Providence ARF remembers and celebrates the Khanasor expedition and Armenian independence

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—The Providence “Kristapor” Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) held its annual Khanasor and Armenian Independence Day picnic on Sunday at Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Apostolic Church.  

About 200 picnic supporters enjoyed delicious beef tip kebabs, losh kebab and chicken dinners prepared by ARF members and helpers. Those gathered at the Armenia Street parking lot were entertained by Hagop Garabedian (keyboard), Harry Alahverdian (oud), Malcolm Varadian (dumbeg) and Carl Goshgarian (vocals).

This annual event celebrates the historic Battle of Khanasor (Khanasor Expedition), which took place in 1897 and the Republic of Armenia’s First Independence in May 1918.

The Providence ARF proudly celebrates our fedayi heroes who stood against the enemy to defend our peoples’ right to live freely and practice their Christian faith. The fight for survival is still going on in Armenia and Artsakh today, and our heroes continue to put their lives on the line against the same enemy from more than 100 years ago, fighting to defend our right to live as Armenians in our sovereign land.


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Guest Contributor

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  1. Honored and proud to be part of a community that has always remembered these great fighters and defenders of our homeland.

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