AYF-YOARF Eastern Region condemns Pashinyan’s recognition of Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan

The AYF-YOARF Eastern Region strongly condemns the Armenian government’s recognition of Artsakh as Azerbaijani territory and calls for the removal of the treacherous Pashinyan regime by any means necessary.

Pashinyan and his cadre of traitors have just committed their latest and most costly betrayal of the Armenian people, in service of pan-Turkism and the goals of the fascist states of Turkey and Azerbaijan. The Armenian government has chosen to recognize Azerbaijan’s so-called “territorial integrity” and specifically consider all of Artsakh to be a part of Azerbaijan, condemning the 120,000 Armenians of Artsakh to occupation and expulsion.

Under Pashinyan’s agreement, we will see a repetition of that which we saw in 2020 with the surrender of Shushi, Hadrut, and other cities, as well as in 2022 with the signing away of Berdzor and Aghavno: the mass expulsion of our people, scores of children who have fled their homes, crimes against humanity inflicted upon our people, and so forth. Berdzor, Aghavno, Karvachar, Dadivank, Sus and countless other villages and cities were not captured by Azerbaijan, but handed over by the stroke of Pashinyan’s pen. He now intends to do the same to the entirety of Artsakh.

The Turko-Azeri agent Nikol Pashinyan hopes to rely on the goodwill of the genocidal maniac and Armenophobe Aliyev, placing the fate of the people of Artsakh under his control. Yet, the horrors inflicted upon the Armenian people in Jermuk last year, the Azerbaijani war crimes of 2020, the ethnic cleansing of Nakhichevan-Armenians, and the massacres in Kirovabad, Sumgait and Baku all reveal that the Azerbaijani state is only interested in the mass slaughter and expulsion of the Armenian people – which, if given the chance by Pashinyan’s agreement, it will inflict upon the rest of Artsakh.

The AYF-YOARF calls on the Armenian youth of the Eastern Region and of the world to be prepared to exert all efforts and all avenues of struggle to remove the Pashinyan government and resist the occupation of Artsakh. 

We echo the statements and stance of our parent organization, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), and call on all Armenians to band together in defiance of the Armenian government’s betrayal of our people. Contrary to the anti-Armenian ambitions of the concessionary Pashinyan government, the AYF-YOARF and ARF, faithful to the Armenian Cause and just rights of the Armenian people, seek the unification of not only Artsakh, but Nakhichevan, Javakhk and Western Armenia with the Republic of Armenia.

Thus, we put forth the following demands:

  1. The immediate resignation of the traitor Nikol Pashinyan, and his stooges, Ararat Mirzoyan and Alen Simonyan.
  2. That members of the ruling Civil Contract Party either immediately resign their parliamentary mandates or take steps to remove Pashinyan from office through a no-confidence vote.

Artsakh is, has been, and always will be the land of the Armenian people. Artsakh will never be part of Azerbaijan. If Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan refuses to acknowledge this by ceasing his treasonous and conciliatory negotiations with fascist Azerbaijan, he must be removed by any means necessary.

In Revolutionary Spirit,

Armenian Youth Federation – Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Founded in 1933, The Armenian Youth Federation is an international, non-profit, youth organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). The AYF-YOARF Eastern United States stands on five pillars that guide its central activities and initiatives: Educational, Hai Tahd, Social, Athletic and Cultural. The AYF also promotes a fraternal attitude of respect for ideas and individuals amongst its membership. Unity and cooperation are essential traits that allow members of the organization to work together to realize the AYF’s objectives.