Narine Tokatlian-Maltez makes her mark on the world stage

Narine Tokatlian-Maltez at the U.S. Kids Junior Golf World Championship

At just nine years old, Narine Tokatlian-Maltez is already making waves in the world of golf, capturing the hearts of fans and fellow players alike with her remarkable talent and infectious enthusiasm for the sport. Hailing from the sunshine state of Florida, Narine’s journey began at age six when she first picked up a golf club. Little did anyone know that this young prodigy would soon showcase her skills to international audiences. Her dedication, hours of practice and unwavering commitment have propelled her onto the global stage at the 2023 U.S. Kids Junior Golf World Championship tournament in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Narine and her mother Sose Tokatlian excited to be representing Armenia as well as Florida at the tournament

One of the most touching moments of the championship was Narine’s dual representation of Florida and Armenia during the Parade of Nations. Officially representing Florida, Narine also took immense pride in representing her ancestral homeland of Armenia. She walked among a sea of flags and cultures, symbolizing the unity that sports can foster among nations. Her connection to her Armenian heritage added a unique layer of depth to her performance, inspiring young athletes worldwide. 

The tournament hosted over 1,500 players ranging from 5-11 years old from over 30 different countries and presented a grueling yet rewarding challenge for Narine. Over the course of three days, she navigated through 5,700 yards of Pinehurst’s challenging greens and fairways.

Narine on day one of the tournament

Competing in a group of 112 girls, all at the top of their game and hailing from diverse corners of the world, Narine showcased her technical prowess, mental resilience and unwavering passion for golf, placing in the top two thirds of her age group. Beyond the scores and strokes, Narine’s journey to Pinehurst allowed her to forge friendships with girls her age who share the same passion for golf. The World Championships unite young players from various backgrounds, who form lasting connections and lifelong memories that transcend borders. 

Narine’s remarkable journey and achievements can be followed on her Instagram account. Her social media offers a glimpse into the life of a young athlete dedicated to her craft and the victories and challenges she encounters along the way. Her feed showcases the candid moments, hard work and unbridled joy that define her approach to the game and allow her to shine on the world stage, leaving an indelible mark on the golfing community. 

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As Narine continues to grow and hone her skills, her journey promises to be filled with excitement and continued success, propelling her and those who follow her on a journey far beyond the golf course and demonstrating the transformative power of passion, dedication and a little white ball.

Tamar Kassarjian

Tamar Kassarjian

Tamar Kassarjian is a native Floridian and currently working toward her masters in healthcare administration. She serves on the executive of the ARS "Sosseh" Chapter, where she’s been a member for nine years. She also serves as the secretary for the AYF South Florida “Arev” Chapter, where she has been a member for five years. Tamar is active in her local Armenian community as an Armenian dance teacher at Arevig Dance Ensemble and an Armenian language kindergarten teacher at the local Sunday school.

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