We Live to Keep Others Alive…AMAA Artsakh holds Camp for Youth

AMAA Artsakh Camp

By Viktor Karapetyan, AMAA Representative in Artsakh

They are trying to eliminate us, but we live and keep others alive…

Life in Artsakh is different. To live here you must be a source of support for those around you. You must transmit life to others. You must fight and not give up.

Uncertainty, chaos, despair…Sometimes it seems like spring will never come to the homeland. It is difficult to work with and convey hope to members of the young generation who live in this chaos. It is even more difficult to show them how they can participate in the mission. 

From August 14-18, the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) Artsakh branch organized a camp to give hope and encouragement to the youth and teach them that each person has their part in building the homeland. The camp, filled with entertainment as well as educational and patriotic sessions, separated the children from their everyday worries and the blockade.

We must learn to be healthy in mind, heart and soul so that we can pass on the same spirit to others. We can each help and uplift each other to overcome these challenges.

“It is the heroic resistance that will save the motherland and not pitiful foreign mercy,” said Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director/CEO. “We firmly stand by your side, with unbreakable will, but we humble ourselves against your heroic struggle. We appreciate, love, join your struggle and bow before you.”

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