nahitchevan, Western Armenia, maybe Artzakh, Syunik. That is Russia’s business. The lost of Cilicia was a french business.

    The Jewish Zionism should be a model for the Armenians. But every Armenian want to lead the nation and that is the problem. We are so divided.

    We had the possibility to create a second Hayastan in Madagascar in 1926.enough time and resources to be a superpower in the region.

    Armenia was not able to create a functional State, Military, Economy and educational system. Thanks to the Russian gangsters we wasted 30 years and many lives. We haven’t learned from history.

    Only educated Diasporian should lead the country. The Soviet slave mentality will bring no progress.

    I am angry and disappointed.

    • Nice try, Mesrop. Ket’s use Armenian names to advance Turko-Zionost-Western talking points. First off, you can’t lose something you don’t have. All of what modern Armenia is, is a Russian creation. The French gifted Cilicia to Turks. The British gifted Karabakh to Azeri Tatars. The Armenian goverment of the so-called first republic anamdoned Kars. I suggest you read the treaty of Alexandropol. Under Armenian rule, Armenia was reduced to 12,000 square kilometers. When the Bolsheviks came, Armenia was increased to 28,000 square kilometers. Then in 1936, Stalin officially turned Armenia into a republic. Armenia is a Russian creation. Had Russians not come down to the south Caucasus, Armenians today would still be herding goats in eastern Turkey or making carpets in northern Iran, that is if they survived.

    • Nice try, Mesrop. Let’s use Armenian names to advance Turko-Zionost-Western talking points. First off, you can’t lose something you don’t have. All of what modern Armenia is, is a Russian creation. The French gifted Cilicia to Turks. The British gifted Karabakh to Azeri Tatars. The Armenian goverment of the so-called first republic abandoned Kars. I suggest you read the treaty of Alexandropol. Under the pro-Western Armenian rule, Armenia was reduced to 12,000 square kilometers. Armenia was rapidly shriking at the time because Armenians were waiting for the French and the British to come to their rescue. Western never arrived, but Russians did, under a new banner. When the Bolsheviks came, Armenia was increased to 28,000 square kilometers. Then in 1936, Stalin officially turned Armenia into a republic. Armenia is a Russian creation. Had Russians not come down to the south Caucasus, Armenians today would still be herding goats in eastern Turkey or making carpets in northern Iran, that is if they survived.

    • Stop blaming the Russians. The loss of Armenian territory is our fault – starting with western Armenia to the loss of Artsakh territory. We allowed ourselves to be good Turkic subjects for 500 years, and when they were preparing to wipe us out instead of fighting back like some wanted, we tried to stay peaceful as they proceeded to exterminate us. Lately it is our bad politics that brought the invasion of Artsakh. We allowed a Trojan horse by the name of pashinyan to take power and lead us to the brink of ruin. That was our choice.

  9. @ Gurgen I don’t urge Armenia to break from Russia just to more realistic, pragmatic and less sentimental and idealistic about Russia, which has a track record of taking Armenia for granted helped greatly by the issues with Turkey and Azerbaijan. To be honest as to why Armenia lost in 2020 . As I’ve quoted before seeing TB2 drones savage Russians just as they savaged Armenians should help to quietly better understand the situation in 2020 rather than wallow in conspiracy theories about Pashinyan especially and attendant self pity. I’m flattered by your assumption that I’m part of a cyberteam it shows your misjudgment more than anything else. With your staunch support for Russia is this from Russia itself or Armenia where you write from? As for the future time will tell and it has plenty of surprises for us all! Time to move on from the Soviet Union mindset, that was then and this is now. As matters stand Russia is entangled in Ukraine and can’t do much for Armenia and as a legal associate of Russia there isn’t much the west is willing to do for Armenia thus is having the worst of both. In the meantime the Armenians are being starved out of the remaining section of N-K and the border is being encroached by Azerbaijan. Regarding interests when they were doing well Nazi Germany had Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, Romania as allies by the time they surrendered their allies had deserted them as it was no longer in their interest to remain linked to Nazi Germany in other words when it became incontrovertible self interest determined a different policy of alligence.

    • Charlie, you know nothing about the region’s geopolitics, warfare and domestic affairs in Armenia. One more time. Worry about your country. We’ll manage.

      PS: had you known anything about warfare and fighting in Ukraine, you would have known that your beloved Byraktars failed to be a military factor very early in the war.

    • Drones are not savaging Russia – maybe donetsk a bit but that’s it. A few limp drones landing on Russian streets is hardly savaging Russia – Ukraine is falling apart rapidly as they are starting to recruit women. The Russians have been fighting a war of attrition on purpose to keep civilian casualties to a minimum – stop listening to western media. Your Armenian – you should know better.

    • Vartan,
      Charlie is a British national. He is here to “educate” us Armenians about the need to embrace the West and distance ourselves from Russia…


    • Very well said: I made the same point earlier here, but you explained it very well — maybe even better than the way I said it. And, censoring information that way was essentially a news blackout. In all previous engagements, since 1992, the news sources accurately described an unending string of Armenian victories; so, people were naturally angry to be deceived like that.

  11. @ Gurgen, with your patronising comments use of pet name address of me demeans you along with your lack of integrity and dignity as an Armenian? to believe that it’s fine for Russia to invade Ukraine on kith and kin and national interest issues but Armenia shouldn’t have agitated over the fact that N-K was part of Azerbaijan as affirmed by the Soviet Union and should have obeyed Moscow years ago. My own country whilst theoretically faces Russian nuclear weapons has no other military challenge right now to its integrity quite unlike Armenia and your idol? Russia. As for the TB2 they are back in action to some extent as Russian systems on the front have been so degraded by FPV drones something i hope Armenia is investing in. As for military strategy your Idol? Russia has made a colossal error in attacking a country that is massively supported by NATO countries essential to its cause whose territory is out of bounds to Russian military action also the failure to target government ministries, power stations, roads and railways and bridges, along with sending armoured columns in tight parade like formation down urban streets to be savaged in the beginning was a testament to how much competence the leadership your idol nation has. I have a perfect right to comment about military matters and you have no reason to tell me that I should not, I don’t tell you what you ought to comment upon or not. I noticed that you haven’t stated where you write from nor if it’s on your own volition or at the behest of others which you keep accusing me of. If Russia no good hopefully countries like India and France may help Armenia with satellite images of Azeri and Turkish assets to help with strategic planning as Armenia seems at risk of another war with Azerbaijan with Russia balancing it’s interests as usual. In 2020 Turkey and Israel and Pakistan must have helped with satellite images of Armenian assets greatly helping the Azeri cause. As the rouble has fallen sharply this might have an effect on support.

    • Sir Charlie, long story short, yes! I am okay with Russia “invading” Ukraine. Keep provoking the Bear and it may one day invade Britain as well. All the rest of your rhetoric is a strawman argument. You have a political agenda here. There is therefore no way anyone can talk sense into you. My replies to you are actually meant for the casual observer, not you.

    • Allow me to chime in to refute some of Charles’ politically motivated talking points.

      Russia was NEVER and is still NOT against Armenians “invading” or controlling Karabakh. After the Soviet Union dissolved, Moscow began helping Armenia’s war effort. The military aid we Armenians were provided by Moscow at the time (which also included military advisors and volunteers) was the real reason why we began to win the war in 1992. Now, the problem Moscow had back then and still has today was with the 7 additional territories outside of Karabakh’s internationally recognized territories that Armenians also liberated because Azeri resistance had collapsed by 1993. The 7 territories was what Moscow (and the rest of the word) had a problem with because it was a direct challenge to the international order, by a newly emerged and tiny nation-state nonetheless.

      By us not only stubbornly holding on to the 7 territories despite persistent calls to pull out but also drawing Western powers in the very complex matter in order to avoid and/or delay the inevitable, we created the disaster of 2020.

      I repeat: Moscow was and is perfectly fine with Armenian control over Karabakh. This, in fact, is why Russians intervened in 2020 to stop Nikol’s Western and Turkish backed government from losing all of Karabakh.

      Regarding Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine. It’s very similar to Armenia’s “invasion” of Karabakh.

      Think of Ukraine as Azerbaijan. Think of Donbas and Crimea as Karabakh. Even though Russia is a superpower, and if need be it can take all of Ukraine, Moscow has done its best to restricted its appetite to only historic Russian territories inside eastern and southern Ukriane. But because you in the West are provoking the Bear, Moscow may go ahead and liberate the “7 territories” as well. However, it does not want to. We Armenians in the other hand should have had the wisdom (and the self-realization) to only hold on to the internationally recognized borders of Karabakh.

      This was likewise written for interested readers and not necessarily Charles. Please try to understand what I expalined as it is fundamental to understanding Karabakh.

    • Recent developments such as the open discord between Russia and Armenia and military buildup by Azerbaijan and the sudden improvement in relations between Armenia and western countries is suggestive that a paradigm change is on its way. . .
      Arguing about past errors and wrongs will not prepare for the strong possibility of another war.
      Armenia did make an errors in its obsinate conduct post 1994 and it’s narrow minded foreign policy
      Those who say how the Soviet generation were able to prevail against Azerbaijan in an attritional war in the 1990s yet the post Soviet pop culture western looking generation would fail so badly in 2020 perhaps should ponder that the post Soviet presumably pop culture western looking generation in Azerbaijan were able to rout Armenia so quickly in a decisive rapid attack.
      Parochial clanish traits whilst giving a strong sense of identity and integrity do blind to the wider world hence the echo chamber that resonated 1994 – 2020
      Also with Russia the relationship is dependent on Russia being the protector but what if like as present isn’t so able to, don’t listen to the if not for Pashinyan since Russia is severely limited by its entanglement in Ukraine which is not Armenias nor Pashinyan fault in any way, but woe betide to ignore on the grounds of its not in Armenia and we did nothing to instigate this.

      ”Drones not savaging Russia” well how do you explain the destruction of irreplaceable military aircraft in Russia far from Ukraine and various military factories being targeted Moscow having to have anti air systems on buildings facts are facts scoffing at western media will get you people into the same nasty surprise that happened in November 2020

    • Charles, I want to believe you are more intelligent than what your writings suggest. Regarding drones, you brought up the Turkish Byraktars, and it was explained to you that they have failed miserably in the war in Ukraine. I didn’t say anything about various smaller drones from around the world that have had a great impact on both sides of the battleline. Russia’s Lancet drone has been by far the most successful in the war. Regarding the post Soviet generation in Armenia and Azerbaijan, it was explained to you that unlike in Armenia, a country that opened the floodgates to all forms of Western influence, Azerbaijani leaders were smart enough to insulate Azerbaijani society from the toxic effects of Western culture. Do you now understand?

  12. Perhaps a social studies should be conducted of how western influence has affected Armenia Azerbaijan and for fairness and context sake Georgia post collapse of the Soviet Union such reports should be by persons not from the area. When it comes to government Azerbaijan is a one party family firm, socially it’s quite liberal low levels of observance, decriminalised homosexuality etc. Whilst Russia did get the better of the TB2 drones they did destroy many Russian assets which were niavely sent in tight parade formation thus you can’t honestly blame Pashinyan your villain? for how your idol? Russia was so helpless before the same devices, (which is partially why Russia failed to besiege Kiev and subsequently withdrew) the Armenians were little over a year before! However due to the heavy losses of Russian assets on the front to FPV drones something i hope Armenia is investing in they have made a partial comeback. Hence this shows the insinuations popular by the anti Pashinyan and pro Russian Armenians that had Armenia had Russia closely at its side they would have been able to prevent such losses which seemed plausible until one sees the Russians taking losses in just the same manner. Those who then state well the west isn’t going to support Azerbaijan against Armenia in the way it’s supported Ukraine against Russia should bear in mind that Russia even without differences with Armenian government wouldn’t have the same commitment to Armenia as it does to its endeavour in Ukraine especially whilst entangled there. The Lancet drone is an effective device indeed and has picked off Ukrainian assets mainly vehicles extensively it would be absurd and concieted to scoff at it on the basis that it’s Russian. It would be interesting to do a survey in Armenia and N-K of “do you feel that extensive Russian losses to TB2 drones in Ukraine make it easier to accept that it was a case of being outmatched in 2020 rather than we wouldn’t have had a problem had there not been distance between Russia and Armenia and whether subsequent events in Ukraine led to a change of views and whether one supports or opposes Pashinyan and has positive, ambivalent or negative views of Russia”
    The two main issues, are the real betrayal was the appalling level of disinformation about how Armenia was faring in 2020 hence many Armenians believed that Armenia was holding off and was managing the losses when this wasn’t the case as western media was clear from the beginning that unlike the last war this time Azerbaijan clearly had the advantage perhaps scoffing at western media keeps one in Soviet? ignorance only to get a nasty surprise. The other was a noxious insinuation that Armenia lost simply because of Pashinyan running the country down and alienating Russia who otherwise could with their weapons stopped anything the Azeris could bring to bear which seemed plausible until subsequent events disproved this in Ukraine. As for come and go note how Germany on the advance against France in 1914 a slow retreat until a dramatic breakthrough in early 1918 and it’s subsequent steady retreat and surrender that year. In 1940 Germany overran France and much of Europe yet from 1943 was clearly in retreat and it’s full surrender in 1945 . The Soviet Union in 1941 was able to survive the German invasion and devastation yet firty years later with no invasion was no longer able to cohere and collapsed without much of a murmour. Thus as the investments advertising statement goes ” past performance is no guarantee of future success”

    • Charlie, you win. You finally got the last say. I still can’t figure out what you are saying, but you win. You’re the champion. Now please go home.

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