Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society of Eastern United States presents new regional executive

Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society of Eastern United States 46th Annual Representative Assembly

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — The Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society of Eastern United States convened its 46th annual representative assembly on May 13 at St. Gregory’s Church “Founders Hall.” For the first time in three years, the meeting was held in-person; it was hosted by the Hamazkayin Philadelphia Chapter. In addition to chapter representatives, in attendance were the following guests: Arevig Caprielian, Hamazkayin Central Executive Committee; Ani Tchaghlasian, ARF Eastern Region Central Committee; Caroline Chamavonian, ARS of Eastern USA; Daron Bedian, AYF-YOARF Eastern Region USA; and former Hamazkayin Central Executive Committee member Hrair Baronian.

In her remarks following the election of a temporary executive, Caprielian commended the outgoing regional executive and expressed her appreciation for the members’ untiring work toward fulfilling the mission of Hamazkayin to the best of their abilities. She emphasized the importance and urgency of the success of initiatives such as ArtLinks, Petag and the Western Armenian Cultural Retreat, all in an effort to attract youth to the ranks of Hamazkayin. She reminded attendees that they dedicate all events during this year to the commemoration of the 95th anniversary of Hamazkayin.

Tchaghlasian congratulated the outgoing regional executive, noting that in spite of the difficulties presented by the 2020 Artsakh War and the dire situation in Lebanon, the Hamazkayin Eastern Region continues its cultural and educational initiatives.     

The representatives of ARS and AYF also added their remarks and expressed their continuing support of Hamazkayin and its mission. A congratulatory letter from Hairenik editor Zaven Torigian was read by Hasmig Aprahamian.

After the presentation of annual reports by chapter representatives, the meeting came to a close with the election of the new Eastern Regional Executive: Aprahamian from New Jersey, chairlady; Kari Ghezarian from Philadelphia, vice-chairlady; Hoori Samuelian from New Jersey, treasurer; Maroush Paneyan-Nigon from Philadelphia, secretary; Vartivar Keshishian from New Jersey, advisor; Aline Baghdasarian from Washington, DC, advisor; Khajag Arakelian from Chicago, advisor.

As has always been true in the past, the collegial atmosphere present throughout the meeting precipitated lively and fruitful discussions, resulting in a successful 46th annual Hamazkayin Eastern Regional Representative Assembly. 

Hamazkayin Eastern U.S.
The Eastern USA region of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society, consisting of nine chapters, constitutes one of the branches of the worldwide Hamazkayin family, founded in 1928.

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