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Baby Samvel and his sister Mariam

Samvel Vardani Gevorgyan was born on April 27, 1999 in Ararat Marz in the village of Gineved. When Samvel was in the fifth grade, he moved with his family to Russia. Samvel was a bright student who excelled in chess and soccer. 

Samvel Vardani Gevorgyan (1999-2020)

In 2019, Samvel decided that he had to go back to the homeland and serve his nation. He left for Armenia and voluntarily joined Armenia’s Armed Forces. He began his service on January 10, 2019 and served in Mataghis. “The soldier who serves in Mataghis is a king,” he once stated. He had two more months left in service when the Artsakh War began in September of 2020. On the first day of the war, he was instrumental in causing a tank to be dismantled. His mother Hasmik has videos of his actions. His mother was unable to reach him until he finally called. “Mom, don’t cry,” he told her. “You have a hero son. I was able to stop their progression causing havoc to their tank.” 

Final picture of Samvel Vardani Gevorgyan and his comrades on the battlefield

Samvel and his fellow soldiers were barricaded for five days. His friends on the field told his mother of his heroics and how he helped the wounded to safety. Sadly, on October 10, 2020, Samvel entered his eternal rest. He is buried in the village of Gineved. He received many medals, including the Medal of Valor (Ariootian Medal).

Samvel and Mariam

Samvel was the only son of Vardan and Hasmik. His sister Mariam is married. After her brother’s death, Mariam gave birth to a baby boy and named him Samvel in his honor.

Mariam’s son Samvel, named after his hero uncle

Samvel was skilled with a particular style of weapon called Erbegah. He was known as Erbegah Samo. His last phone call to his mother was on October 6, 2020, where he stated, “Mom jan (Dear Mom), stay, darling. I love you very much, tsavet danem (let me take your pain away).” 

Samvel was a hardworking, diligent and responsible student. There was a time when his mother asked him not to work since he was working multiple jobs in Moscow. He responded with, “Mom jan, I won’t allow myself to ask you for money.” He was a kind and vibrant young man with a wonderful sense of humor. He had the utmost respect for the elderly. He had won a big chess tournament and made his city proud.

Samvel Gevorgyan, a chess champion

Hasmik states that he never exhausted her. She stated that she’s not just saying this because he’s her son, but all those around Samvel knew it. Hasmik said that he did everything in his power to make her and the family happy. His friend Aram stated that no matter what, Samvel was always willing to give a helping hand. One day, Samo was very late to come home. He felt so bad for his sleepless mother, that the next day he came home with a bouquet of beautiful flowers and asked for forgiveness.

Hasmik, who organized a special memorial tribute for her son, is unable to retell these stories without getting emotional. Her tears flow as she remembers her patriotic son. She recalls him saying, “Mom jan, I took an oath to serve my nation. I will serve in the Armenian Army only.” Hasmik said that she was very close to her son, and he had so many goals and dreams that won’t come to fruition. She misses his kind spirit of honoring everyone around him, young and old. She asked him once how he had so much compassion and love for people, and he stated that he was raised that way. He’s a peaceful dove, she says. 

Samo was also very attentive to his sister. He purchased a car for her when he started working. He was very close to his grandparents and loved to dream big. He wanted to pursue his education in finance in Moscow. He loved sweets, especially Snickers and Mars Bars. He never smoked, but later confessed that he started smoking in the army. He promised his mother that he would quit. She states that so many promises were left unfinished. 

A family picture: Mariam, Davit, Samvel, Vardan, Hasmik
Talar Keoseyan

Talar Keoseyan

Talar Keoseyan is a mother, educator and writer.


  1. This is a heartbreaking story. When we have heroes like Samvel we will continue to exist and multiply.

  2. Looking at the photos of him: What a cute baby he was and what a handsome youngster full of life he was! So sad to see such a promising life is gone now..
    I am a Turkish man, living in Antalya Turkey and I would love to play chess with him. Nothing can ease the pain of his “mum jan”, and every Mars bar will remind Samvel to her. My sincere condolescences..

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